The Dear Hunter, The Fall Of Troy, Thursday

CaseyKeysLiveRogerSieberThe Dear Hunter, The Fall of Troy
Thursday, Touche Amore

The Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
November 8, 2009

(Pictured: singer/keyboardist/guitarist Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter –
Photo Credit: Roger Sieber)

It’s a rare chance that you get to see a band like Thursday perform at a venue as small as The Boardwalk. Not to mention along with bands like The Dear Hunter and The Fall of Troy.

Touche Amore, from Los Angeles, had the daunting task of having to open for the lineup. Unfortunately the venue was not nearly a quarter full while the band played their raw blend of early and post hardcore. The band didn’t greatly impress, but they certainly didn’t let down. Unfortunately they may not have managed to escape the stigma of being an opening act.

The Dear Hunter was up next and having seen them twice before, I had a good idea of what to expect. They performed excellently as usual, but the sound was not nearly as pristine as at Slims (in San Francisco), where I had seen them before. Unfortunately much of the detail was lost in the translation. They were also only able to perform four or five songs, but I was definitely happy with the set list, which included ‘1878’ and ‘He Said He had a Story.’ It’s so nice to see a band that can tone things down, like they did for ‘The Oracles on the Delphi Express’, which was performed almost entirely vocally.

The first time I saw the Fall of Troy perform was four years ago, so I was really excited to see how far they have come. It turns out, far indeed. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen such an incredible display of guitar skill. Thomas’ timing was impeccable. He didn’t make a single (noticeable) mistake, whether he was playing with two or only one hand. There was definitely a lot of movement on stage and it all seemed so effortless and natural. Andrew proved to be an absolutely competent drummer, and was perfectly in time with Thomas. Let’s just face it; Frank (bass) looks really cool. He seems to be working really well with the band since he replaced Tim a few years ago. If I have one critic about the Fall of Troy, it is that although they are amazing musicians and put on a really fun show, they have very little to say. If technicality and fun do nothing for you, then there may not be a whole lot left for you to take away from this band.

Now it seems that I have some explaining to do. I had been greatly influenced by Thursday during my early high school years, much like anyone who’s into hardcore, but I had lost track of them through the years by mistaking them as irrelevant or sold out. My Friends and I had a chance to talk with Casey, from The Dear Hunter, before the show and he said that Thursday had never lost focus and after all these years and still love what they do. Thursday played that night with enough excitement and energy to put to shame bands half their age. They performed a tight set, chose older songs over new, and did it all without it looking like a chore. The band not only put on an excellent performance but also had something to say; not to preach but to stir discussion. Geoff really seems like one of the nicest guys in the world and the audience could really tell that there were no egos in the band. Even if you don’t listen to Thursday anymore, you should definitely check out one of their live shows, especially at a smaller, more intimate venue.  (Review By Marcus R.)


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