This Is Get Scared!

getscaredgh_3_267xThis Is Get Scared!  Interviewed by Talia Farber at the Glasshouse in Pomona just right after their set!  Now on the Started From The Bottom, Now We Here Tour and with a brand new album entitled Everyone’s Out To Get Me about to be unleashed, it was time to catch up with this Utah-based collective.  Here is the mayhem which commenced during our little chat…

This is Get Scared…
Adam: I’m Adam, I play guitar
Johnny: I’m Johnny, I play guitar
Lloyd: I’m Lloyd; I just play the bass…
Nick: I’m Nick, I sing
Dan: I’m Dan, and I play drums

How’s the tour with The Word Alive and I See Stars going so far, and what are some good things that have happened?
Johnny: The tour’s been phenomenal, some good things that have happened so far…
Nick: Every night’s been sold out
Dan: Halloween. Halloween was great.
Johnny: Yeah, we played the Whisky on Halloween night which was pretty cool for us.

But you guys got a better crowd here tonight (Pomona) than the Whisky!
Them: Oh yeah, yeah.
Johnny: Well yeah, but it’s just the vibe of the whisky.
Nick: Well that too, yeah
Dan: It’s Hollywood

Well, you guys played the Whisky before with Joel though.
Johnny: Yeah, we’ve played before with Nick too.
Nick: Yeah, that was like our third show, ever.

Any other good things?
Lloyd: There have been so many good things that it’s just so hard to choose one!
Johnny: Our tires blew on the freeway. That was awesome.
Lloyd: Out tired blew and we survived it! Haha.

Oh Yeah, I saw that on Facebook, you have bad luck.
Johnny: You have no idea how funny that was.
Lloyd: No, it was good luck!
Nick: It was a bad thing
Lloyd: We shouldn’t even explain it, that’d take too much time
Johnny: Alright, never mind.

You don’t want to jinx yourselves again!
Lloyd: It exploded and we survived, that’s it.
Johnny: …we got pizza, which was good.

getscaredgh_2_267xWhat are some of your favorite things about touring, also what are the struggles?
Johnny: Yeah that’s difficult.
Nick: Poops and showers.
Adam: Yeah, definitely cleaning yourself… outside and in.
Lloyd: Favorite things about touring just, I don’t know.
Nick: Just hanging with my boys.
Lloyd: It’s just like when you’re on stage and you just look out, you just jam cause every show’s the same it feels like. You just look out there and there’s so many kids in here know your song. It’s really rad.
Johnny: It makes you feel special, yknow? Like you’re actually doing something that matters to someone else than just yourself.
Lloyd: Yeah, definitely.
Johnny: Let alone you get to make a million new friends that are all into the same thing. Everyone who plays music, making friends with different bands and all that stuff. You get to just experience life and the world.
Lloyd: We could be in a cubicle working for the MAN, but instead we’re making music.
Nick: Having a good time, making art.
Johnny: Doing exactly what we want to do, the things that make you happier. Not many people do that.
(Nick/Lloyd/Adam/Dan start to applaud Johnny and start to laugh.)

What’s your dream tour?
Johnny: Korn.
Lloyd: that such a hard question to answer cause there’s so many good bands.
Nick: too many.
Johnny: Korn…
Nick: I’m a huge Blink-182 and [The] Used fan
Johnny: Yeah, if we did a tour with The Used that’d be epic.
Lloyd: Heck yeah
Dan: I think the Rolling Stones are on their last leg and I really want to tour with those guys… I’d make my dad so proud
(The rest of the band is laughing at Dan)

You guys are releasing your 3rd full length album, well your second with Nick, on November 11th, can you tell me a bit about that? And what was the writing process like?
Johnny: Don’t look at me
Nick: It was awesome, we kind of came into the studio with bits and pieces, it was kind of from scratch. We went in there for two months.
Johnny: We pretty much just went in almost with nothing, Nick got back in the band, and we did a tour and said alright let’s go into the studio.

