The Word Alive and Asylus at Chain Reaction

wordalive1_400x267The Word Alive, Asylus, Chain Reaction, June 26, 2015

Highwire Daze contributor Santos Velasco reviews The Word Alive and Asylus at the Chain Reaction.  Check it out below…

The Word Alive

The Word Alive is a metalcore/post-hardcore band that formed in 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The band recently made their way to the OC to perform songs off their current album Real. as well as other crowd favorites.

This has been the band’s first show at Chain Reaction in about three years which makes this date pretty special. Especially for me since this was my first time ever seeing them live. As I was taking photos I was observing the crowd and the participation of the crowd, non stop movement and non stop singing. Majority of the people were singing at the top of their lungs, also I should mention that this was a SOLD OUT show! So you know this was an insanely fun night.

One song in particular that I really enjoyed seeing played live is Life Cycles, off the album Life Cycles. The most meaningful lyrics from that song are “I’d rather die for what I believe than live a life without meaning”. Those are words that can instantly make sense to you. I’ve seen pictures of those lyrics as tattoos which doesn’t surprise me one bit. The band has obviously had an impact on people’s lives. I love seeing that bands can mean so much to someone because that is what music is all about. The Word Alive has been around since 2008 so I know they’ll be around for a while still.

Current members of The Word Alive are Tony Pizzuti, Tyler “Telle” Smith, Zack Hansen, Daniel Shapiro and drum tech Matt Horn standing in for the injured Luke Holland. Other fantastic songs performed were Play The Victim, Lighthouse, Never Forget, and Casanova Rodeo.


Asylus is a exciting metalcore band from the Orange County area, California that recently co headlined with The Word Alive at Chain Reaction. This is a band that is surely getting their name out in the local music scene and impressing any new fans that come across them. Asylus formed in the summer of 2013 and this is their second time on a show with The Word Alive – the first was at The Glass House in Pomona.

The first time I got to see this band perform I was extremely impressed along with the rest of the times after that. The stage performance is nothing but pure energy and excitement especially for this show. Asylus’s set was pretty much the perfect warm up for The Word Alive. One of the guitarist is exceptionally eye catching with his guitar flips and spins which he can do with no problem. Luckily he gave me a warning right before he presented his trick to the entire crowd, since I was on stage pretty close to him. The vocals are clean and very consistent. Breakdowns are nice and heavy. A great asset to Chain to get the venue hot and sweaty and of course memorable, Chain is known for the best shows through out the California and the US. Luckily Chain Reaction is the hometown venue for Asylus so you can always catch their future shows. Definitely check out their live show if you haven’t already.

Members consist of Tyler Casanova as vocals. Nicholas Miller on bass. Jordan Damasco as vocals/guitar. Erick Pastrana on guitar. Mel Torres on drums.

Consequence Of Consciousness
To Whom It May Concern
You Should’ve Yelled Fire
The Sacrifice

Asylus on Facebook

(Review and Photos by Santos Velasco)


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