1. SUPER by Pet Shop Boys on X2 Recordings
They always seem to find new beats and fun up lifts. This time around I could only find just one song out of 12 that I couldn’t play or listen to. Pop culture definitely is the theme and finding its newer audience in the young youth of today it met with ease. Catchy tunes with not to deep lyrics. This is easy listening but moving you around through glides of musical endowments of good energy. A real treat this one is for sure.

2. GET UP by Bryan Adams on Universal Music Enterprises
This is a good solid rocker with a slight pop to it. Again at the ripe age of 50 this guitarist and song writer has found his great touch yet again. Commercial yet heart felt this Canadian swoons with flair and talent in guitar playing and chord structure to get you to hum along or to tap your feet with this new release.

3. LIGHTS IN THE DARK by Sister Hazel on Croakin’ Poet Records
A country pop record that’s really original and good. This band took a while to earn my graces and I have been a hard critic of them due to a miss representation of a song that really was a Tom Petty song for Carla Olsen’s. However, that’s years ago. Now all of a sudden a good record has shown up through them. Lead vocalist Ken Block has some friendly tracks here that should get them radio attention again. Karaoke Song a define delight amongst the others but even the rest are great too. This surprised me hope it does the same for you.

4. CLOWN’S LOUNGE by Enuff Z’Nuff on Frontiers Records
Mostly known for fun enthusiastic rock pop gems, the band doesn’t disappoint here on this long awaited self-release. This band seems to pull you into guitar melodic cleverness with it’s fun bass lines thrown into the bands great vocal harmonies to remind you how catchy they still are. This proves you can still age in rock soft spots and still have a real good time even if its like Cheap Trick or The Sweat still playing small venues on The Sunset Strip while touring. This band keeps it real close to it’s fans by still performing in local clubs they are a must see just for the plain fun of it. With such new tunes as Back In Time, Dog On A Bone and Runaway might not find any airwaves, but you going to be filled with great tingles of excitement that’s uncontainable though out your listening ears of these at least. All together though there are 12 delights for you on this release to enjoy easily.

5. CLIMATE OF FEAR by B – Movie on Cleopatra Records
Not that we needed reminding of their past alternative hit Nowhere Girl but it’s been a long time in the waiting to hear new songs from this European alternative electronic pop band. Oh there’s still some guitars playing and good bass drum beats that are still apparent though the new release. It’s more on the pop easier side that what you might have expected. It’s kind of has dance elements scattered in and out of the new songs too. So it keeps you beating along but it’s a smoother ride and not as bumpier jilted alternative guitar harsh roughness but some to the edges once in a while. This means the guitars are not so predominant forward but rather mixed in better to the groovier electronics from the band this time around. This CD is a simple but fun record in a catchy way that draws you nearer to the whole music in general. Definitely a very unique CD to say the least.

6. Stories for Monday By The Summer Set on Fearless Records
Pop alternative is here that catches air waves and ears alike that are humbled to the pleasures that this band releases. Simple guitar hooks mixed with jump infected beats that get you moving in a frantic enjoyable way. With songs like Figure Me Out and Missin’ You will get you to want more and more fun tunes to listen to and this CD gives it you. I have seen this band pull out and give joyous fun in their live performances at The Vans Warped Tour. But even in their stereo produced loving punches of music is effective in how it’s energy flows quickly and give you a feeling of walking in a warm sunny day. They pull this off so easily in their sound of 5 players that have seemed to know what the youth in us needs. They find the simple and let that be their guild. Pop culture has a great blessing with this enthusiasm and genuine honesty but covers with bubble gum rockers is truly a gold diggers dream in the youth culture in today’s music. Wow this is really impressive.

7. WONDERFUL CRAZY NIGHT By Elton John on Mercury Records
Sir Elton John finds a pop groove with ease with this new release. With songs like Looking Up and Wonderful Crazy Night this doesn’t disappoint you. The piano man explores positive energy and explodes it with genius performance piano chords playing charming with a slight guitar blending through and exciting bass lines intrigued by a beat of pop is found in this CD. Age with grace Sir Elton’s Voice is like a gentle hot cover blanket and it helps relax us into a frenzy of a fun appetite for wanting more for our listening ears to enjoy. Chord structure of pleasures sound are definitely Sir Elton’s gift to all of us. We’re so lucky that he keeps giving us more and more.

8. GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD by James on BMG Records
Tim Booth and his team mates explore with keyboards electronics and more danceable beats this time around. They have come up with catchy cleaver enlightenments that have let Tim vocals croon to us. Sometimes deep in thought and determined settings in it’s message, but it’s easier to grasp for a better understanding where James is coming from. It does get a little serious but it also has a pop release to the album as a whole. Who knows exactly what waits for any of us at the end of our time here, James just explores it as a girl might be waiting. Does she represent God well that’s up to each listener to discover for themselves. This makes the journey of this record that much more of a total experience instead of getting little piece from a song or two if your lucky from every average CD. Great conceptual album you might find this to be and that’s ok too. The CD may come across strong but let the beat of it take you through it’s core.

9. FIGHT ANOHER DAY by Dan Reed Network on Frontiers Records
This is how an artists that has lived outside of his perfect realm explores thoughts and to see through others own eyes of who still struggles everyday just to be themselves. This shows us how individuals live with a simple roof and some lite food which has to get them through every day without anything else like a car for example. . You discover realities of truthfulness with this release in the lyrics. This here is a sound from the islands in a tropical environment that are mixed with a little jazz fusion and pop rock to explore the messages of hope. Powerful but with friendly sound is what this brings forth upon to your sensitive ears about this matter which still exists.

10. UNDER THE INFLUENCE by Foghat on Foghat Records
Legend in their own blue rock pop ja,, a good sound has reason out of this hard working unit of the UK. Still laid back taking it easy, Foghat has come up with a catchy CD. Foot stomping and humming along has grooved out of these slick rough riders and manages to find a gooviness to it this time around. The sound is effective but doesn’t ground you but lets you wanna poke around just for the fun of it and raise a little hell in the dirt for a good time or maybe a good roll in the hay at least. Foghat has plenty of helpers on this CD from Kim Simmonds, Scott Holt, Nick Jameson, Dana Fuchs and from Rodney O’Druinn to fill out its sound on here. This full grass roots sound is a full blend of twang but missed with good hard guitar rock all at the same time. It’s full loud freshness to the front is a good example of to not give up on a simple but good ole time is still had out there just look for it. A great positive attitude is felt though out this entire CD. Wow.

Other great albums were:

11. BACK TO MOMO by Blacklist Union
13. BETTER WEATHER by With Confidence
14. PHONE POWER by They Might Be Giants
15. YELLOWCARD by Yellowcard
17. ZOETIC by The Rocket Summer
19. DOUBLE DARE by Waterparks
20. BLACK STAR by David Bowie


1. PEACEFUL GHOST by Nada Surf
2. BNL RED ROCKS by Barenaked Ladies
3. Adrenalin Baby by Johnny Marr
4. PLAYING FAVORITES by 10,000 Maniacs


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