The Shiver

A New Horizon by The Shiver (Reality Entertainment)

The female fronted The Shiver will show you that with a great female vocalist that this band is ready to show you an edge that will make your goosebumps quiver. Let’s just say you’ll find much to love in Shiver singer/composer Faith’s powerful vocals. Faith is joined by Francesco Finch Russo on drums, while producer Alessandro Paolucci plays bass and Stefano Tocci plays the guitar.

There are numerous keyboards, orchestral sounds and electronic background noise, which complement songs like Feel Tomorrows Light and The Fragile Sound. Faith’s lets loose with soaring vocal lines in the choruses, but equal emphasis is given to the verse on songs like Empty People Empty Words, Through The Cold Water and Nothing Left To Waste. Nothing To Waste is an aggressive song that Faith even lets loose with a couple death metal shrieks. But the moody quiet ballad of Through The Cold Water is an amazing track that makes you feel like you are treading through dark misty covered dirty murky water. This song is complemented mostly by quiet keyboards and guitars, however Faith’s vocals are delivered, at times, in a near almost faint style whisper, until she cuts loose at the end.

The rock out song on here is Answers with its speedy, aggressive riffs, screaming background vocals and powerful drums. Sure, you’ll also find a melodic piano floating around, but that adds a pleasant contrast to the song. The excellent album offers a variety of sounds. The mixture of using varied start gentle then getting aggressive formula works well on this CD. So if your looking to looking for a great metal disc then the savage of your beast within might get a texture of sound to engage and calm the temperament of your convictions from this release.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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