This Romantic Tragedy, From Atlantis, and more at Cobalt Café

This Romantic Tragedy, From Atlantis, In Alcatraz 1962, I, Omega, and Admirals Order at Cobalt Café, August 25, 2012

It was a Saturday night in the quiet town of Canoga Park, and there was absolutely no better place to be than at the Cobalt Café.

Four touring acts and a local support band would share the bill, representing various cities across the country – clearly demonstrating just how exhilarating the new music of today can be.

Any one of these bands could easily be playing bigger venues this time next year, so consider yourself lucky if you chose to visit the venerable Cobalt to see what This Romantic Tragedy, From Atlantis, In Alcatraz 1962, I, Omega, and Admirals Orders had to offer.

Cannibal Corpse may have performing at the other end of town, but this certainly did not place a damper on the band, their exciting live shows, or the wonderful crowd reactions.

Admirals Orders

First up was Admirals Orders, the local support for the night, opening the show on a super intensive note. Based out of the Riverside area, Admirals Orders sailed into the SFV and presented a thoroughly impressive assault of melodic metalcore tunes. Especially noteworthy was the mighty wall of sound presented by dual guitarist Daniel Angel and Juan Ruano. Bassist Kenny McWreath and drummer Gerson Sandoval made for a remarkablky tight rhythm section, driving everything home with a vengeance. Front man Humberto Guzman conveyed the lyrics with a mighty sense of conviction, and definitely left a lasting impression. Their Itunes single Ashes sounded phenomenal when performed live. Another highly memorable song was the super heavy Captain, Captain, which really garnered the band a good amount attention from the crowd. A fantastic beginning from a band destined to break out of Riverside – and I would say their show at the Cobalt is a definite step in the right direction.

I, Omega

For technical wizardry and superb musicianship, I, Omega was definitely the compelling band of the evening. From Upland, I, Omega could very well be the California’s supreme answer to acts such as Between The Buried And Me and Protest The Hero. The band plays with a skilled precision that is astonishing to behold, and certainly had the Cobalt crowd enraptured. Performing songs from their Bullet Tooth Records debut entitled The Ravenous EP, I, Omega surely demonstrated why they are one of Southern California’s most exciting new bands on the rise.  The talent found within I, Omega is absolutely first rate, consisting of Clay Nevels on vocals, Thomas Borboa on guitar, Ryan Cano on guitar, Calvan Christ on bass (the bass solo was absolutely pulsating by the way), and Andrew Slane on drums. The band mentioned something about “prog dancing,” and there certainly appeared to be a demonstration of just that out the floor by the stage. Do whatever you can to see this terrific up and coming band, and prepare to be thoroughly dazzled by their sonic artistry.

In Alcatraz 1962

Based out of the Northern Virginia area, In Alcatraz 1962 was breaking into the Cobalt, bringing Southern California up to date with their thrilling collection of metallic hardcore tunes. Now signed to Standby Records, In Alcatraz 1962 unleashed a ferocious set that really sent the room spinning. Songs that really stood out and grabbed the listeners by the throat included Winter Sun and Submergence. There was a ton of energy and passion being conveyed from the entire In Alcatraz 1962 membership, including the top notch performances of Tyler Baldwin on vocals, Chris Smith on guitar, Danny Lapetina on guitar, Jonathon Pentz on bass, and Josh Zupovitz on drums. Judging by the tremendous songs and thrilling live presentation, there is no doubt that Standby has another big winner on their hands with this exciting new collective. The band was selling two self-released EP’s at the show – and these are destined to be collector items if and when In Alcatraz 1962 escapes out into the big leagues. Expect the jailbreak to be soon!

From Atlantis

From Atlantis, based out of Providence, Rhode Island, is managed by none other than Telle Smith from The Word Alive. Judging by the superb live show delivered by the band on the Cobalt stage, it is no surprise that Telle wanted to take the time to represent this group. Their debut full length Pedestals from Invogue Records showed a band at the height of their creative prowess. It is great to report that within a live setting, From Atlantis delivers an outstanding performance well worth exploring, exceeding all expectations. Although they were playing at a small club, From Atlantis exuded an intensity level that could fill a much bigger venue. Vocalist Nick Mames exuded a good deal of presence and passion, and is definitely an electrifying front man. Nicholas Merigan on guitar and vocals made for a perfect contrast to Mames, delivering his parts with a good deal of energy and drive. Zach Lemieux on guitar, Tyler Fauxbel on bass, and Kirby Hurst on drums all contributed to the thunderous wall of sound. Expect these guys to be headlining their own shows in no time at all!

This Romantic Tragedy

In spite of recent lineup changes and a record label departure, This Romantic Tragedy continues to perform with the same sense of urgency and conviction that they’ve always maintained over the past few years. The headliners for this particular tour, the Las Vegas-based collective nearly blew the roof off the Cobalt with their devastating live performance. Opening their set with the dynamic You’re Just A Trend from their Reborn CD on Tragic Hero Records, This Romantic Tragedy presented nothing short of a mesmerizing performance. The band even premiered a new song entitled Inner Cosmos, demonstrating a decidedly progressive edge to their already imaginative sound. The two vocalists from This Romantic Tragedy were front and center, exuding an energy that was highly combustible. The clean vocals from the charismatic Sean Neumann were soaring and impassioned while the screamed parts were unleashed with a fiery magnetism by the one and only Chad Dague. The sole original member David Diaz remains a creative and vibrant force in the band, shining through on guitar and vocals. The newest members – Mason Wright on guitar and Clinton Birch on bass – presented their own vibrant take on the already established songs while longtime drummer Mark Neuhardt continues the assault as a mighty force to be reckoned with. This Romantic Tragedy has gone through many highs and lows since their inception in 2004, and judging by their headlining performance at the Cobalt, they are more than ready to head to the top at long last – and this time on their own terms.


Another memorable night at the Cobalt, presented by Two Hearts Promotions!  Be sure to support this club, their shows, and all of the bands who play there!  One of the last remaining all ages venue in the SFV!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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