Til Skies Fall at Holdin’ It Down For The Underground Music Festival

tilskies1Til Skies Fall, Holdin’ It Down For The Underground Music Festival, Seaport Marina Hotel, May 30, 2015

Til Skies Fall, a local metalcore band from the Los Angeles area recently played Holdin’ It Down For The Underground Fest on May 30th in Long Beach. This is a five piece band with members Danielle Musitelle – vocals, Victor Molina – guitar, Mario Amaya – bass, Anthony Reyes – guitar, and Colin Ring – drums. Til Skies Fall have been a band for about three years, as far as I know since I first saw them at Wild Wild Fest in 2012 . Their fan base sure has grown since then!

Now, this band is quite different because it is female fronted. How often do you see a girl in a band being the lead vocalist that screams? Not too often, but she does her job well, quite amazing actually! Danielle’s screams are very consistent and her clean vocals give that perfect balance from smooth and soft, then to heavy. As for the rest of the band, they do a great job with their instruments by giving you that nice heavy breakdown that we all wait and look forward to in a song. Personally, I sure love a good breakdown.

The first song that was released in March 2013 would be “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. That is the song that got me hooked. After a long wait I was pretty excited for the announcement of their EP “Distances”. No matter what, they tend to draw in a pretty big crowd and are able to get them moving to their music. That would be because they give it their all when it comes to a live performance and take pride in the music they create. That you can see. I would say this a “local band on the rise”.

tilskies2_400x267I talked to Victor and asked him some questions such as influences, what its like to be a local band, and what is expected from the future of the band.

Influences – influences vary from each member so they try to put all the differences into their own style of music.

What its like to be a local band – “being a local band is pretty chill” Til Skies Fall love the good feed back and exposure that they have received since they started playing more shows. Also they do struggle financially, many local bands do.  Because of that struggle it took a while to release their EP, but the fans patiently waited, including myself and I can say its great!

What is expected from the future – “We hope to get a lot more exposure, build our fan base, play more shows, meet more people, release more music, try to get signed and endorsed.” “People have faith in us and tell us we have a lot of potential so we wont let their words go in vain.”

(Review and Photos by Santos Velasco)

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