The Thug In Me Is You Tour 2012

Jason Aalon Butler of Letlive

The Thug In Me Is You Tour 2012 with Falling In Reverse, Enter Shikari, Letlive

Letlive was incredible, honestly one of the BEST performers live. They have such a crazy amount of energy on stage, it’s like they have you in a trance, you just couldn’t look away for one second because you didn’t want to miss something. They went from just rolling around and twirling to jumping off of amps, also kicking down mic stands, and pulling down amps. The lead guitarist was repping an Enter Shikari shirt, so you can tell that they developed a good friendship with those guys. They are very passionate musicians, they love what they do, and you can very clearly see that. They send out some great messages, and they sound so different from all other bands signed on Epitaph; they’ve got that more underground feeling. Vocalist, Jason Butler, was wearing an interesting vest, the back of it saying “Fuck Love Make History”, probably one of the messages they deliver. There was a point in the middle of his set that he noticed his family had shown up to see him perform. He got so happy and pointed them out, he said thank you and I love you to them. But one thing that really hit someone (in a good way) was when he said “Look dad, I made it too.” Pointing out he made it big to the music scene just like his father, Aalon Butler did. All in all my favorite performance that night had to be letlive. They really killed it, especially on their last day of the tour.

Letlive. Set List:
Le Prologue
The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
Renegade ‘86
New Song
Casino Columbus
Day 54

Chris Batten of Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari was pretty cool, they were not nearly as crazy as letlive., but they were still crazy. The lead vocalist, Rou Reynolds, had a great energy on stage. He was jumping all over the place, and hanging off of amps, and jumping down from them too. He sounded exactly the same live as he does recorded, so he sounded great. The guitarist was repping a letlive shirt, just like the lead guitarist in letlive was repping an Enter Shikari shirt, and like I said before, you can clearly tell the two bands developed a friendship while touring together. There was a point where the guitarist climbed onto the tallest amp and just sat down on top of it playing his parts, and then jumped down after about 5 minutes. I loved how much energy they had though. They were so happy to see all these fans come out to see them. They were smiling the whole time they played, so appreciative. The song that I enjoyed most was Sorry, You’re Not a Winner, due to the fact that it’s the only song I know by them. It was interesting to watch Rou sing and then do his synths and techno noises on this interesting device that he was using. I enjoyed the fact that they were so happy to see all the fans in the crowd, and how they said we love you to them after their set was done.

Enter Shikari Set List:
Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
Sorry, You’re Not a Winner
Arguing with Thermometers

Ronnie Radke on Falling In Reverse

Falling in Reverse’s set was interesting, but disappointing to me, their performance wasn’t half as good as what I saw at Warped Tour, not saying their set was bad, it was ok. Vocalist, Ronnie Radke, didn’t do any of his unclean vocals, instead rhythm guitarist, Derek Jones, did the screams, which was different. I wasn’t very impressed by their set, and that’s a lot coming from me since I used to be a huge Falling in Reverse fan. I had a couple of slight laughs here and there, for instance, during I’m Not a Vampire when Ronnie usually says, “Hi, my name is Ronnie, and I’m an addict.” Instead, he said, “Hi, my name is Ronnie, I USED to be an addict.”

The thing I respected most about that set was that drummer, Ryan Seaman, got to have his own time to shine in the light with his drum solo. Drummers usually don’t get much recognition, so I lovedhow he had the opportunity to do that.  It was sweet of the other band members to let him have his moment alone and get noticed, not that it was hard to notice him at all during the whole set with his cool lit up drum set. But that made me really happy, cause drummers don’t get the recognition they really deserve. Though loving the drum solo, that was not my favorite part of their set.

After lead guitarist’s, Jacky Vincent’s, solo and Tragic Magic, the guitarist, and bassist, Ron Ficarro, started to play the riffs of Escape the Fate’s old song, Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché. While they were playing, Ronnie asked everyone in the pit to politely sit down. He said to sit down, but “don’t hurt your neighbors so I don’t go to jail, AGAIN”. Ronnie saying that cracked me up, and made me shake my head in disbelief. After everyone sat down he started to tell his story about how his old band, Escape the Fate, put out a record called Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, and he told us how stupid he was back then, making all these bad decisions leading up to him getting kicked out of the band. The surprise guests of The Thug in Me is You Tour was supposed to be Escape the Fate, Ronnie told the crowd. “They didn’t have enough money to tour with us though”, he added. So after his story they started to play Situations, off ETF’s old record, this was my absolute favorite part of the whole night. It made me so happy, and made me think back. I am a huge old ETF fan, the music of my middle school years, and still listening through high school. This is the only song I sung along to that Falling in Reverse played. This song got the most people singing along and screaming, just giving such a positive hype.  I was so thankful they played this, and so was everyone else. Ronnie may have had a huge ego that night, but I definitely loved him for playing that song.

Falling in Reverse:
I’m a Stupid Cat (video)
Ronnie Radke for President (video)
Songs played-
The Westerner
Sink or Swim
I’m Not a Vampire
Raised By Wolves
Pick Up the Phone
Goodbye Graceful
Caught Like a Fly
Good Girls, Bad Guys
Drum Solo
Guitar Solo
Tragic Magic
Situations (old Escape the Fate cover)
The Drug in Me is You

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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