The Summer Soundtrack

This Love by The Summer Soundtrack (Self-released EP)

The end of the hottest of the seasons may be drawing to its conclusion, but bands like The Summer Soundtrack are here to make sure the fun and memories will last all year long. Fans of collectives such as New Found Glory and Amber Pacific will find their next favorite group when encountering the sweet melodic anthems of The Summer Soundtrack. Based out the burgeoning Denver, CO music scene, it looks like these guys have hit on to a winning musical combination. Don’t be surprised to find The Summer Soundtrack touring nationwide on Warped this time next year. With a collection of tunes as impressive as the ones found on This Love, these guys are going to be massive.

The tunes found on This Love are pure melodic punk perfection and destined to be stuck in your head long after the disc spins to its end. Just Friends is a track that is sure to warm the jaded hearts of even the coolest of music critic with it’s wondrous guitar refrains and wistful lyrical content such as “She’s got me chasing like a first date, she makes me oh so crazy.” Definitely a track many will be able to relate with.

Any Other Way continues on with the infectious melodies and reflective choruses that many will be singing along with in a live setting. This Love is the up-tempo title cut that should impress with its dazzling guitar interludes.

Doesn’t Mean A Thing has “hit single potential” written all over it, with it’s soaring anthem-like inflections – surely a musical triumph for everyone involved in the band. And then there’s She’ll Never Know, a track that should have all of their fans wanting to dance and bop to its groovin’ rhythms.

The membership of The Summer Soundtrack is remarkably solid for such a young band. Shawn Langley and Brandon Ruckman supply powerhouse work on dueling guitars, making for a full on, driving sound. The rhythm section is exceedingly tight, performed with top skill and precision by Chase Martinez on bass and ex-Dead Where We Stand / Defending The Pilot member Matt Neiberger on drums. And hitting a home run on lead vocals is Ben Lohle, whose charisma and genuine sincerity absolutely shines throughout the entire recordings. They are all veterans of other bands, and it looks like with The Summer Soundtrack, all parties involved may have found what they were looking for at last.

This Love by The Summer Soundtrack is the perfect joyous musical companion for any time of the year. These are surely songs that you’ll want to place on repeat in your own personal IPOD. Play a full volume for maximum impact and let the good time roll!  Now available on Itunes!!!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Dave 9 years ago

    Yep, very good music. Tight & Light keeps me happy:)

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