The Human League set to release their new album Credo and Announce US Tour Dates this Fall

Credo sounds like nobody but the Human League” – The Guardian

…it may just be the ultimate Human League album” – The Quietus

“…embodying all that is barmy, British and completely nonsensical about pop music.” – The NME

…the I Monster team have cooked up a production that matches our expectations of a League LP.” – The Independent

Not surprisingly, for a group who were famously described by David Bowie in 1979 as “the sound of the future”, The Human League have never been about resting on their laurels or relying on past glories to see them through. Which is why, on August 16, (digital), and August 23 (physical), they will be releasing their ninth studio album Credo, as brilliant a distillation of their ideas about pop and dancing, glamour and electronics, as anything they have ever done. Their first release in ten years (following 2001’s Secrets), Credo will be available in North America via the MB3 Records/EMI Music imprint.

Commensurate with a band who gave us the greatest ever Christmas Number 1 single with 1981/2’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’, who have had four Top 10 albums and eight Top 10 singles in the UK, as well as two US Number 1 singles, and sold 20 million records worldwide, they’re used to everyone from Madonna to Moby, Pet Shop Boys to Robbie Williams, citing them as an influence. Now the dubstep generation – notably, the acclaimed Darkstar, who cover the League’s 1982 B-side ‘You Remind Me Of Gold’ on their current album, North – have begun to pay homage to the original sound of Sheffield. Then there are the ‘L’ girls, the new generation of synth-driven female pop artists, who have got in on the League-adoring act: La Roux is a known admirer of the electro pioneers, while Little Boots is such a fan she requested Philip Oakey’s input on her debut album. Even Lady Gaga professed to be a devotee when she met them recently at the ‘V’ Festival.

Produced by fellow Sheffield pop experimentalists I Monster, Credo’s style is a refinement of the approach first adopted by The Human League thirty years ago when they first led an experimental art-school insurgency of radical futuristic ideals into the top ten. Songs like ‘Don’t You Want Me or ‘Love Action’ that are both hummable shiny pop anthems for dispossessed teens and menacing electronic three minute future shocks, nothing less than radical pop subterfuge.
Credo’s eleven tracks still bear all the classic League synth pop hallmarks but are as modern as the sharpest 21st century chart pop. Never Let Me Go (first single for the US) is an ecstatic album opener, with the League still straddling the high street and the art house effortlessly, like Girls Aloud joining Kraftwerk, the sound of a Top Shop branch staffed entirely by robots.

The album full of potential hits like Night People, another outrageously catchy burst of suburban disco pop with some of the urban nocturnal drama of Sound Of The Crowd, the girls’ voices as ever proving you don’t have to bellow and blare to emote. Sky paints a picture every bit as evocative as your favourite acoustic troubadour. Got To Do manages to be, as weird and utterly irresistible with its reference to “startled simians” harking back to the “sericulture” of Being Boiled. Even the titles – Single Minded, Electric Shock – are immediate and striking. As ever, there is brightness here, with a feeling of danger encroaching onto the dancefloor.

Above all, Credo manages to makes itself heard above the brashest state-of-the-art pop productions and brings some of that primitive essence to the milieu, as well as The Human League’s unique quality of apartness.

“We’re peculiar,” says Susan. “People think pop music is X Factor and we’re still hankering after a Roxy-Bowie-Donna Summer-Chic version of pop. We don’t fit in. There are three of us, two of whom have never written a song and are pretty average singers, plus we’ve got a lead singer who doesn’t consider himself a singer at all and can’t play any instruments very well. And yet we still think of ourselves as a pop group. If a market research group got hold of us, they’d change absolutely everything. We shouldn’t have gone on as long as we have – we should have ‘gone rock’ by now, like Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and U2 did. But we’re still a pop group.”

Not just a pop group – possibly the last great pop group. Believe.


09/01 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/02 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Hollywood Bowl
(w/ The B-52s, Berlin, and The Fixx)

09/03 – Sausolito, CA @ Sausolito Arts Festival
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/04 – Las Vegas, NV @ Mandalay Bay
(w/ The B-52s and Men Without Hats)

09/07 – Lincoln, CA @ Thunder Valley Casino Resort
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/08 – Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery
(w/ The B-52s and Men Without Hats)

09/09 – Jacksonville, OR @ Britt Festival
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/10 – Woodinville, WA @ Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
(w/ The B-52s)

09/11 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/15 – Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/16 – Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/17 – Chicago, IL @ Oysterfest
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/18 – Toronto, ON @ Guvernment
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/20 – Buffalo, NY @ Riviera Theatre
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Keswick Theatre
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/22 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
(w/ Men Without Hats)

09/23 – New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
(w/ Men Without Hats)

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  1. Frank Munoz 8 years ago


  2. Dave McGrath 8 years ago

    Hello from England.

    I have been a hard-core Human League fan since I was 12 (that’s thirty years just in case you want to know!!!)

    We saw The Human League “live” in London just before Christmas and they blew the sold-out 2,300 crowd away!!!! As well as all the hits, they played the (then) new single Night People, and another new track Electric Shock.

    As soon as I got hold of the new album Credo I played it to death! Ten years since their last studio album – the criminally ignored Secrets – and they are STILL making fantastic music!!

    I am so pleased that they are now touring America (having just done dates in Europe) and that Credo will get a U.S release. All you Human League fans out there in the U,S…’re in for a treat!!!!

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