Third Grade Teacher

Downtown Independent Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
January 16, 2010

Third Grade Teacher haven’t done a live show in over 2 years or so. But this was a special event and cool location to be able to play their music in. The event was for lead vocalist Sabrina to have a launch showing of her film debut in Love Songs Of A Third Grade Teacher – based on her life as Sabrina is an actual Third Grade Teacher in a school.

The band played several favorites for the industry film and fan base crowd, all various songs from their 5 CD’s. They played for about a hour, or so it seemed. The theatre was packed to a standing room only crowd. Some of the best songs were Fantastic Pantsuit, Here’s To Rock & Roll, Fear Of The Boy, Dusty O’Merryweather – and a few new songs too, like Flower Power and Raging Alcoholic. Go to their myspace site and see when they are playing again.

Now that Sabrina is married and that Laura and David are married and have a child they don’t play often. This garage alternative punk bop band sets a hard standard for others to follow. However with the showing of the comedy drama film, you got a double dose from the band. Yup, the band is featured both physically and music wise too in the new film Love Songs Of A Third Grade Teacher. A soundtrack perhaps too? Maybe, who knows.

Right now the film is in film festivals. Plus the band may have a live concert again soon too and I sure hope so. There many fans from over the years surely hope so as well…

(Review and Photo by Jonathan D. Wright)

Third Grade Teacher on Myspace


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