The Major

The Town Is Talking EP 1THE TOWN IS TALKING by The Major (Self-released EP)

An indie rock band from the thriving Columbus, Ohio music scene, The Major has just released a second collection of tunes entitled The Town Is Talking. There is plenty to squawk about regarding this 7 song EP – a definite triumph for a band doing it all on their own. On the spiritual side of the spectrum, The Major not only cares, but they are determined to rock your world with their swirling kaleidoscope of wondrous sound. With influences ranging from New Found Glory, Smoking Popes, possibly Jawbox, and all things cool and indie, The Major has a distinctive sound that will win over converts in many a town.

The disc starts on a mighty note with the fierce rollicking strains of The Mediator’s Phone Bill, and the hits just keep on coming. I Can’t Solve This Rubix Cube For The Life Of Me is a standout cut that is driving and highly memorable. Dolce & Nirvana is another pop tune of epic proportions that will send the listener into the stratosphere with its searing guitars and impassioned vocals. Be sure to stick around for the grand finale, as Happiness Half As Frightening is The Major at their majorly best! Starting out as an acoustic track, vocalist Ryan Ring is joined by guest vocalist Cassie Pennington, and the harmonies are quite sweet and effective. The entire band then chimes in, making for a stunning conclusion.

In addition to the wonderfully heartfelt vocals of Ryan Ring, The Major’s talented lineup consists of Stewart Newman on drums, Kyle Prouty on lead guitar, Donnie Southers on bass, and James Porter on rhythm guitar. Be sure to do what you can to snag a copy of The Town Is Talking by The Major – and check out their terrific debut EP The Best Of The Worst Things In Life while you’re at it! They do care, and so should you!

Info:  (Review by Kenneth Morton)


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