The Great Commission and special guests

THE GREAT COMMISSION and special guests
Cobalt Cafe
March 14, 2010

It was the final night of the current leg of The Great Commission’s tour, and they pretty much packed the Cobalt Café in Sunday night – with the help of the various local supporting acts – all of whom delivered solid performance.

The opening slot is certainly not the most coveted place to be on any multi-band bill. That being said, A Shattered Existence took to the stage and played a tremendous set to an already impressive amount of early arrivals. It was their second night in a row at the Cobalt, and they commanded the stage with tunes such as Followers and A Life We Can’t Erase. Even though their Myspace freely states, “we know we are not the most talented people on Earth,” their love for the music and for playing live shows through and through. And don’t let their cautionary warning fool you, because these guys are all talented musicians.

The Midway took to the stage next, and even though they were the odd band out on the bill with their more alternative sound, the audience definitely took notice. A power trio from the Northridge area, The Midway impressed with their dark, hard-edged rockers such as Decay, The Enemy Within, and When The End Is Just The Beginning. With just three members on the stage, the wall of sound The Midway provided filled the room, included the haunting vocals of bassist Jared Price, the creative guitar playing of Ryan Nahat, and the skilled drum work of D.J. Kelley.

Next up to the Cobalt stage was Breaking The Chains, a Christian hardcore band from Reseda who supplied excellent support for The Great Commission. With sets this tremendous, there is little doubt that Breaking The Chains may find themselves on Facedown Records one day soon. The band really got the pit slamming, delivering an energetic set of songs including Armor Of God, Strength, and Darkest Path. Closing out the show with a fiery cover of the For Today song Isaiah (The Willing), there is little doubt that Breaking The Chains is on the verge of breaking out to the next level. Their talented lineup consists of Gilbert on vocals, Bryan on guitar/clean vocals, Jamie on bass/clean vocals, and Chris on drums.

Next up was Artifex Pereo from Louisville, KY, who was a last minute addition to the show. Bringing onto the stage enough equipment to blow out the wall of the Cobalt, the six members surely gained a good amount of new fans with their impassioned brand of post hardcore music. It was great watching the local kids giving this touring band such a warm welcome.

Performing right before the headliner was Fear I Am, who delivered a powerful set of exhilarating hardcore tunes. Combining the breakdowns with dance party keyboard interludes, the band really had the crowd diving into the pit and showing their appreciation. Another local band that is well on their way to finding themselves signed to a label, the musicianship in the band is first rate and their vocalist tremendously charismatic. If you want to investigate which bands are worth checking out within our local music scene, Fear I Am would surely be a good place to start. The resourceful lineup consists of Isaiah Tejada, Uriah Tejada, Jacob Williams, and Zak Fessler.

The place was packed to the rafters when The Great Commission took the stage, performing a supremely powerful set of tunes. A band ministry from Facedown Records, The Great Commission performed songs from their stunning debut release Every Knee Shall Bow. The playing is solid as a rock, featuring a truly mesmerizing vocal performance by vocalist Justin Singh that was an absolute inspiration. Another inspiration to many was the solid axe work of Angela Razo, one of the very few female lead guitarists (maybe the only?) on the hardcore scene today. She is surely making inroads showing that women can and must participate in the scene and could be in bands if they so desire.

An exciting and inspirational night of music at the Cobalt, brought to you by the fine folks at Two Hearts Concerts and Promotions!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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