The attack attack! Tour, right?
Nick: yeah
Lloyd: We all had a concept of the record though, it really wasn’t nothing, we just didn’t have complete songs.
Johnny: Writing and the studio was actually smooth as hell though, and we just had fun other than being stressed. The morale is up so high because Nick finally got back in the band.
Dan: And we work better under pressure.
Nick: I had to take my own room, away from these guys.
Johnny: we had some struggles but it was definitely a good time and we wrote 12 songs and we used all of them.
Lloyd: that’s our first time we’ve done that. For our first album, we wrote 33 songs, and we used 11 of them. And so for this one we were prepared and if we didn’t like a certain part of the song, rather than scrapping it, we just perfected it.
Johnny: We’re all definitely satisfied with it.

How does it compare to the first record you guys released? (Since their second was with Joel)
Johnny: A little more mature, more thought out.
Nick: Last record was a 9, this one was a 35… 75
Lloyd: I was going to go with 11
Nick: That’s a big number, it’s good though.
Lloyd: We were so green to everything on our first record, and then this record we’ve learned so much just throughout touring and learning about the industry, and everything. I think this record really shows our potential of how we can grow as a band. We were stoked about this record but we’re like, next record, oh my god, it’s going to be so good.

everyoneisoutWhat’s the story or concept behind the title Everyone’s Out To Get Me, and the concept behind the album itself?
Nick: Well, the whole Everyone’s Out To Get Me is basically me coming back to the band, the whole song I Told Ya So, is about me coming back to the band and people doubting. Kind of like everyone’s out to get me, come back to the band and people are going to doubt you like crazy and you just have to prove them wrong.

You’re the original vocalist; it’s stupid that people doubt you!
Lloyd: I know but kids don’t even know that. You can look at YouTube comments kids will still comment and be like “we need to get the original singer back, Joel’s so much better”. We’re just like, what…? Or no, they’ll even say, “dude, I miss Nick” on all the songs that he sings in.
Nick: Yeah, some people just don’t understand what went on.

Your song Badly Broken honestly speaks to me and my current situation. Can you tell me a bit about the song and what inspired it?
Nick: The song is about a broken home, it’s about losing someone in your life that you care about so much and they just cut you off. It’s almost like a tribute to proving them wrong, they can’t have you back, and that’s the goal of the song.
Lloyd: You’re already so hurt.
Nick: I’m Bradley Broken (Lloyd’s real name is actually Bradley).
Lloyd: I mean lets be real here, the song is about me.
Nick: Alright the songs about Brad.
Lloyd: I am so Bradley Broken.
Nick: No, but in all seriousness that’s what it means to me. Losing with someone, you love so much and they can’t come and try and take you back.

What are your guys’ favorite song on Everyone’s Out To Get Me, and what are you most excited for us to hear, and what songs mean the most to you?
Nick: For me it’s Badly Broken is my favorite.
Lloyd: I think for Johnny and I, our favorite song is Told Ya So.
Johnny: Strangest Stranger is an epic one too.
Lloyd: Us, In Motion is so sick, I think that’s going to be an underrated one.
Nick: Ok, track 1 from 12, love ‘em all.
Lloyd: We’re really proud of the whole record so it’s kind of hard to choose.
Nick: It’s a big record for us; we love every one of them

What song are you guys sick of playing live?
Dan: The old stuff
Lloyd: WHORE. I’m so sick of playing Whore live.
Nick: I love them all, honestly. I don’t dislike anything.
Lloyd: I don’t dislike it!
Johnny: I never complain about playing any of the songs, I love them all.
Dan: I just enjoy playing new stuff because it’s new.
Johnny: It’s refreshing.
Dan: But old stuff is great too.

You guys are now a full band, you found yourselves a rhythm guitarist, Adam Virostko, how has the addition of him helped you with the band?
Johnny: It’s been awesome; it’s just having an extra brain/helping hand/awesome morale booster.
Nick: I see it as an extra 150 lbs. in the RV
Adam: wait, no, 120 bro, are you kidding, do you see that there? (pointing at his arm)
Lloyd: It’s been awesome because I’ve been able to focus on being the best bass player in the world.
Dan: He’s the lead bass player.
Lloyd: I’m the lead bass player of Get Scared, but no it’s been cool. Every single one of us still play guitar.
Nick: We all get along.
Lloyd: we all still play guitar and write together, this is what we play live but when we’re writing, the process is totally different. We all know how to play so many instruments.
Nick: It’s like a new new brother to the family.
Lloyd: Except for he’s a sister…
Nick: It’s like having a younger sister, gotta watch out for those boys.
Adam: When we’re done here, I’m going to nail every one of your asses!
Lloyd: After this interview, run.

