The Seeking: Live on the Sunset Strip

Presenting a glorious mixture of pop rock and sonic hardcore, The Seeking is a band with a decidedly mass appeal.  Yours Forever is their debut album for Razor & Tie Records – eleven tracks in all that should really gain the band a good deal of attention.  While on the road with Woe, Is Me and Our Last Night, the Sacramento based colelctive made a stop at the world famous Roxy Theater on the bustling Sunset Strip in Hollywood.  We caught up with lead vocalist Taylor Green just prior to their opening set to catch up with current happenings of The Seeking and their life on the road.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in The Seeking, and how long you’ve been with the band.
My name is Taylor, I’m the lead vocalist in The Seeking. I’ve been in the band for a couple of years now, but things really took off when we started recording in March of 2011. That’s when we got our fifth member of the band and we went from there.

How has this tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
Ah, man, the tour’s been great! It’s our first tour. It’s a really well supported tour. A lot of these bands we listened to before we knew we were going on tour with them, so that’s really awesome. It’s awesome hanging out with them. The highlight was just kicking it with the bands after the shows, getting to know them – and then definitely meeting kids. It’s awesome meeting new people – we love meeting new people. We’re here to spread love and stuff too, so that’s why we like meeting them.

What could one expect from a live The Seeking show tonight?
Tonight – kind of like some poppier stuff. The tour is really heavy, but we kind of stand out a bit with our pop rock riffs. We still have our heavy element to the songs. And yeah, you could expect a great live show and good vocals. I’m pretty sure you guys will dig it.

Is this your first time in Hollywood, and if so, is this what you thought Hollywood would be like?
This is not my first time in Hollywood. The band’s actually been here. We played here for a showcase for a label back in the summer – but it wasn’t like a show – there weren’t any kids or anything. Hollywood – I’ve been here a couple of times and it’s cool. We’re pretty excited to play a show here. It’s going to be fun tonight.

In our previous interview, you answered questions on two of the songs from the new album Yours Forever. Let’s talk about some other ones now. Only A Moment – the first song on the CD – what inspired the lyrics for that one?
The lyrics for that one – just “we’re only here for a moment so let’s make it last” – you know. Like do the right thing, stay right with God, and just honor Him. We’re only here for a moment and life goes by quick. We’ve got to be the difference and make an impact. This generation is not the best – it’s getting kind of worse – hopefully we could try to lead some people to God. Yeah, we’re only here for a moment man.

And let’s jump to the last song on the album Alone. What inspired the lyrics for that one?
We wanted to make a really solid ballad on the album – something anyone could listen to – anyone who doesn’t like hardcore. So we decided to make it a good pop alternative song. Dylan and our producer Colby Wedgeworth really sat down and wrote that one out. Yeah it’s just, “I don’t want to be alone.” We’re not alone – we have God – so that’s just a good worship for us to God. We don’t want to be alone Lord, help us out – whether it’s being on the road or whatever. It’s just a good ballad. People don’t have to take God out of the song – they could take someone else. It’s cool if anyone takes anything from the song – that’s awesome! We’d really love the song to reach out to anyone, so that’s pretty cool.

How do you feel about non-Christian kids who listen to your music, but absolutely are not in the least bit Christian?
Oh man, we love it! We’re down for anyone to listen to it. I mean, the music, we’re happy that it reaches out to anyone. There’s been people who are skeptical – they’re on the fence about God – and then they listen to the music and come to us and ask questions- which is what we want. Like I said, we are here to hopefully make an impact. We’re just following God’s will, seeing what he wants us to do. Yeah, we’re stoked that people dig it that aren’t believers or anything. That’s okay, because we don’t want to make people feeling uncomfortable at the same time. We’re here for anything.

What has been your favorite CD of 2012 and why?
I haven’t really be listening to anything recent or new. I like classic rock and stuff. But man, 2012 – I would have to say – I’m not a big Drake fan, but the guys in the band have been getting me into him. I kind of dig his new album Take Care. I don’t know if that came out in 2012, but we can count it. But we definitely bump some hip hop in the van – and yeah, Drake’s just awesome, man. You should listen to Drake, he’s really good. At first I kind of hated him, but some of the guys in the band are getting me into him, so I’m like, “Okay, I can do this.”

So will we see The Seeking doing hip hop sometime in the future?
Definitely. (Much laughter) No! Some of the songs on the album – they’re not really screaming songs – they’re more like pop rock song – so who knows man. Maybe one day we’ll go out on the road with some really hip hoppy dudes. I’d be down. That would be awesome. Id’ be down to getting into some more genres – that would be kind of cool.

Do you have any messages for your fans out here in the Los Angeles / Orange County area?
Aw man, thank you so much for listening to the music. We don’t really want to call you guys fans – we want to call you guys friends. We love meeting new people. If you guys want to call yourselves fans, then that’s awesome! That’s an honor! It’s an honor to have fans in music. Just stay tuned guys! Hopefully we’ll be back in 2013 to rock it for you guys again. Hopefully you guys dig the show tonight. Definitely if you ever have the chance, come hang out with us – talk to us. Feel free to come by the merch – we’re always down. We’re down to Earth dudes and we’re here to hang out and play music.

The Seeking will be hitting the road with Jonny Craig throughout March and April. Check out their Facebook page for tour dates.

The Seeking is:
Taylor Green: Vocals
Dylan Housewright: Guitar/Vocals
Grayson Smith: Guitar
Shane Tiller: Bass
Ben Wood: Drums

(Interview and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

The Seeking on Facebook

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