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The Raging Empire of Begin The Rapture

begintherapture2Begin The Rapture certainly unleash a mighty assault to the senses that will leave you wanting a whole lot more.  Based out Glasgow, Scotland, this collective cites bands ranging from Asking Alexandria to Pantera as influences, and yet their own distinctive sound represents a destructive intensity that is all their own.   Begin The Rapture recently self-released a dynamic EP entitled Empire, a solid selection of hard hitting tunes that should gain them a good deal of worldwide attention,  Here is a recent interview we conducted with front man Conor Haining to find out more about this raging new band on the rise.  Read on and discover your new soundtrack to the end of the world…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Begin The Rapture, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Conor Haining and I am the vocalist, we have been a band since mid 2011 but have only just started taking things seriously to see where it can take us.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We are from a small town in Scotland called Dumbarton which is about 25 miles away from Glasgow, we have a pretty diverse music scene and you can find anything from pop-punk to death metal. If there was one band you would have to hear from our area, it has to be Exile The Traitor. They are so talented it’s a little frightening

Is there any story or concept behind the title Empire?
Over the time that we have been a band, we’ve tried our best to develop our own unique sound that can’t be replicated, while still sticking to blending elements of traditional and modern metal into our music.  In a sense, we’ve built our own musical ‘Empire‘ over that time which is where the title comes from.

Empire_EPSelect two songs from Empire and what inspired the lyrics.
Monuments: Monuments has this one line that I’m really happy about, ‘We don’t follow a scene, we don’t follow a crowd, we follow our hearts, and for that I am proud’ That one line sums us up perfectly, every other band is doing constant breakdowns now, and we’ve deviated from what’s becoming the norm from our genre, we still enjoy doing breakdowns, but everything in moderation.

Empire: Sometimes when I write songs I like to take a story to base the lyrics on, and then throw in some personal things that are hidden within the lyrics. I had just finished reading all the Game of Thrones books when we were writing Empire, so I used that as a base for the song, then added all my little personal touches. It’s not obvious when you listen to the song what is based on Game Of Thrones and what is personal, and that’s what I like about the song. It requires some thought to break down lyrically.

Who did the artwork for Empire and how much input did you have on it?
The artwork for Empire was done by an amazing guy called Paul Wood from IthinkIdesign.  We came to him with the idea of a destroyed city showing slight hints of a zombie outbreak, but without going too overblown and having hundreds of zombies taking up all the artwork, and he nailed what we wanted on the head.  We had total input over what the artwork looked like, and he brought it to life.

What could one expect from a live Begin The Rapture show?
30 minutes of in your face metal and enough headbanging that anyone even watching it will sustain whiplash.

begintherapture3If Begin The Rapture could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Bullet For My Valentine. These guys were one of the soundtracks to our childhoods, and helped influence the music we still listen to today. It would be an incredible experience, plus I’ve always personally looked up to Matt Tuck so it would be surreal to share a stage with him.

Are you or any of the other members involved with any other bands outside of Begin The Rapture?
Our bassist Connor McFall has a Post-Hardcore project called Through My Words, but aside from that the rest of us all focus completely on Begin The Rapture.

The Queen of England invites Begin The Rapture to play a song for her and guests at a Royal Command Performance! What song would you play for Her Majesty and why?
I think we’d have to play Monuments. It’s our most ‘pop-friendly’ song, plus if we played Empire we may be accused of Treason!

What would you like someone to remember the most after hearing your music for the first time?
I’d like them to have a chorus stuck in their heads and not be able to think of any song other than that!

What’s up next for Begin The Rapture?
We’re planning on taking on as many dates around Scotland and possibly Northern England as we can while still writing new material.

Any final words of wisdom?
Don’t let your guitarist drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and then go on stage. We made that mistake once and it was messy!

Begin The Rapture is:
Conor Haining – Lead Vocals
Conor McCune – Lead Guitar
Ciaran Devine – Rhythm Guitar
Connor McFall – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ewan McLeod – Drums/Percussion

(Interview by Ken Morton)

Begin The Rapture on Facebook


Ready, Set, Fall: Sonic Destroyer of Worlds

Photo Credit: Riccardo Nebo Villani from NEBO Photo.

Photo Credit: Riccardo Nebo Villani from NEBO Photo.

Meet Ready, Set, Fall – a melodic death metal band from Italy whose sonic reveries will thrill the senses of music aficionados all across the Planet Earth.  Their debut release for the mighty Lifeforce Records is entitled Memento, a concept album that launches an adventure that is absolutely epic in scope.  We recently caught up with the Ready, Set, Fail collective to find out more about their ambitious Memento, their tours in Eastern Europe and Russia, staying in a haunted house while on the road in Italy, and other grand and glorious topics of interest.  Let our journey to the end of the world commence…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Ready, Set, Fall, and how long the band has been together.
Giovanni:  Hello everyone, I’m Giovanni and I play bass in Ready, Set, Fall since the beginning, in spring 2010. Chris (vocals), Frank (guitar) and me are the founding members, then we found the perfect replacements for our former guitarist and drummer in Francesco and Mark. After some months of writing and practicing, we met the producer Andrea Fusini who has been involved directly in the project.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Giovanni:  Our band is based in Genoa (north-west Italy) even if Marco lives in Turin, Andrea in Milan and me in Bari. Italian music scene is particularly interesting; you can find tons of mind-blowing bands, such as Destrage and Fleshgod Apocalypse, which gained the deserved visibility.

How did you wind up signing with Lifeforce Records?
Mark:  After some years spent recording our album and a lot of negotiations with some foreign labels, thanks to the great job of our manager Chris Klimek, we managed to talk with Stefan Luedicke, owner of Lifeforce Records, with whom we started a great collaboration!

Is there any story or concept behind the title Memento?
Frank:  Actually this is a concept album about society, human feelings, especially the worst ones. The main character of Memento is “The Fallen“, a god sent by other gods to destroy the Earth, because humanity has become a threat to the entire universe. The Fallen loves the Earth, but his mission is destroy it!

LFR138_500Select two songs from Memento and what inspired the lyrics.
Chris:  I choose Honor and Your Empire Strikes Back.  The story behind Honor is melancholic and forward-looking, the man behind this song has seen the end of the world with his own eyes, but even though his desperate attempts may seem convincing, the world instead reacts violently, denying the truth, expelling him from the society “wheel”. He’ll be forced to sadly stare at the world end, which he will sing for in Tidal Waves Could Save The World.

