TIURIDA by FALKENBACH (Napalm Records)

One of the most enigmatic Viking metal bands on the world scene today, Falkenbach is the masterwork of Vratyas Vakyas, who is currently based out Düsseldorf, Germany. Tiurida, which translates to Glory in English, is the fifth stunning magnum opus in the Falkenbach repertoire, a thrilling musical adventure to the days of yore that is absolutely majestic to behold. Under the supervision of Patrick Damiani of Tidalwave Studio, Falkenbach has created what is surely their most compelling work to date.  Tiurida is a masterpiece that will not only thrill the longtime aficionado, but shall surely gain the artist Vakyas a whole new set of listeners ready to embark upon Falkenbach’s thrilling musical journeys.

After a brief and ominous Intro, Where His Ravens Fly commences, a Viking metal hymn that serves as a wondrous call to arms for adventure and intrigue. Time Between Dog And Wolf is absolutely epic and ambitious in scope, recalling the final Nordland albums that Bathory unleashed. Tanfana is haunting and superbly crafted, a dynamic instrumental interlude  brilliantly mixing in acoustic sonnets and extreme reveries.

Runes You Should Know is filled with a mysticism that makes the listener want to grab a beer and toast the heroic deeds of the past. In Flames is sweeping and fiery, featuring both moments of melancholy and gigantic choruses that renders this one a standout track. And then there’s the picturesque Sunnavend, a grand and glorious conclusion where the traditional meets the metallic to positively spectacular results.

One of the most influential within the underground metal arena, the songs of Falkenbach have been covered by the likes of bands such as Eluveitie, Bewitched, and Vinterriket. With the dark and visionary hymns found on Tiurida, 2011 is looking to be a grand year for the Viking metal genre. Falkenbach is that rare musical visionary that can truly transcend the listener to an earlier time with their wondrous art. Clean and heroic vocals, dazzling acoustic guitars, traditional as well as epic modern day instruments abound – all presented with a true sense of destiny and a reverence for the past. There is a magic to be found within the sonic walls of Tiurida – one that many will want to relive time and again.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Falkenbach Official Homepage


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