The Order Of Elijah: Spiritual Warriors of Deathcore

orderofelijahint1_400x266Based out of Missouri, The Order Of Elijah is a Christian deathcore outfit whose ferocious sonic intensity and impassioned lyrics will surely garner the spiritual warriors a good deal of attention.  Now signed to Rottweiler Records, their debut for the label is a monstrous slab of ferocity entitled Dethrone.  They’ve opened for the likes of Impending Doom, Cattle Decapitation and Attila, and are destined to be headlining their own shows if Dethrone is indicative of greater glories ahead.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with the entire membership to find out more about this dynamic band on the rise.  Read on and experience the assault to the senses known as The Order Of Elijah

Introduce yourselves, tell me what you do in The Order of Elijah, and how long the band has been together.
Shannon: My name is Shannon Low. I am the lead singer. Bryan and I founded the band about three years ago.
Bryan: I’m Bryan Cox, guitarist for The Order of Elijah. As Shannon mentioned, we founded the band back in the summer of 2009.
Shane: My name is Shane Ross and I’m the bassist. I’m also sort of the in-house graphics/motion designer and artist in the band, and I am responsible for designing gig posters and flyers, putting together lyrics videos, creating album art, and so on.
Myk: I’m Myk Lee and I am the lead guitarist for The Order.
Josh: My name is Josh Newlon. I play the drums, and run synth and samples for the band.

Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there?
Myk: We’re based primarily out of the Joplin, Missouri area in the central midwest. We play shows in and around the area and are currently out on tour playing shows off towards the west coast and back again. The scene in our hometown is crazy. Just simply crazy. You couldn’t ask for a better local scene.
Shannon: The music scene here is thriving. It’s an active monster. All the kids support local and national acts. There is always a little division in musical culture but Joplin kids really know how to embrace unity.
Josh: Yeah…the shows are always packed out and everyone likes to throw down, so if you come to Joplin and jump in a pit….you’d better be prepared to get pushed around a little.
Shane: What’s particularly cool is that the younger kids in our scene are especially vibrant and energetic. They’re always willing to help us promote local shows, pass out flyers at the mall, and even coerce their friends and family into helping a YouTube video or Facebook event go viral.

Is there any story or concept behind the title of your CD Dethrone?
Shannon: The title “Dethrone” refers to an enemy of ours who we will stop at nothing to kill.
Bryan: Basically, dethroning Satan, the god of this world.
Shane: Sin is a terrible tyrant and this album attempts to show that we can rise above those obstacles and “dethrone,” or overcome, anything. I tried to convey that in the art as well. We have these masks that we put on to try and hide the parts of us that we don’t want the world to see, and the only way to have any sense of real freedom in our lives is to remove those masks and not pretend we are something that we aren’t.

Dethron_ 1Select two songs from Dethrone and what inspired the lyrics.
Shane: Shannon is our lyrical wizard so I can’t speak for him, but if I had to choose two songs and how his lyrics inspire me I would have to go with “New Line of Defense” and “Conquer.” To me those two songs have a lot of personal meaning.
Bryan: My two favorites are “Greed Machine” and “Conquer.” “Greed Machine” is a take on the corporate, money-driven slave system of our society. And “Conquer”…well, a lot of people often think of things that need to be fixed in the world. But have they ever looked in the mirror?
Shannon: Well, first off…”New Line of Defense.” It has practically become an anthem for the war we wage on this world. Next, I’d have to go with “Greed Machine.” This song is definitely a tongue-in-cheek way of telling everyone that they’re greedy jerks… in a loving sorta way.
Josh: I really like the lyrics of “The Reclaimer” and “New Line of Defense” because of how bold the message is.

What could one expect from a live The Order of Elijah show?
Josh: A LOT of energy and movement on stage, bass drops, mosh/ dance pits, and a whooole lot of fun because we love crowd participation.
Myk:  You’ll experience an intense show unlike any other. No special gimmicks. Just pure, raw energy and a channeling of something much more powerful than ourselves. Guaranteed to leave you with at least a smile on your face.
Shane: Chanting. Screaming. Jumping. Tons of energy. Walls of death…sounds like a good time, right (haha)? Seriously though, our goal on stage is to bring as much energy as we can, interact with the crowd and allow them to participate in the experience as much as possible. There are several parts in many of our songs that were specifically tailored to our live set. For “A Ballad for Jimmy Baker,” we will often have the entire crowd yelling, “We won’t relent until we die!” right before the final breakdown kicks in and the crowd goes nuts. At the end of another song, Shannon directs the crowd to split in half and move to each side of the venue before the snare snaps and both sides run at each other and collide. You definitely won’t be bored at one of our shows.

Has The Order of Elijah played in the Los Angeles area or done any touring so far? If so, what was the experience like?
Shannon: We are playing “the L.A.” this month for the first time on the Rottweiler RecordsBite & Devour” Tour. The show events have been blowing up, and we expect to be returning to L.A. over and over.
Bryan: …I think our L.A. shows are near Long Beach.
Myk: I expect it to be amazing and, if L.A. lives up to its reputation, I’m sure it will not disappoint.