Your Empire Strikes Back is a revenge based song,  I’ve always loved revenge as one of the most pure and unbreakable human necessities. In this song, the main character suffers from a strong betrayal, and stares in the eye of his “friend” as he dies with the world’s end. Both will die, but the joy of a well-served revenge blinds the man, granting him a “happy” death. I have decided not to follow any common style in writing, putting my mind inside every background created by myself and into every singular character to give every single man a unique and remarkable character.

Who did the artwork for Memento and how much input did you have on it?
Francesco:  The artwork has been created by Meran Karanitat from “300 Design“. Meran managed to portray our idea completely, in other words he created an image which framed the whole concept behind “Memento” and he made a little piece of art, thanks to his extraordinary talent. We’ve been so glad of it!

What could one expect from a live Ready, Set, Fall show?
Frank:  When we play we put all our emotions on the stage, so you can expect a captivating show! We love playing live shows!

Has Ready, Set, Fall ever played here in the States or plan to do so in future days?
Giovanni:  Nope, we’ve never been in the US as a band, even if our guitarist Frank played there some shows with its former band. Doing a tour there would be such an incredible dream for us, because we have a lot of American fans who ask us to play there. We hope it will happen as soon as possible, if we had a teleport machine it would be way easier!

How did the tour through Eastern Europe and Russia go and what were some of the highlights?
Frank:  The Eastern Europe tour was a big surprise, all the venues where we played were full of people, and the crowd was absolutely amazing! The best locations were Moscow and St Petersbourg, really great venues. The Russian tour was very cold and very hard, the distance between some shows was very long, and we spent a lot of time in the van, but all of that was useful to us, to grow up as a band!

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Ready, Set, Fall show?
Chris:  There was this show in the southern part of Italy in a definitely haunted mansion, windows were opening and closing randomly, little toys were changing locations, and it hot and cold at the same time ha-ha, I got drunk that night, but hey, better drunk than haunted! Needless to say Giovanni hid in the darkness to prank Frank, it’s prolly that act that awakens the demons in the house!

If Ready, Set, Fall could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Francesco:  Please, please, Soilwork!!! They’ve been, and still are, one of our biggest inspirations!

What’s up next for Ready, Set, Fall?
Mark:  We have some shows here in Italy, also some cool festivals and we’re waiting for a promotional tour for “Memento“, we hope to play all over the world!

Any final words of wisdom?
Chris:  Well, if you are a musician, and you want to remain such, always make sure your dreams don’t fight with your real life, both sides are equal and are essential to each other, sometimes you must step aside your dreams for your real life, and vice versa, but don’t ever lose the dreaming ability, be humble and love what you do in every single second of it.

Ready, Set, Fall  is:
Christopher Volpi: Vocals
Frank Mossa: Guitar
Francesco Scaravelli: Guitar
Giovanni Santolla: Bass Guitar
Marco Pochettino: Drums

Ready, Set, Fall on Facebook
NEBO Photo Official Website


Assassins: Ready to Explode on the Sunset Strip

assassinspix1_375x281Assassins made their way into the wilds of Hollywood, performing a super intensive set of tunes culled from their debut album War Of Aggression on Good Fight/eOne Music.  The venue was the legendary Whisky on the Sunset Strip, in support of Carnifex on the Die Without Hope U.S. Tour.  We caught up with front man Todd Jansen prior to their set to discuss their dynamic songs, explosive live shows, life on the road, a cat named Paul Gray, and other combustible topics of interest. Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Assassins, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Todd Jansen, I am the vocalist for Assassins and we’ve been together since 2010.

How has this tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
The tour has been awesome! It’s been a real honor to be able to tour with some of these bands – especially Carnifex – they’ve been doing it forever so that’s like really cool. Some of the highlights – my favorite show on this tour so far has been Seattle – people there are so friendly – they seem like such loyal, diehard fans. I always like meeting people after we play – and talking to them and seeing what they liked and didn’t like about our set. Those people gave the most awesome responses, so it was cool to talk to them.

assassinspix2_375x281Where are you guys from and what is your local music scene like there?
We are from Detroit, Michigan – I guess you could say Metro Detroit – nobody actually lives in Detroit – but we’re all within maybe like a 20 mile radius of it. The local scene there is very interesting. There’s a band of every type in a local show of any kind of genre you could imagine on any given weekend. And it’s kind of cool, because you could go to a local show and maybe you could see a metal band and then maybe you’ll see a Southern rock kind of band and then maybe you’ll see a pop punk or rock and roll kind of band. You could see definitely different types of music everywhere. What’s really cool about the music scene is all the musicians around there are very versatile. I’ve seen dudes from hardcore bands, like beat down stuff, like real simplistic music go to like delay guitar pedal ambient rock stuff that’s something completely different. The Detroit scene is really cool – you could always hear some new sound coming from it.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title War Of Aggression?
Dennis actually came up with the name of the album. I ran through like 100 different titles and I hated all of them and I just couldn’t come up with it. He explained to me some reason and I can’t remember what it is for the life of me. But he did a lot of research into what all the titles of the tracks were and what I write about. He said this title would be a great fit and I said cool, I like it!

warofaggression1Select two songs from War Of Aggression and what inspired the lyrics.
Waking Up – I’ve always been a big believer that in this life you could literally do or create whatever you want to from nothing. Most of my band comes from nothing – we don’t have like very wealthy families. To be able to afford a tour and do that kind of stuff – you’ve got to make sacrifices. And a lot of the lyrics on the song are about waking up and taking control of your life. Everybody comes from vices and things – but if you really want to accomplish something, you really have to buckle yourself down and realize what your vices are – and either take a step back from them or find a way to moderate them to where you can achieve whatever goal it is that you’re trying to reach.

In God You Trust would be a good one – that one is a little bit political from my end about my beliefs in this country. I’m very patriotic and I do love my country and I’m in full support of our military – but I don’t necessarily agree with what the people in office are doing to take care of us, the people in this country. It’s kind of like one of those songs.

