Svarga Music to Release Thunderkraft’s Totentanz on March 12th

On March 12, 2012 Svarga Music will release Totentanz from Ukrainian Industrial Folk Death Metal act THUNDERKRAFT. The sophomore effort sees the band going in a more experimental direction, combining the classical styles of Death and Black Metal with electronic music, folklore, epic and symphonic elements. The lyrics are written in Ukrainian, Russian and German and explore problems of mankind’s relation to the past, ideas of greatness and boundless possibilities of the human spirit, and the strength of will and character. Cosmology concepts are also represented, albeit leaning toward the social aspects.

An album teaser is available at this location.

Настане Час [A Time Will Come]
Дефект Масс [Mass Defect]
Totentanz [Dance of The Dead]
Смерть Не Роз’єднае Нас [Death Won’t Separate Us]
Свiт Майбутнього [The Future World]
Смятая Повесть [A Crumpled Story]
Де Сон Ллє Вологою З Вiй [Where The Dream Flows As Moisture From Eyelashes]

THUNDERKRAFT was founded in 2001 in Kharkov (Ukraine) by Alafern (guitar) who was eager to play more diverse music than the Black Metal of that time. The band’s style – Death Folk Metal – became cemented in the course of the first rehearsals. This meshed nicely with Alafern’s longtime love of Death Metal and Ukrainian folklore. From the very beginning, the band maintained an active presence on the Ukrainian live music scene.

In 2005 after a rather long period of fluctuating line-ups, the band recorded their first full-length album, The Banner Of Victory (Alafern – guitars, violin, Anna – keyboards, Sigurd – bass, Amorth I.M. – drums, vocals) which was released a few months later by Dutch label Blazing Productions. In spite of the debut album getting good press, a period of stagnation followed.

In 2009 the band members decided on a fundamental change to their approach, characterized by the frequent use of computer-generated sound effects, regular rehearsals and preparation for the recording of a second full-length album. The band’s musical style also underwent some changes, to the point where it could be described as Industrial Folk Death/Black Metal.

THUNDERKRAFT have finished work on their second album Totentanz, which will be released through Svarga Music in 2012. In spite of the fact that the second album was recorded some time ago, the band will soon start recording sessions for the third album in winter 2012, having already collected enough material during years of rehearsals.

Current line-up:
Master Alafern – guitar, vocal, violin
Ann – keyboards, flute
Sigurd – bass
Munruthel – drums, vocal
Amorth I.M. – vocal (live)


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