The Used at Amoeba Music

dx0a6503The Used at Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music
Hollywood, CA
March 30, 2016

Photos by Jack Lue

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Only on record store day, which is in April usually for vinyl releases, have I ever seen such a long line to get into this record store. This was also a CD release special show as well considering that the actual release is Friday April 1st. To make this special show better than most, and since the new album is a live acoustic concert, The Used brought in 4 violins and 3 backup singers that recorded the live concert with them to perform on the Amoeba stage. The theme and vibe for this show was “Making A Positive Impact”. With that being said it was exactly what the band gave to the crowd.

The highlights of this show was the intimate setting in this larger record store which made everyone feel really close with the band and the band appreciated all the love that was given to them.

Some of the songs performed that stood out were The Taste Of Ink, All That I’ve Got and The Bird And The Worm. The Used also did a brilliant cover of John Lennon’s Imagine towards the end of the set. A peaceful time was had by all who were there to see this terrific showcase for the new album The Used Live & Acoustic At The Palace from Hopeless Records. (Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

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