What was it like working with Chris of Like Moths To Flames on The United and have you ever performed that song with him live?
Yeah, we actually did a small tour with them – it was like 10 or so days back in December of 2012. And actually we’ve played shows with them locally when they would come through when they were touring off their EP – back when we didn’t even have an EP and we would open up their shows in Michigan. We’ve kind of known him and the rest of those guys for a long time. Working with him was cool actually – I just hit him,up and I was like, “Hey, man, would you like to do guest vocals?” Then we had to go through the proper channels of making it happen obviously. He was more than willing and he was awesome. The tour he was on at the time came through Michigan, so I picked him up at the venue and then we went to the studio and did it.

assassinspix3What could one expect from a live Assassins show tonight?
Emotion – a lot of it. We’re all pretty passionate about what we do – we’re all very happy and proud of where we come from. Especially being in a van for so many hours of the day sitting here – you really can’t get out and do anything. By the time we hit the stage, we’re all ready to explode. I would say emotional and explosive.

Any strange or scary happening while on the road or at a show?
The most that I could say is that I’ve seen some really weird looking people. I wish I had pictures to show you, because that would probably make it more interesting. Nothing too weird. We’re pretty low key dudes – we kind of just drive, and hang out, and do our thing. I don’t think we’ve toured enough to have any crazy experiences yet…

If Assassins could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
For me personally? Slipknot! Why? Cuz it’s Slipknot! I actually named my cat Paul Gray – after their bassist who passed away, because I was a fan of the band. My girlfriend at the time was like, “You want to name it after Paul from the Beatles?” And I was like “No – wrong Paul – we’ve got to get a metal Paul – so Paul Gray!” I’m not sure how much their fans maybe would or would not like us – I’d make a plaque for myself – it would be like “I opened up for Slipknot!” It would be such a cool experience!

If the music of Assassins was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
Oooh, that’s a good one – I don’t even eat donuts. You know what – actually I lied. We went to Voodoo – it would be the Oreo donut with the glazed frosting. Our guitarist Steve bought one of those and I had a bite and it was the most delicious donut – so I’m going to go with that one.

What’s up next for you guys after this tour is over?
We have some stuff that I unfortunately can’t talk about. But we are going to be filming a music video very soon and definitely a lot more touring. We plan on staying very active and very busy on the road for the next year – year and a half supporting this album. You’ll see a lot of us – we’ll be back in California.

You’re almost at the end of the tour now – I think you’ve got one more day to go. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home from this tour?
Hug my cat!

Hug Paul Gray?
Yes! I miss my cat! That and probably go to my parent’s house and get a home cooked meal.

And do you have any messages for people reading this who might want to check your band out?
Come see us at a show. Please come hang out with us at the merch table. Come meet us – come talk to us. I love meeting new fans and always talking to people and getting opinions on what they think of our band and our music and everything in general.

Assassins is Todd Jansen, Dennis Tuohey, Steven Taylor, Anthony Gaglio, and Victor Ordonez

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

Assassins on Facebook


Metal Inquisitor: True Legends from the Underground

metalinqint1_385xMetal Inquisitor from Germany unleash a heavy metal fury in the grand tradition of Priest and Maiden, while maintaining an instantly recognizable sound that is all their own!  From the superb musicianship to the triumphant vocals, the collective has been assaulting Europe with their artillery of heavy metal thunder since 1998. Their fourth full length magnum opus is entitled Ultima Ratio Regis, now available worldwide through the mighty Massacre Records!  Here is a recent interview we conducted with the various comrades of Metal Inquisitor to find out more about these true legends of the underground and their exhilarating new album!  They may not be known around the world yet, but judging by what’s heard within Ultima Ratio Regis, expect these guys to break through with a vengeance! Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Metal Inquisitor, and how long the band has been together.
Blumi: Metal Inquisitor was established in 1997 together with Tormentor of Desaster. First it was the plan to keep this project just small. But Tormentor said that he knew two guys, El Rojo and KronoS, for making the band complete. We have been lucky to find in the right moment the right people. In 2000 Tormentor couldn’t stay in the band anymore because of his main band Desaster so we found with Havoc the right successor and T.P. on the rhythm guitar made the band finally complete. In 2010 Cliff Bubenheim joined the band to take over the bass guitar-part.
T.P.: In 1998 the line-up of the Apparition-album played together in an eighties-metal-cover band. In the beginning, it was a project just for fun and we did not do it with the intention to play some shows or to earn money. But someone asked us to play a few songs at a garden party. Okay, why not? So we did it, and the resonance was so great and we had so much fun that we played more shows and had more rehearsals. When Tormentor left Metal Inquisitor, Havoc and I started with M.I. And the cover band has been buried. Up to now, it is the same line-up except the position on bass.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local metal scene like there?
Blumi: I remember back in the end of the 90′s, many True Metal Bands were coming up and it seemed to me, that the metal scene would develop in a direction which I can´t endure. In this way Metal Inquisitor was some kind of counter-movement to me. I wanted to show to the scene how metal should have to sound like. We formed at the same time a Metal-Club “Hellbangers Moselfranken” in our area. Such typical Metal-Clubs have a long tradition in Germany and are still very common here. Right out of this Metal-Club other Bands like Desaster, Nocturnal and some others emerged as well.

How did you wind up signing with Massacre Records?
Blumi: We had contacts to different labels already two years ago. It was initially not easy to find the right label for us but ultimately Massacre Records has made the best deal for us. One can summarize it and say that they wanted us the most.

ultimaint1Is there any story or concept behind the title Ultima Ratio Regis?
El Rojo: The Latin sentence “Ultima Ratio Regis” was marked in the Prussian guns of the 18th & 19th Century. Translated it means something like: The extreme, the last possibility of the king, the ultimate weapon of the King. It should be less a threat than a warning: If this instrument is used, it can be controlled very little. And it is possible that the result is not within the meaning of the king – wars can topple kings! Today, such an inscription would be superfluous, since nuclear missiles end it all: A fallen King would be the lesser evil here! But the warning “Don´t use incontrollable toys” is still actual to every politician….

Select two songs from Ultima Ratio Regis and what inspired the lyrics.
El Rojo: “Death on Demand“: The song is about “World War One” and of the hell of “trench warfare”. It must have been unimaginabley terrible to endure such things. Since start of the First World War 100 years ago, this theme has currently a highly topical again. I think it’s always interesting to concern myself with the question “How does a war start” and why people endure such a hell: Why do not ALL Soldiers say ” F*** you, I ‘m going home “!?
Servant of State“: This is about the youth of “Frederick the Great“, which is well known because he made Prussia a major power – while paying the price of a permanent warfare course. Less well known is that he was a rebel in his youth and wanted to escape from the “hard school” of the father. In his escape, he was caught and then he had to watch as his best friend was shot. As an “educational measure” of the Father! That something leaves a deep disturbance of the soul stands by itself, doesn´t it?

