Catching Up with The Ready Set at Warped Tour Pomona

Over the last year, The Ready Set has taken off in a big and glorious way. The creation of 21 year old Jordan Witzigreuter, his Decaydance / Sire Records debut I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming features the Top 40 hit single Love Like Woe and many other fan favorites. Now traveling across the country on this year’s edition of the Vans Warped Tour, we caught up with Jordan at the sweltering hot Pomona, CA stop. Our first interview with Jordan since his signing to a record label, here is The Ready Set towards the start of what is to be a wild and Warped summer! Read on…

How has Warped Tour been going so far, and what have been some of the highlights – besides heat.
It’s been very good – very hot like you said. The shows have been sweet – the crowds have been way bigger than I would have expected them to be. We’re obviously one of the few pop bands on a typically more heavy tour. So I guess you could say we’re kind of at a disadvantage or an advantage – one of the two. But it’s been really good and I can’t complain at all.

How surprised were you by your success with Love Like Woe, and did you think it, along with the entire CD, would take off as big as it has?
I did not. I was very surprised; especially with Love Like Woe doing as well as it did with the radio stuff and all that. It’s a whole different world – a whole different experience – I guess the Top 40 is a pop world thing. It’s definitely been really cool, and it just makes me want to work harder and get some more songs up there.

Who did the cover art for I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming? It looks very retro. Was that kind of your intentions?
Kind of. It’s actually funny – originally the label wanted more of a typical picture of me on the front – and I was pretty against it. So I was like if we’re going to do that, I want it to be a little bit weird – I want it to be sketch – so it was kind of a compromise there. I just wanted it to be simple and cool.

How close are you to releasing another album and how will the songs differ from I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming?
Very soon. I think there will be a new EP in the fall. I have most of the songs for that already done. I’ve been writing a ton. And I guess those songs – there’s a little bit more of an organic feeling. Not as much as a straight up dance thing – it’s a little diverse I think than some of the other stuff. It will be a cool little step in the right direction I think.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the members of Saints Never Surrender? (Editor’s Note: This was a hardcore band Jordan played drums in prior to starting up The Ready Set.)
I haven’t talked to any of them in a while. I don’t even really know what they’re doing. I think they’re all in college now. I think I’ve said hi to them maybe once since then, but it’s been a while.

Do you still even listen to that style of music anymore?
No, and that was the thing. I didn’t really listen to too much of it in the first place. The world where that band was in wasn’t something that I could see myself touring in. So really early on in that, I was like “it’s just not me”– I want to write my own music – I want to do kind of my own thing. There are a lot of heavier bands that I do like a lot, but it depends. I’m pretty picky.

Tell me about your recent single Young Forever and what inspired the lyrics on it?
I just wanted to make something more anthemic – something that everyone could kind of relate to. That was just supposed to be like a big party, uplifting, positive song really.

Most of the Warped Tours have been pretty hot so far. What do you think of this weather and how difficult has it been to perform in this heat?
It’s actually not too hard to play in. It’s been pretty all right. It’s really hot, but I try to spend some time outside in the morning and then sometimes I’ll run and try to be as physical as possible once I kind of get myself used to it and see what I’m in for. But you definitely have to adjust to it.

Will there be a new Christmas song this year?
Probably. I feel like I always have to do something for Christmas – so I’m sure they’ll be like a cover or a new song or something.

What’s the name of the very first song you wrote and how old do you think you were?
The first song I really wrote completely just on my own was with this. And the first song I wrote for The Ready Set was called Amsterdam and I was 17.

Do you have any messages for your fans out here in the Los Angeles area?
Yeah, definitely! Thank you so much for the support. Thanks for coming and hanging out at the shows and listening to the music and everything. And I definitely, definitely hope that I see everyone out next time on tour when I’m out in the area.

(Interview and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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