Thrudvangar_Band_1_640We’re happy to announce the signing of Germany’s death/viking metal quintet THRUDVANGAR!

The band was originally formed as a quartet back in 2001. With the release of their demo in 2003 and the debut album “Ahnenthron” in 2004, the band gained a lot of fans that are into epic and melodic pagan/viking metal.

During the recordings of their second album, some major line-up changes took place. With the addition of a second guitarist the band’s sound became more aggressive, but still remained melodic. The band signed with Einheit Produktionen and released all of their previous albums, including a re-release of their debut, on the label.

THRUDVANGAR played at various festivals, such as the Ragnarök Festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen or the Pagan Nights Festival and supported bands like Nomans Land and Trollech.

A huge highlight in the band’s career so far was the release of their concept album “Durch Blut Und Eis” in 2010, which was about the life of Eric the Red. They also shot their first video clip for the song “Thornesthing” off the album.

In 2012 the keyboardist left the band and THRUDVANGAR decided to go on without a keyboard in the future line-up.

The band is now ready to release their fifth album on Massacre Records in July 2013!

If you want to see the guys live, you can do so at the following dates:
15.06.2013 DE Greifenstein – Burg Greifenstein (Celtic Rock Open Air) –
16.08.2013 DE Barth – Barther Metal Open Air –
02.11.2013 DE Gießen – Hessenhallen (Heidenwahn Winterfestival) –

Matthias Träbert – Vocals
Christian Lausch – Guitar
Florian Zack – Guitar
Gunther Braun – Bass
Torsten Schildhauer – Drums


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