Who did the artwork for Ultima Ratio Regis and how much input did you have on it?
T.P.: Dimitar Nikolov did again the artwork. He already painted the Absolution-cover and we like his style. We told him the title of the album and asked him to convert it into a painting. Then he sent us two designs and we could choose which one should be use for the album.

What could one expect from a live Metal Inquisitor show?
T.P.: For me personally, the shows are like a heavy-metal-party. We don`t have any spectacular effects. We let the music talk. You can expect a lot of passion, beer and sweat…
Havoc: There is a simple metal show. Real guitars, real drums … pure heavy metal. No hardcore shit.

metalinqlive1_385xWhat was the experience like playing Wacken and how do you prefer the big festivals or club shows?
T.P.: Playing big shows are so different to club-shows. At a big festival, we are a small unknown band, and mostly we get to feel it. Of course that`s not nice, but on stage, the crew always works professional. Sometimes we had bad luck and the monitor-man was an ignorant asshole. But the energy of a big crowd in front of the stage you can feel is incredible. Club shows are more personal. People who come to such shows are mostly close and well-known with the band and their songs. That is more like a party.
Havoc: Big festivals are very cool because you have a mega sound –  in small clubs, the atmosphere is better. We celebrate together and living metal. We can play some special songs exclusively. Here come the fans who want to see and hear us. I find it better and more beautiful.

Has Metal Inquisitor ever played here in the States or plan to do so in future days? If so, what was the experience like?
Blumi: We have since many years the idea to tour in the U.S.A. but unfortunately Metal Inquisitor has been not known enough to realize this in the past. But it has for us but a very high priority to implement this plan in the future! We are currently in contact with an organizer and think about to make it in 2015.

When you look back on your earlier albums such as The Apparition and Doomsday For The Heretic, what do you think of them now?  Speaking of Doomsday For The Heretic, has anyone in Judas Priest ever heard or commented on your Invader cover?
Blumi: On our first album “The Apparition” we have approached quite at ease to the music. I think that this can also be heard in the songs as they come along somehow freely. On “Doomsday for the Heretic” we wanted to create more serious songs and have focused on less melodies. For sure the first two albums are the favorites among our fans. Surprisingly, no one has commented on “Invader” in the past. Rather to “Twardy jak skjala” from ”The Apparition”… this song is a real hit.

If Metal Inquisitor could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
T.P.: Lets would choose the classic: Iron Maiden!

What’s up next for Metal Inquisitor?
T.P.: We will play some club shows and festivals in Germany and Japan and in between we collect ideas for new songs. Time runs quickly…
Havoc: We play a few concerts. Even in Japan. Let’s see what else happened. But we still want to play in America in the future necessarily.

Metal Inquisitor is:
Blumi – Lead Guitar
T.P. – Guitar
El Rojo – Vocals
Havoc – Drums
Cliff Bubenheim – Bass

(Interview by Ken Morton)

Metal Inquisitor on Facebook


Picture Perfect: Breaking Out of Jersey

pictureperfect2014_1_385x278Picture Perfect create their own brand of American punk rock, filled with reflective observations and life lessons experienced the hard way. Alternating between super infectious pop punk (such as Off The Grid and Voodoo) and introspective acoustic pieces (Dead Days and Decompose), their debut full-lengther Rose is a highly emotional, cathartic collection of tunes that music fans of all ages will surely appreciate.  The album is being released through Mutant League Records, and its destined to break these talented musicians out of their home state of New Jersey in a big and glorious way!  Here is a recent interview we conducted with Picture Perfect to find out more about this exciting band on the rise and their insightful new album.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Picture Perfect, and how long the band has been together.
Well, we started back in 2011 but the line up has changed around quiet a few times. We’re a five piece now and we’ve reached the point were we feel confident in the current members.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Compared to most of the country our music scene is pretty good! It has its ups and downs of course. New Jersey has a large hardcore scene which has definitely influenced a lot of pop punk bands as well. So there are plenty of great bands from this area but we’d definitely recommend listening to our friends Losing Streak and another band we’ve played a bunch with called Ampersand.

How did you wind up signing with Mutant League Records?
Well, we started writing new material and we wanted to make sure that our next album would be released under the right label. So we did some searching and we came across Mutant League, a label that we all were familiar with. We got in contact with them and right away we knew they were the guys to work with! They work hard and so do we.

PicturePerfectRoseIs there any story or concept behind the CD title Rose?
Absolutely! When we sat down and realized that it was time to write a full length, we wanted to find a topic that hit common ground between us. This release deals with everything from our reflection on society to simply getting older, topics that our audience can relate to. The last line of the album is “Wither like a rose” that is specifically where we got the album title from.

What inspired the lyrics to your single Voodoo?
Voodoo is about how everyone tells me things will get better, but no matter what they say, I’ll always be stuck in a rut. “Happiness is only a loan cause every time it comes, it goes.” -Pete

Select any other Picture Perfect song and what inspired the lyrics.
Well, our song Everyone and Everything that we released a video for back in September, is very in depth as far as lyrics go. that song was written right after our line up change and it dealt with a lot of frustrating topics. It was the first song we wrote together as a new band and it marks change in all of our lives.

What could one expect from a live Picture Perfect show?
A lot of cursing, profanity, rowdiness, good crowd reaction, and possibly a dildo or two. Someone brought an inflatable sex doll to a show recently so that was cool! but over all we try our best to put on a show.

Has Picture Perfect ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in future days?
We’re actually going to be in that area on our Spring tour! its our first full us tour so were really excited.

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Picture Perfect show?
Well, growing up and playing shows in Jersey and around the Tri-state area means were used to playing some bad neighborhoods as well as getting in weird encounters but we’ve never ran into anything too crazy. Actually I think one of the old members was held at gun point during a set but hey that’s just tour.

Has Picture Perfect ever played Warped Tour, and if so, what was the experience like?
No, but we’d love to!

If Picture Perfect could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
There’s so many bands we’d love to play with! Any of the bigger pop punk or hardcore bands that are around now would be ideal. of course we would have loved to open for Blink or Sum 41 back in the day!

Your vocalist Pete Zengerle also has a solo album out. How does this music differ from Picture Perfect?
Well this recent album is a collaboration between us all. There are bits and pieces of each of us involved in the writing. Pete’s solo album is a perfect representation of his writing style and capabilities. Its really great work, definitely check it out! -Sterling

What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing the music of Picture Perfect for the first time?
Its the sum of our hard work and its reflective of each one of us. We hope you hear the same message we tried our best to portray!

