The Struggle by XO Stereo (Another Century Records)

ff806a8e-5193-4969-84ab-a4c1b2e8e2e9 (1)The Struggle by XO Stereo (Another Century Records)

What happens with members of From First To Last and LoveHateHero join forces to create music? A dynamic new sensation named XO Stereo is unleashed, ready to pop rock your entire world. With each participant already experiencing the highs and lows of being in established collectives, the sonic visions exuded by XO Stereo possess a good deal of passion and commitment. The Struggle is their debut EP for Another Century Records, featuring five incredible tunes that should thoroughly enrapture all types of music enthusiasts looking for songs with a good deal of heart. The Los Angeles music scene has been a high adventure as of late, and XO Stereo looks like a local act ready to establish themselves within the vast City of Angels and beyond.

The excitement begins with the energetic sounds of Show and Tell enveloping your speakers, a track filled with emotion and a massive chorus that will remain embedded joyously in your head for ages, Hit single potential to be sure – if only the radio airwaves ever played songs this exhilarating! This Disease is up next, an infectious tune with a spiraling chorus rendering this one a memorable standout. Hatchet slashes into the soul of the matter, with its fiery guitar interludes and devastating vocals leaving quite an impact with its driving “what is left for me to love” and “what is the meaning of this life” content.

xostereo400Up next is title cut The Struggle, a pulsating effort that packs quite a devastating punch both lyrically and sonically. And be sure to stay around for the grand finale when XO Stereo present their imaginative amped-up take on the Real Life classic Send Me An Angel, rendering this oft-covered song all their own. One will want to revisit The Struggle time and again to enjoy the sweeping intricacies of the XO Stereo pop rock and roll experience.

XO Stereo features a trio of massively talented musicians ready to slam into the big leagues, featuring the membership of Cooper Campbell on vocals and drums, Justin Whitesel on guitars, keys and programming, and Jon Weisberg on guitars, bass, and programming.  XO Stereo’s The Stuggle is sure to electrify many a music aficionado looking to be swept off their feet by timeless songs that aim straight for the heart. It will be exciting to hear what the future has in store for this remarkable new band on the rise.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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