The Static Sea will be releasing its first full-length album, Third Parties, via OverPop Music on May 29, 2012. The 12-song disc is the follow-up to the Jersey City, NJ-based duo’s free, self-titled EP, which came out in 2011 and charmed everyone who heard it. Now with this full-length, Brandon Kleiber and Jimmy Francis make their next creative leap together with the support of OverPop. This is the second release on OverPop Music, which released the much-talked-about Believe in Sound by The Thousand Pities in 2011. While that band’s earnest brand of power pop was punctuated by extensive rock bona fides, The Static Sea’s more inward-looking Third Parties is the work of a young pair of twenty-somethings who have been playing together on and off while growing up in Keyport, NJ.

Says Francis of the album: “When we were recording this album, Brandon and I are were two guys without guidance or direction pouring our emotions, thoughts, and inspirations into this music without any restraint. We had so much that we wanted to say and so much to prove to ourselves with this record. We felt that the pressures of reality were telling us that there may not be enough time for second chances, so it all just came out: sometimes as a jumbled mixture of emotions and music; sometimes more refined.”

Recording the album in Kleiber’s apartment, the duo used every instrument available to them that wouldn’t get Kleiber evicted. Utilizing African and Latin hand drums as well as classic drum machines, the album forgoes the use of the traditional rock drum kit for a sound that is foreign and unique; at times massive in size and at times sparse, allowing the multiple layers of melodic instruments and voices to shine through. The songs expand and constrict instantaneously; a simple guitar and voice explodes into a barrage of instruments in the blink of an eye.

The band is looking forward to sharing their creativity widely. Says Francis: “We’re happy to say that we’re proud of it all, and excited to have the opportunity to see it out of our bedrooms and into the world thanks to our friends at OverPop Music.”

Discover more about The Static Sea, and find out about live dates, and track down the EP (which is still online for free) by going to Third Parties will be available via: iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, DigStation, etc.

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  1. CharlesR 6 years ago

    I saw them at Maxwell’s (Hoboken, NJ) lastnight, and was blown away. Brandon, Jimmy, and Co. (I forget the drummer and the xylophonist/keyboardist/vocalist/even more instrumentsist’s names, but just as amazing) deserve a one way ticket to the top, first class. In short, great show.

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