Any strange or scary stories from the road or at a show?
Shane: Well, we had a small three day tour a few weeks ago that was fairly eventful. Our van blew a fuse in Little Rock before we could even load our equipment into the venue. Then on our way back home the serpentine belt snapped on the highway right before we got to the last venue. It was hot and I was covered in grease. There was also this time that we were participating in Project Independent and Josh (our drummer) was unable to get off work in time to be there for check in so I stayed in town to pick him up and we ended up having about twenty minutes to make a forty-five minute drive. We parked the car and went directly on stage and played our set. It was a blast.
Shannon: Just short of breaking down in the 100 degree heat and finding a practically brand new she-male porn lying next to our breakdown spot, I’d have to say we’ve been pretty lucky on the road so far. We definitely count our blessings for that.

Who did the cover art for Dethrone and how much input did you have on it?
Shannon: Shane did the cover art. We rode him like a wet pig the entire way through. He practically wanted to murder us by the time it was finished. For as sick as the end result was, it was worth every minute!
Shane: The album art definitely evolved over time. It started out with an idea about big monsters tearing up a city. We outsourced the line art through another artist and then I took that and painted all the color into it. It had a very comic book-ish feel to it and Rottweiler felt we needed to make it more “brutal” and serious. Looking back, I’m glad they made that decision. For the most part, the current incarnation of the artwork was very organic. We all sat down and kind of looked at some examples of what some other bands were doing. After some brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of each other, we came up with the overall tone and atmosphere we wanted, but still had no solid concept for the subject of the piece. I went home and listened to the album several times while examining the inspirational pieces we had collected from other artists and after a while I had a rough concept piece. After showing it to the other guys they got excited about the concept and we rolled with it. The final artwork was definitely a cooperative effort from each member of the band. We all had a hand in every aspect of this album.
Josh: Shane does our art and flyers through CarbonFyre Media. He’s obviously a beast at what he does, so hit him up if you need a lyric video or flyers made.

If you could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Myk: There are so many hugely talented artists out there that I wouldn’t even begin to know who I would want to play with at this point.
Shane: We have opened up for so many of my favorite bands already. We’ve opened for Impending Doom, Born of Osiris, Emmure, Attila, and so many more. I would actually love to open up for someone like Parkway Drive…maybe Veil of Maya or Periphery, or some similar act. I’m really into progressive deathcore right now. If I was to go old school…Iron Maiden for sure. That show would be HUGE!
Shannon: I would personally be stoked to tour with Parkway Drive or August Burns Red… but in all reality, who wouldn’t want to tour with Elvis in the 50’s?
Josh: August Burns Red because they’re drummer Matt is a beast and also one of my main influences.
Bryan: I would want to open up for In Flames.

Would you consider The Order of Elijah a Christian band? Why or why not?
Myk: Yes. We are most definitely a Christian band. We all follow the teachings of Christ and try to spread that message without all the preaching that tends to drive most people away from the idea.
Shane: Definitely. Many of us attend the same church. Our lyrics attempt to illuminate Christian beliefs and values. We have a shirt design that states we are Christians quite boldly. In fact, our very name is based on one of the prophets.
Josh: We are real people and not afraid to fight for what we believe in. We will push His message as far as this roller coaster will take us.
Shannon: Many other Christians don’t seem to consider us so due to the harshness of lyrical content and our lack of shame for who we are. God gave me the heart of a warrior so it’s in my nature to wage war.
Bryan: Even though we have no denomination we try our best to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing your music for the first time?
Josh: I personally want the music to draw them in so they look further into the lyrics and know what we’re all about.
Shannon: If they are to remember anything after hearing our music, I would rather they remember that life isn’t about ourselves.
Myk: I would like them to remember the genuine feeling and message of love that we put into every riff, note, lyric and beat.
Bryan: Same here. I would hope they feel the emotion and energy we put into our music, and the message the lyrics bring out.
Shane: That God loves them. That we understand they are imperfect and we don’t judge them based on those imperfections because we are just as flawed as they are. That being different doesn’t mean you should be an outsider or you should be looked down upon. That we’re all imperfect beings living in an imperfect world and there is one unified solution to all of our problems. All you have to do is welcome Him into your life.

Any final words of wisdom?
Bryan: A fool will let his temper out, but a wise man holds it in.
Shane: If you have a dream, follow it. Don’t allow the everyday stress of life get the best of you and drag you down. If you have even the smallest amount of talent or skill to make that dream happen, grab hold of it and chase it with ferocity until you overtake it and make it yours. God gave you these abilities for a reason.
Josh: Make sure you tie your shoes or you’ll trip.
Myk: Never pee into the wind and never pet a burning dog.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Jay Arn 5 years ago

    People will really like this band if they were to hear them. A great band!!!
    They are on par with the others for musician ship just like the other Rottweiler Records bands.
    Great band and be sure to check them out!!!

  2. Your Threat 5 years ago

    This is their first album??? Oh man, these guys are going to smash Attila’s face.

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