To Die With Taste

SELF-TITLED EP by TO DIE WITH TASTE (Matchless Records Distribution)

There is a definitive music scene in the Las Vegas area jammed packed with young bands performing styles of music from all across the spectrum. To Die With Taste is one such group mixing the screamo genre with the ultra-brutal strains of death metal – and the sounds spewed forth by these guys are electrifying.

Their self-titled debut EP has been released on Itunes and throughout various other Internet outlets, and it’s well worth checking into. Fans of bands such as Suicide Silence and Asking Alexandria may discover a brand new favorite when encountering the thoroughly vicious sounds of To Die With Taste. Tunes such as I Stabbed A Cricket and Inner Phobia are sure to impress those who like their metal infused with grinding technical excellence. The EP is short and to the point, but it does present to the world a promising new act to be on the look out for. The guitar lines are searing and forceful while the rhythm section is conducted with a perfection that would make more established musicians take note. And the vo-kills weave through the wall of sound with a potent ferocity. You will definitely want to hear a whole lot more – and no worries – these guys are working on new material as you read this!

The talented To Die With Taste lineup consists of Tyler W.T. on vocals, Sean Rocovits on drums, Eliot Bloecker on guitar, and Evan Reed on bass. Recorded with precision and skill by recorded with Josh Osbourne of When Silence Breaks.

Note:  Since the recording, Derrek Durna has been added on second guitar.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

To Die With Taste on Myspace


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