The Too Good Sounds of This Day Will Tell

From Indianola Records – the label that discovered Evergreen Terrace and A Day To Remember comes a brand new act we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the near future.  This Day Will Tell is their name, and these guys are well worth checking into.  Their debut CD is entitled Too True To Be Good, filled to be brim with metallic hardcore anthems as well as a super groovin’ cover of the T.I. song Whatever You Like.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with one of the members to find out more about this exciting new band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in This Day Will Tell, and how long the band has been in existence?
My name is Michael Silver, and I’m the vocalist (screamer). We’ve been a band for a little over 2 years now, but been a serious band for almost a year.

Where is the band based out of and tell me a little about the music scene in your area?
We’re based out of Pensacola, Florida. Right in the panhandle of Florida, the music scene here is dominated by old school hardcore bands, and straight metal breakdown bands, with the occasional pop/rock band here and there – there was no one doing anything like what we’re doing in our town since Glory Of This way back when.

How did you wind up being signed to Indianola Records?
They were doing a search on MySpace and Facebook of over 20,000 bands and we somehow stood out to them. They sent us a message asking us to call them, and we got contracts a week later!

Is there any story or concept to the CD title Too True To Be Good?
Jacob has this weird thing where he flips common sayings around, just like Making Love is Easier Done Than Said; in Back To The Future 4 he says “Here tomorrow but gone today“. I think it helps get stuck in people’s brains.

Where did you get the ideas for some of the song lyrics? Please select two songs from the new CD and what inspired you to write the lyrics?
Most of the lyrics are written about everyday struggles, and just situations we’re going through at the time.
-Track 2, Get Over Yourself – I wrote in June of ’10. I was booking a lot of shows at the time at a couple different venues in town, and just had show after show go sour, and lost thousands of dollars. I wrote it after a show I had with Bleeding Through on the Spring Breakdown tour went really really bad and I pretty much went bankrupt from it..
Track 3, Seattle’s No Place For Batman – Jacob wrote the song about being in a place where he didn’t want to be. He always wanted to move to and live in Seattle. He felt that Seattle was calling him away, and reflections on his life and stuff that he had been doing as well as the morals he had grown up with. He wanted to get out of town, but at the same time he was stuck on a girl so he didn’t want to leave – it was split emotions. Telling himself “I’m alright now, I’ll be here this time tomorrow…

Your cover of Whatever You Like by T.I. is outstanding! What made you decide to do that song?
Thank you! We had been interested in doing a cover song, and heard T.I.’s song, and decided to see what we could make happen, and we came up with something that sounds pretty awesome I think.

What could one expect from a live This Day Will Tell show?
Lots of energy mixed with an electric light show and a mega fun time for everyone in the crowd!

Has This Day Will Tell ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
We have not…yet! We hope to make it over that way before the end of the year. You guys will be the first to hear about it if we do get one set up there.

What was it like opening for Hollywood Undead and did you get to meet and hang out with them at all?
It was pretty cool. It was actually Jacob’s first show with the band. We didn’t really talk with them much as they stayed on their huge tour bus until they played.

Who is the Rubix cube fan in the band and how good is he at solving it?
We actually got the idea for the Rubix cube while we were in the studio; our producer Joseph McQueen can solve one in a matter of minutes – it was impressive. Brandon is the one holding it in the promo, and I’m pretty sure he’s never solved one. Hah

If you could be a donut, what kind would you be and why?
I would be a chocolate creme filled donut, those are my favorite kind – they’re probably the hardest to make, too.

Which member of This Day Will Tell is most likely to own a Britney Spears CD? What about Slayer?
Definitely Noah on the Britney Spears CD. We were doing a yard sale to raise money for our van and he brought a couple B. Spears CD’s, Spice Girls, N’Sync and many other classics. Slayer would have to be Robby, as he’s the designated metal-head of the band.

Any strange or unusual Myspace or online stories you could share?
Probably the weirdest thing we’ve encountered was this crazy girl, that claimed she had a stalker. Then the ‘stalker’ was adding us on Facebook talking to us – and it turned out to be her the whole time..

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing your music for the first time?
If they remember our name, then we’ve done our job.

Any final words of wisdom?
Come check us out if we come to your town, hang out with us, let us sleep on your couch, or just talk to us. We want to make as many friends as possible through this.

The members of This Day Will Tell are Michael Silver on vocals, Jacob Kirkland on guitar and vocals, Brandon Varley on guitar, Robby Tucker on bass, Noah Haller on drums.  Be sure to check out their CD To True To Be Good, out now from Indianola Records!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

This Day Will Tell on Myspace

This Day Will Tell on Facebook


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