What’s up next for Picture Perfect?
Full US tour as well as a new album along with several new music videos and MUCH more!

Any final words of wisdom?
If you come to our shows watch out for flying dildos and a merch guy in a pig suit. Oh and Warped Tour put us on your line up!

Picture Perfect is:
Pete Zengerle
Sterling Drake
Bill Cardella
Montana Voegtlin
Carl Schulz

(Interview by Ken Morton)

Picture Perfect on Facebook
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Reviver: Inspiring Post Hardcore from the City of Angels

reviver1Reviver is based out of the legendary Los Angeles music scene, and they are just beginning to make an impact within the City of Angels and beyond.  On the post hardcore side of the spectum, Reviver recently issued their Self-Titled debut EP.  A dymanic collection of songs produced by none other than Daniel Castleman at the famed Lambesis Studios, tracks such as Primer and Wanderer are destined to leave a lasting impression on all whom encounter their inspiring reveries.  Here is an interview we recently conducted with the Reviver collective to find out more about this band on the rise!  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Reviver, and how long the band has been together.
Alex Parker: I’m Alex Parker, my job in Reviver is clean vocals. The band “technically” started a little over a year ago, but we have been an actual full band since the summer of 2013.

What do you think of the local Los Angeles music scene and how does Reviver fit into the scheme of things?
Paul Abrahamian: I honestly think the Los Angeles music scene is filled with tons of extremely talented musicians who have the potential to make it big. Unfortunately, I feel as if there is no drive for the LA locals to come support and bump up their home town bands to the next level. Unless you’re playing a show with a popular act that comes with selling pre-sale tickets, it comes close to pulling teeth. Fortunately for REVIVER, we have been receiving incredible support from our fans, friends, and family. There’s no better feeling than knowing that there are plenty of people right behind you, pushing you along the way.

reviver2What was the experience like working on your EP with Daniel Castleman and Lambesis Studios?
Rane Matthew: It was great! Daniel Castleman proved yet again to be an excellent engineer and producer. Constantly pushed us to work harder and harder, offered priceless input and experience, and also helped flesh out the ideas we were already working with. Lambesis Studios itself was a great environment to be in. Absolutely professional, well equipped, and well staffed. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. We’re happy to say that after the experience, Daniel remains a great friend of ours and we’ll definitely be working with him again the future.

What is the story or concept behind your song Primer?
Alex Parker: Primer is personally one of my favorite songs. Lyrically it hits closer to home than some of the other tracks. The EP overall is mainly about the struggle of doing what you love. For us that is music. The chorus essentially highlights how there have been many people in our lives telling us to live in a methodical fashion that is mundane to our perception of life. Being clouded by that judgement can cause a negative burden that lives with you, eating you inside out. The fact of the matter is now that we are doing something genuine, people are noticing and now are changing their minds about us. These people always tend to come back with apologies and a motive. But all these people seem to forget one thing, which is we are doing this with or with out their support and have become better people because of it. We believe in staying true to ourselves and having Primer introduce the EP was an obvious choice.

reviverep1Select two other Reviver songs and what inspired the lyrics.
Jon Halabe: Here & Now is simply about recognizing each person’s true potential. It seems that it’s more common for people to put each other down instead of working together to build each other up. The thought of what humanity could be if we focused more on uniting together to improve rather than to criticize is what greatly inspired the song.

Wanderer is about when you want something so badly that it can’t leave your mind. The thought of not working towards that goal is physically sickening. When you get to that point where you feel like you’re about to give up, you realize how realistic the goal is. You remember why you’ve been working so hard the whole time, and suddenly the fire inside you is reignited.

Who did the artwork for the EP and how much input did you have on it?
Alex Parker: The artwork was done by Planbee Designs. Our guitarist Anthony actually conceptualized the idea for the lighthouse. We were sending ideas back and forth until we were happy with the final product.

How close is Reviver to recording another EP or full length album?
Jon Halabe: Reviver is currently in the process of writing our second EP, which should be complete within the coming months. We’re working really hard to bring new ideas and powerful music to the fans. We’re very excited and cannot wait to for it to debut.

What could one expect from a live Reviver show?
Paul Abrahamian: Due to the fact that everyone’s expectations are different, it’s a little bit difficult to answer that question. All we can tell you is that you can expect to see six committed musicians who love performing, are passionate in what they do, go nuts on stage, and are having a hell of a lot of fun.

reviver3Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Reviver show?
Alex Parker: A few months back, we booked a show at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park. We were headlining the show and when we got on stage to set up for our performance, everything started to go wrong. Anthony’s guitar stopped working and our backing tracks stopped working. While this was all going down, I left the venue to go home to get some things to help resolve the situation. The problem with that was, no one knew I left to do so. No one could find me at the venue so they started worrying even more that I had up and left for some random reason. Mean while Anthony borrowed a guitar from a previous act and then I finally showed up. We got everything working and the show went on flawlessly. I will say there was a moment of panic though.

If Reviver could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Rane Matthew: We’ve been fortunate enough to have already shared the stage with bands that we highly respect; I See Stars, Confide, and Dayseeker. Other bands that we would love to open up for include The Devil Wears Prada, Like Moths To Flames, and Fit For A King. They’ve all played a big role not only in our lives, but in our passion for music. Sharing the stage with them would be an honor for us.

reviver4What’s up next for Reviver?
Antonio Ocegueda: What’s next is we are in the works of our second EP, which we hopefully we’ll have finished by the summer. We also will be shooting a music as well to go along with the first single we drop. If we are able too, we would like to tour, but that is more on the back burner. There are a few other things going on that we can’t really talk about but will reveal themselves soon. Overall we have a lot of new things happening which will all unravel sometime this summer.

Any final words of wisdom?
Alex Parker: The overall message we like to convey, is not to give up. A lot of people start bands thinking it is easy. They will write their first EP, play a few shows and then just sort of stop working after that. This is a process that is continually growing and shifting. You have to make serious sacrifices in order to do this and to be honest, none of them are easy. I wish more people would understand that even though you can be in a band with your best friends, you still can disagree with one another and be adamantly defeated. But you have to put your ego aside and look at the bigger picture. We believe we are doing this for a greater good and if we can inspire one fan at a show, then we did our job. While we still have a lot to achieve, we need more people like this who understand how not giving up can inspire hope in others and most importantly yourself.