What’s the story and/or meaning behind the name Get Scared?
Nick: It’s about having dreams most people won’t go out to get and you just gotta try to make it happen. You have to get scared to make things work.
Johnny: Take a risk
Nick: To do something crazy, you have to get a little nervous to do it, so that was the point.
Lloyd: Cause we could’ve gone to college and become lawyers, fallen in love, have a white picket fence. But that’s all planned out, and that’s not scary. Like right now, this is not for sure, tomorrow, I’m not even going to say it cause I don’t want to put it out to the universe because I am going to succeed… as the lead bass player for Get Scared.
Johnny: Going for your dreams and knowing there’s a risk of failure and lose everything is very scary, so you’ve just gotta get scared and try it or else you’re end up wondering for the rest of your life.
Lloyd: Totes mgotes.

What are some of the band’s major musical influences and what are your favorite bands?
Lloyd: We all have so many
Johnny: We all are very different people.

I know you, Johnny, loves Korn.
Lloyd: No, we all love Korn! Korn’s the coolest. Adam, what are some of your favorite bands?
Adam: My roots are really in classic rock and roll. My favorite all time band would probably be like Pink Floyd, Aerosmith. More modern: Foo Fighters, even more modern: Blink-182, kind of pop punk that makes my heart go boom boom.
Lloyd: That skank beat going on, yeah I know. Johnny obviously likes Nu Metal, I’m super into bands like Refused, Glass Jaw, and all that stuff.
Nick: I’m all about like New Found Glory, Blink-182, Boxcar Racer, The Used, My Chemical Romance. I love everything though in the long run, but that’s what I grew up on and that’s what I love.
Dan: Classic Rock and Roll, I’m just a drummer, I’m a rock drummer. Meat and potatoes for me, AC/DC’s cool, Led Zeppelin’s cool, just whatever I’ll listen to.
Johnny: He Is Legend is awesome too; sorry had to put that out there.

You recently got signed to Fearless (congratulations on that), how have they helped you so far, and why did you leave your last record label?
Lloyd: I’m not going to answer that in the same order, but what I’m going to do is tell you about how rad they are. And dude, we were so fucked at our last label, and I’m not going to even say what our last label was.
Nick: Fearless has done more for us than anyone ever has. It’s like we have the best family.
Johnny: They actually believe in us, there’s comradery, some awesome business ethics, it’s just been so smooth the entire time. And not to mention that we have the same mindset and same goals. It’s just like oh, ok let’s just put it on the table and do what we do best. We’re all agreeing.
Adam: There’s just a level feeling all around.
Johnny: We’re still pretty fresh as far as the roster goes, with our band but they don’t treat us like we’re the newbies or whatever. They’re just like welcome to the family, the fearless family.

And what happened with your last label?
Nick: It just ran its course. It was over at that point.
Johnny: The whole plan of it was temporary anyways. It was pretty much our friend’s, Eric Ron, who actually did our album with us, and then EP on the label with us, and album on Fearless. He had this thing going and he pretty much gave us the stepping stone to the next step.
Lloyd: the plan the whole time was to move to something better.

What’s in the future for Get Scared?
Nick: We don’t even know, we’re just going to do the best we can.
Johnny: It’s definitely going to be very, very busy. Especially next year, we’re going to be doing a lot of touring, a lot of planning.
Nick: Just hoping people connect to the music.

Any final words?
Lloyd: Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.
Lloyd & Dan together: Wheaties, breakfast of the champions.
Lloyd: We’re the worst interviewers, we’re the funniest.
Adam: Well we’ve been having a blast on tour; I know the fans have been having a blast on tour. We want more of those times in the future in 2014.
Nick: This is definitely the best tour I’ve ever had.
Adam: Hands down best.
Nick: I’m with the best group of guys.
Lloyd: The Word Alive is the coolest.
Adam: shredders man.

*Get Scared’s new album drops on November 11th, 2013, I highly encourage everyone reading this interview to go out and buy it DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF SALES. The first week of a band’s new album sales is the most important and determines the future for that band. So if you care about a band you like or love then go out, buy their album, don’t illegally download it, support them!*

(Interview by Talia Farber – Photos by Edward Brandon)

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