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LeafAADon’t Think by The Real (Self-released EP)

Doug Dunlap spent a few years as the vocalist of local post hardcore / screamo favorites Eyes On The Skyline, playing throughout Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley – gaining an impressive following in the process. Dunlap would surprisingly leave the band he helped to create, but has recently resurfaced with an ambitious new project entitled The Real. Remarkably focused and emotionally hard hitting, the five songs found within The Real’s debut EP Don’t Think possess a good deal of promise and imagination – showing a rather resourceful artist definitely ready to make an impact with his music.  Those expecting a sound similar to Eyes On The Skyline will be in for an amazing surprise!

Doug Dunlap of The Real

Doug Dunlap of The Real

A hypnotic guitar interlude opens the Don’t Think EP and Ayahuasca burst into your senses featuring wondrously haunting vocals. “Don’t be scared, we were here before – don’t be scared, you’ll be back again,” the track ominously cautions before exploding into its spiraling chorus. This one definitely reels the listener in for the sonic adventures ahead. The wistful strains of Meet Me In Sun Valley then enraptures the ears with its striking sense of picturesque serenity. The rocking intensity jolts one back into the vibrant present with the stark inflections of Not Drowning, Waving.

We’ll Hold ‘Em In Court On The Street has a dark and distant feel to it, possessing a good deal of character and depth in the vocal department – even a few cleverly placed screams are attached towards the end of the cut. And then closing out the Don’t Think experience is the rollicking Inhale This (But Do Not Touch), displaying yet another side to the captivating world of The Real.

Be sure to check into the moody refrains of Don’t Think by The Real, and be prepared to be swept away by this intriguing artist on the rise. It will be exciting to see just where Doug Dunlap takes this project in the months ahead. Stay tuned…

(Review by Ken Morton)

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