Reviver is:
Rane Matthew – Vocals
Alex Parker – Clean Vocals
Anthony Dal Porto – Guitar
Paul Abrahamian – Guitar
Jonathan Halabe – Bass
Antonio Ocegueda – Drums

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

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Enter The Dark Realm of Aypheros

aypheros1_375xBased out of Santiago, Chile. the mighty collective known as Aypheros unleashes exhilarating Black Metal of the highest order.  Their latest masterwork is entitled Ascendet Novissima Tua, an epic of darkness and intrigue now available worldwide via PRC Music.  Expect metal fans all over this dying to be thoroughly enraptured when encounter the grim manifestos within the realm of Aypheros.  Presented is an interview we recently conducted with guitarist / vocalist Haizum to unlock the vast mysteries of the Aypheros experience.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Aypheros, and how long the band has been together.
Hello, us as a band don’t have any goals cause that limits our wisdom, just we value what we achieved, as musician and also as people, but we think about doing everything in ascension, grow and equilibrate our imagination so that we can put in our music. Aypheros has been 4 years with our current formation, before that were just alone composition.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local metal scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We are from the capitol of Chile and there exists an excellent metal scene.  The bands put their 100% to get something of quality, is very difficult to grow up as a musician and more than if you compose metal.  But that’s not an impediment to us, till now this is growing every day more and I feel proud of what has been done on my country and to where we achieved as musician. If I would recommend bands I will run out of sheets to describe but I will give some personal opinions: Blasart, Denying Mazarene, Orategod, Siakel, Intenebras, Unhallowed, Dominus Xul, Animus Mortis, Swarm of Hatred, Trimegisto… And many more,..

How did you wind up signing with PRC Music?
PRC MUSIC contacted us though mails, to know a bit more of us, we had our album “Ascendet novissima Tua” just recorded and offered to work with them when they heard our record, which we agreed the terms and we found an incredible proposal and a very good opportunity, we give eternal thanks to PRC MUSIC.

ascendet1Is there any story or concept behind the title Ascendet Novissima Tua?
Our real intention when we decided the name was something deeper, the year 2013 was a year full of opportunities and we had to destroy so we could construct then we were constantly bounded to misery. The title means “To Ascend to your last death”.  It is our spiritual awaken on a new creation and transmutate everything accord our will. Is something similar to “Solve et coagula” that seems reflected on the artwork. It’s an unique secret all our world which takes us to a long story about how everything was planned for this album and can see the black light, so I can only say this in order you can understand a little. If you want to know more I invite you to read our lyrics that are on this record and you can figure out your own conclusions.

Select two songs from Ascendet Novissima Tua and what inspired the lyrics.
What a hard question, we like all the songs, but the song Shemhamphorash was the trigger of everything that comes after, and the second song I will choose taken as a base the words of the fans: “Ascension to kether”. To my opinion all the tracks have something very interesting to show, so I invite you to listen the entire album and to take this work as should be.

Who did the artwork for Ascendet Novissima Tua and how much input did you have on it?
The front was drawn a great friend, Marcelo Hurtado and I’ve made the post work (Haizum) finishing the rest of the artwork. So it was 100% designed by AYPHEROS giving a real magickal intention from the most deep of our essence.

What could one expect from a live Aypheros show?
We offer a show of quality, expressing a real interest on the occult world, with an universe of symbols and sigils, but our sigils are completely ritualized and aren’t just simple drawings as I’ve seen on other bands, that makes you enter on a dark world, awaken the pure extasis from the people.

Has Aypheros ever played here in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in future days?
Ugh.. how much we want to travel with our band outside our country, but we haven’t got the chance yet, we hope in our future do that and show the best we know to do, which is BLACK METAL!!

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Aypheros show?
Yes, we constantly are exposed to external change of our lives, which that makes us stronger and full our energy, so we can vomit our hate and disharmony on the world. More details are left to us; silence is a power that it should be contemplated…

If Aypheros could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
It would be incredible to open every Death and Black metal band that steps on our land, for my part (Haizum), would be amazing to see EMPEROR, Argh!! Nothing more rewarding that the great bands see what you make.

Are you or any of the other members involved with any other bands outside of Aypheros?
That’s true, Haizum has a Black Death metal band called BLASART which they’re releasing their new production, so as also Tormentor has UNHALLOWED. Every musician member of AYPHEROS has their own well defined paths what makes that fantastic, cause that way they exist on a greater world which have to show much more musically…

What’s up next for Aypheros?
We are on contact with some producers to launch our album alive, this year we want to show us to the public the most we can, to be listened til the last broken star on the universe, That’s our will.

Any final words of wisdom?
While the mysticism is radically worried to follow the power of the light or the dark, the magician aspires to execute the one against the other. The mage aspires to become one center of creation and destruction by itself, a living manifestation outside Chaos inside the realm of duality, a microcosm by itself, A GOD!

Aypheros is:
Haizum – Guitar and Vocals
Zurth – Guitar
Tormentor – Bass and Chorus
Berith – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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Making Friends with Cheetah Chrome

(Photo by Anna O'Connor)

(Photo by Anna O’Connor)

The name Cheetah Chrome should be familiar to all those who revere punk rock, those DIY kids that made a statement more with their music and attitude than with loads of record label money.  After playing with proto-punk band Rocket From The Tombs fronted by David Thomas, in Cleveland, Ohio, Chrome moved to New York, NY and started The Dead Boys with Stiv Bators and former members of RFTT, often playing CBGB’s.  After breaking up The Dead Boys in 1979 Chrome performed as Cheetah Chrome and the Casualties and in the early 00′s, after the release of live from 1975 album The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs reunited with David Thomas for two tours as Rocket From The Tombs. Most recently Chrome has become the head of A&R for his hometown Nashville label Plowboy Records and released Solo, an EP of previously unheard music from two recording sessions in the past two decades.

