Backseat Goodbye

THE WONDER – EP by Backseat Goodbye (Self released)

Backseat Goodbye is the solo project of Chad Sugg, an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter who has made a name for himself over the past few years through online promotion and constant touring. If you are fans of Dashboard Confessional and Bright Eyes, and yet have no idea who Chad Sugg is, you need to start paying attention right now and prepare to meet your new favorite singing sensation.

The five songs on The Wonder – EP are collectively the best work Backseat Goodbye has ever recorded. Earlier tunes such as Hey and Technicolor Eyes presented an artist full of hope and promise, and does Backseat Goodbye ever deliver the goods this time around! Quite a bit on the pop rock spectrum while still retaining the acoustic intimacy of his earlier work, Chad Sugg has taken Backseat Goodbye in a direction that will gain him a good deal of well deserved attention. Ace Enders and Christopher Browder serve as producers on the various songs, and their masterful contributions permeate throughout the recordings.

The Wonder – EP opens with the harmonious sounds of The Great Unknown, an introspective track of nostalgic brilliance that is pure pop perfection. Second song Breakfast Club is a stunning work that is instantly memorable with its sweet melodies and hooky sing-a-long “yeah-yeah-yeah” interludes. New Version Of The Old Me is another example of Sugg’s talent of writing a song so catchy, that it will remain jangling in your head ages after you’d heard it.  Kilo Riley has a sense of clever irony about its lyrics while I Like The Future shows a wild sense of freewheeling independence mixed with sheer angst, and it all sounds oddly endearing.

The worst thing one could say about the The Wonder – EP is that it concludes way too soon. The real wonder here is why Chad Sugg isn’t more of a household name at this point of his career. If you haven’t already, be sure to say hello to the wondrous sounds of Backseat Goodbye – presenting timeless songs that will make the listener both incredibly blissful and sentimentally reflective. Highly recommended.

(Review by Kenneth Morton) – Backseat Goodbye on Myspace


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