THRALL to release new album on MORIBUND

October / November 2011 – a year after their debut release on MORIBUND RECORDS, Away From the Haunts of Man, THRALL will unleash their virulent second album, Vermin to the Earth. MORIBUND will release Vermin worldwide, with the exceptions of Australia and New Zealand, where Obsidian Records will release it.

Vermin documents the metamorphosis of THRALL from a sanguinary studio project to a formidable live entity that now includes Leigh Ritson (ex Disseminate) on bass and Ramez Bathish (ex Whitehorse / ABC Weapons) on second guitar. THRALL built their live reputation on punishing volume and an atmosphere of menace.

Vermin delivers a unique blend of old-school black metal and hypnotic void-worship. Songs range from bile-soaked mid-paced anthems (“Vermin to the Earth / Oblivion”) to desolate lurching dirges (“Plague of Man“) to blasting suicidal elegies (“Vita Vacuus Voluntas“). The new album is more: cohesive, hefty, solemn and yet more spacious than THRALL’s debut, Away from the Haunts of Men. Vermin is a requiem to a cursed species. It advocates the expiration of the reign of homo sapiens and heralds the post-human era.

A preview track from the album will be added to the MORIBUND RECORDS website in the coming months.

This album was written live and tracked very fucking quickly. In my opinion, Vermin is more evocative and cathartic than Haunts was. Those who are meant to unlock the spell of this album, will – those who aren’t, will not.” – Tom Void

Vermin maintains a very live sound even in the studio, and I think it will surprise many people who know the first album as to just how different this sophomore is.” – Em Støy.

Vermin was recorded across two hemispheres and continents. Drums were recorded in April 2010 by Ippei Suda (known for his work with Corrupted) at LM Studio, Osaka, Japan. Guitars, bass and vocals were recorded by Trent Griggs June – July 2010 at The Gate, Margate, Tasmania. The album was mixed by Trent Griggs August 2010 – June 2010 at The Gate, Margate, Tasmania. In July, the album will be mastered by Jack the Bear (Tony Mantz) at Deluxe Mastering, Melbourne, Victoria.

Tracklist for THRALL’s Vermin to the Earth
1. Vermin to the Earth
2. Plague of Man
3. Disease’s Maiming Caress
4. Oblivion
5. Ecstasy not of the Flesh
6. Mass Extinction
7. Vita Vacuus Voluntas

Album Personnel:
Tom Void – vocals, guitars, bass
Em Støy – additional vocals, drums

Album Guests:
Trent Griggs – additional vocals, additional guitar

Live Personnel:
Tom Void – vocals, guitar
Em Støy – vocals, drums
Leigh Ritson (ex Disseminate)– bass
Ramez Bathish (ex Whitehorse, ex ABC Weapons) – guitar


Deluxe Mastering:

LM Studio:

The Gate:


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