The Trews

Hope & Ruin by The Trews (The Trews Records)

The Trews are from out of Canada. Hope & Ruin is the band’s fourth album. This is a really fun album. It’s so striking coming out from amazing various ways on this record. This is one of those sort of albums that you throw on and even if you’re not quite listening to it intentionally, you get sucked into its vibe, whether it’s foot tapping or nodding along to the tunes, this album will make you do something.

Obsessed with sounding unique, this band doesn’t forget to make a great CD. The Trews have struck a happy medium with this offering. Some songs are undeniably unique, yet they still rock out for you to remember later.

The best song is If You Wanna Start Again. The solo at the end is very heartfelt and gives a sense to what The Trews are able to do. This is a album for anyone who likes rock and wants to diversify their collection of international acts. Couple of other cool tracks here are One By One and another track called Misery Loves Company (which would make for a cool video piece).

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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