Your first solo album was recently released.  Why was this the right time to put out something under your own name after such a full career?
Well, a couple of things combined to make it a good time. I had acquired the master tapes to the 1996 sessions in Woodstock from Lisa Kristal, and had them mixed and sitting there next to the Batusis stuff we’d recorded for Smogveil; it didn’t look like either would be released anytime soon. When I became A&R for Plowboy, the conditions were finally where I could be in control of the situation, since (Plowboy president and grandson of Eddy Arnold) Shannon Pollard and I are right on the same page as far as how records should be done and marketed, and how artists should be treated. Then the CBGB movie created another incentive to get something out to a new audience.You’ve worked with so many talented people: David Thomas, Nico, Texas Terri, Sylvain Sylvain, members of the Blackhearts,  Mike Hudson of the Pagans as well as been a member of Rocket From The Tombs and The Dead Boys.  Can you give us a reason you decided to work with one or two people in your career? How did you meet or learn about them?
Generally I’m friends with the people anyway – playing together comes as a natural extension of that. Accidentally running into Thommy Price at LaGuardia Airport led to my shows with the Blackhearts; Mike Hudson and I were hanging around together all of the time anyway, he got some free studio time and in we went. It just sort of organically falls together.

Will you be doing more work with your musician friends in the future?  
Well, since all I do is play and run a label, I would hope so – I’ll be working the drive thru if I don’t!

Plowboy Records founders at RCA Studio B, Nashville: (L-R) Don Cusic, Shannon Pollard,  Cheetah Chrome. (Credit: Anna O’Connor)

Plowboy Records founders at RCA Studio B, Nashville: (L-R) Don Cusic, Shannon Pollard,
Cheetah Chrome. (Credit: Anna O’Connor)

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?
I’ve always wanted to do something with Jon Wahl from Clawhammer. They’re one of my favorite bands, and I think that could be pretty fuckin cool! We’ve talked about it, think it might just happen.

You’re currently working as A&R for Plowboy Records.  I interviewed JD Wilkes from the Dirt Daubers (and Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers) and they played an excellent set of bluesy roots rock.  What criteria are you looking for in a band/artist to sign to the label?
We have to like them, mainly. And they have to be real artists, not flash in the pan wannabes. We aren’t about gimmicks. Music is definitely our thing, and we all have very different tastes. Shannon is a lot more open minded and kind than I am; I’m the house curmudgeon and devil’s advocate who thinks most bands suck. Don Cusic is old school, knows the Row and everybody on it. Thing is, we can all sit down, listen to something, and know that its good, without letting our personal tastes interfere. None of our bands suck, btw…..

How did you connect with the label and the people working there?
I met Shannon Pollard through our children, they go to school together. We first met at his daughter’s birthday party! He and Don had been throwing the idea of a label around for a couple of years.

When you were putting together the Eddy Arnold tribute were you surprised at the talented people that wanted to contribute?  
No, we pretty much made up a wish list and contacted the people on it. The list kept changing and revising itself for the most part, as a lot of people we wanted either couldn’t or weren’t interested or whatever. We didn’t just put out a call for artists, as we were trying to avoid the usual suspects.

What is a memory from the tribute sessions?
One of my favorite sessions began when we were listening to the playback of the  Drivin’n’ Cryin track Wreck Of the Old ‘97, at RCA Studio B, which was cool enough in itself. I said to Don, “Man, a harp would sound great on this!” and he answered “Want me to call Charlie McCoy?” I was like“You can get Charlie McCoy? Hell YES!!” So the next day I get a call from Don, Charlie will be at the studio at 7pm. And that night I found myself alone with the engineer, producing an overdub session with Charlie McCoy at RCA Studio B. I realized that I was neck deep in the Nashville music biz right then, and I loved it!

Cheetah solo coverWhat song, band, person set you on the path to music and what has kept you going at it all these years?  
Seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan got me started, but too many great artists to mention have inspired me to keep going.

Like Eddy Arnold, will you be playing music at 95?
Well, Eddy actually only went until he was 81, I might make that. At least the slow stuff….

I want a cool rock’n’roll name like Iggy Pop or Cheetah Chrome.  What is your formula for first and last name that I can replicate for others in the same way you got your name.
Well, you take a teenager, get him stoned on various drugs and drink for an extended period (2-4 years), he’ll come up with something….

Cheetah Chrome is on a short tour of California with Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs this April.

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Cheetah on CBGB’s


Years Since the Storm: Raging Shelters

YearsSincetheStorm1_375xYears Since the Storm combines metalcore with a decidedly nu-metal edge, and the results are astonishing!  Raging out of Central New England, the collective recently signed with Artery Recordings, and has unleashed Hopeless Shelter upon a world at large.

Here is a recent interview we conducted with vocalist Donnie Andrich to find out more about this dynamic band on the rise, their compelling new album, working with Artery, Vans Warped Tour appearances, and other thunderous topics of interest.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Years Since the Storm, and how long the band has been together?
What’s up everyone! I’m Donnie Andrich and I am the vocalist of the band Years Since the Storm! YStS has been a band since September of 2008.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Years Since the Storm is based out of Holyoke, MA and the scene is pretty decent here actually. The shows here do really well. The Waterfront is kind of the go to place for local and smaller touring bands. You’ll always have a good time! As far as local bands go I would suggest checking out With Eyes Like Mine, Limitless and Vena Amoris! Those bands have definitely built up a reputation around here and I personally think everyone should check these bands out!

How did you wind up signing with Artery Recordings?
We wouldn’t be with Artery if it wasn’t for our managers Scott Lee and Leah Urbano over at Crimson Management! They helped us shop out to labels and Artery was really interested in our sound and so they decided to take us on! We are very happy with our signing. They are doing big things for us so it was the right choice.

Is there any story or concept behind the title Hopeless Shelter?
The last year of our lives, both as a band and individually, has been easily the toughest year to date. Mentally, we were all in a pretty dark state while writing this album, and so when Snapper came up with “Hopeless Shelter” it just seemed like a no brainer. We all have a Hopeless Shelter inside of our heads.

hopelessshelter1Select two songs from Hopeless Shelter and what inspired the lyrics.
I’m gonna go ahead and have our drummer Kyle answer this question because he was the main lyricist for this album.

Kyle: The second track on the album and our second single, (Sin)ical, was written at a time in which I was noticing a lot of the extremely hypocritical actions that take place among different religions, specifically Christianity. I won’t go into detail, but I find the entire system to be corrupt and disgusting. Religion is a disease and all I wanted to do in this song was to voice my belief on that. Some of the more unique and intriguing lyrics on Hopeless Shelter occur on track number six, Guilty Pleasures. I’ve been at low points in my life in which I’ve been nothing but hurt and let down by people that mean a lot to me. After so many times of that happening, you tend to shut down emotionally and not be able to feel anything anymore. This song is essentially about sex being the only thing that makes you feel alive, or feel anything at all for that matter. I wanted it to be raw, and get straight to the point. Also, I love how the lyrics and vocals reach a sort of “climax” at the end of the song. I thought that was really cool.

