Catching Up with Tim Hatten

timhatten2_375xFans of Never Shout Never and Plug In Stereo will surely enjoy the introspective acoustic tunes singer / songwriter Tim Hatten has to offer.   Since out first interview with Tim back in December, his fan base on Facebook and Twitter has grown tremendously.  A new single and video entitled The Way We Fall has been issued, which you could check out at the conclusion of this chat.  And now, let’s catch up with the talented Mr. Hatten as he discusses his new song, covering Never Shout Never, live performances, and other topics of interest from this Perryville, MO based artist on the rise…

How long did it take you to shoot the video for The Way We Fall and who directed it?
It took around 3 hours or so. We shot the day before hand, but we didn’t use any of the footage.  I directed it as a matter a fact.

Where was The Way We Fall video filmed? Such beautiful scenery!
There is this like.. I guess you could call it a “County Road” out a little down the road from my house and we were driving around looking where to film it and saw a trail.. and well yeah. That’s it.

How will your upcoming EP Good Vibes compare to your previous recordings?
Honestly, I don’t know. At the moment, I have no idea when it will even be released. I’m just working on a new single. Trying to make it the best it can be.

Has Never Shout Never heard your cover of Dare4Distance and commented on it? What do you think of your cover of that song would you look back on it?
HAHAHAHA. Lets just forget that ever happened. 2010 was a tough year hahahaha

Do you have play in any other bands outside of your solo project?
Not really. I jam with friends from time to time, but I’m usually focused on this.

What kind of live performances were you able to do over the summer and did you get to do any interesting shows?
Just a few shows here and there. And I did one show where I met up with some important people. Something haa been coming up because of it. I don’t really want to say much, in case things don’t work out.. but things are in the works. Sorry for being vague haha

Do you prefer performing acoustic or would you like to work with a full band?
Um. Well, there are somethings you can do with just an acoustic guitar and a voice that you just can’t with a live band. But a live band creates so much more energy. I don’t know at this point. As of right now, I’m acoustic so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

How surprised are you by the many followers and friends you’ve acquired on social media such as Facebook and Twitter?
I’m BLOWN away. Literally 2 days ago I had 20,000 followers on Twitter… now I have 21,200+ it just keeps going up! It’s crazy!

What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing your music for the very first time?
The feeling it gives them.

Any closing comments?
You stay classy San Diego.

(Interview by Ken Morton)

Tim Hatten on Facebook
Our first interview with Tim Hatten


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