Who did the artwork for Hopeless Shelter and how much input did you have on it?
Snapper came up with the concept for the cover of Hopeless Shelter, and then Mike Milford and Sam Shepard from Artery created the artwork itself. We had a pretty high level of input on the artwork and it came out just how we had envisioned it to.

What could one expect from a live Years Since The Storm show?
If you go to one of our shows we will definitely play our hearts out for you and you will get your money’s worth! We are very energetic and we always go 150% towards giving our fans a good time! Plus we are very friendly so you can come up to us and talk to us and hang out! We love interacting with our fans and we also love meeting new fans!

What was the experience like playing Warped Tour and how many dates did you play? Any chance you’ll be playing Warped this year?
We’ve actually played Warped Tour 2 times so far! We played Hartford, CT in 2012 and Mansfield, MA in 2013 and both experiences were amazing! We had a huge crowd watch us both times and it was just so unreal! As far as I know we won’t be playing the whole tour but we may play the Mansfield or Hartford dates again this year so keep a look out!

Has Years Since The Storm ever played here in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in future days?
We have never played in California at all yet! It’s been a dream of ours to hit Cali and we definitely plan on doing so a couple of times in 2014 so be on the lookout for future tour dates!

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Years Since The Storm show?
We’ve actually had a scary incident happen back in 2013. We were heading home from playing The Jamboree in Toledo, Ohio and while we were driving, our trailer tire shredded and we had no idea until a driver flagged us down and was yelling out their window. So we pulled over and found out that we destroyed the whole rim because we were driving on it for awhile. We were very fortunate that nothing devastating happened because things could have gone way worse. So we got really lucky!

If Years Since The Storm could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
If Years Since the Storm could open for any band it would definitely be Slipknot and my other band mates would say the same thing. Reason why is because Slipknot was a very big influence on the album and also Slipknot is one of the biggest heavy metal bands out there! So having an opportunity like that would be the best thing ever!

What’s up next for Years Since The Storm?
Well we just released Hopeless Shelter and so now what we plan on doing is constantly tour the U.S. And then hopefully head over seas as soon as possible and then write our next album!

Any final words of wisdom?
When on tour bring a shit ton of clean socks & boxers…and baby wipes are your best friend in the world. Aside from that, please pick up Hopeless Shelter. We all worked our asses off on it and would love to share it with the world!

Years Since the Storm is:
Donnie Andrich
Kyle Wesolowski
Eric Snapper
Colin McEachern
Troy Wilson

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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Get Busy Living: Pop Punk Revolution

Photo Credit: Andrew Shepherd

Photo Credit: Andrew Shepherd

Meet Get Busy Living, a dynamic up-and-coming band from Kansas City, MO – ready and willing to bring the pop punk revolution to your town.  Their latest recording is entitled All Good Memories Fade, a collection of wondrously infectious tunes that will remain in your head for ages.   We recently had a chance to speak with vocalist Chase Petersen to find out more about this collective ready to launch into the big leagues.  Read on and find out more about their new EP, rousing live shows, groovin’ cover of Lil Wayne’s Lollipop, and other topics of interest.,,

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Get Busy Living, and how long the band has been together.

My name is Chase Petersen.  I play guitar and sing lead vocals, the band has been together since 2008.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We are based out of the Kansas City area. The scene is good here but not much of a pop punk scene so it makes it a little hard for bands like us. Some good bands are The Strive, The Dead Girls, Conflicts, Beautiful Bodies, Sweet Accent and the list goes on.

Is there any story or concept behind the EP title All Good Memories Fade?
Not really either, just that we knew we had to make a record that could get us real exposure. We wanted it to be good enough for radio and the pop punk kids all over.

All Good Memories FadeSelect two songs from All Good Memories Fade and what inspired the lyrics.
The Last Five Years is a song I wrote about my 4 1/2 year relationship coming to a terrible end finding out she was cheating on me and catching the guy leaving the apartment, if you listen to the words you can hear exactly what I mean. Revolution Summer is more about taking on what comes at you and if you will be able to be a man and make a change and do what you want.

What made you decide to cover Lollipop and has Lil Wayne heard or commented on it?
We have been playing Lollipop for years now and just last fall decided to record it, I hope Lil Wayne will hear it someday haha, if you know of a way then send it to him!!

What could one expect from a live Get Busy Living show?
We talk to the crowd and make them laugh and feel comfortable, then bring high energy, jumping and getting the crowd involved. Maybe a few jokes, but mostly a very solid set, people have told us for years that we are “very tight” we don’t break rhythm. We are just goofy with the fans and talk to anyone.

Has Get Busy Living ever played here in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in future days?
Yes back in 2010 as our old band Kiss and Tell we played at The Viper Room. We do plan on coming back very soon.

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Get Busy Living show?
Well on our trip to SXSW this year our trailer tire blew out. I myself fell face first on stage haha.

If Get Busy Living could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
We would love to open for A Day To Remember and reason being because they blew up the scene one year after we started and the influence they gave me personally was insane.  I don’t want to be like them but I want to be as successful or more.  As for a band in the past probably Motley Crue or AC/DC - they were amazing live and had one hell of a time doing it.

What other bands were you all in prior to joining forces with Get Busy Living?
Our drummer Jonny was in Addictive Behavior for many years, I was in about 3 different bands in high school and right after I graduated, Jeff and Brandon played in 3 bands together as well.

How close is Get Busy Living to writing and recording a full length?
Our next record is going to be a full length. This one was our 4th record so this next one we will take our time and make it right, we are thinking of teaming up with Chris Grainger from Nashville and keeping our current producer Kevin Gates from Springfield , MO on it as well.

What’s up next for Get Busy Living?
We have a good number of shows booked right now into the summer.  We are working on landing spots on Festivals all over the country. Planning on doing runs with Sumerlin, Lion In The Mane and any other up and coming band that can further our career.

Any final words of wisdom?
Nothing good in this industry is gunna come easy so be prepared to put your head down low and enjoy the ride.  It may suck at times but if you want it bad enough it will happen.  As for me this is all I want it life.  I’m never giving up until i die. The world will know us before we are dead and gone.

Get Busy Living is: Chase Petersen, Brennan Pitman, Jonny Welch, Jeff Hilty

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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