Twenty One Pilots at The Greek Theater

Twenty One Pilots-337Twenty One Pilots, The Greek Theater, October 15, 2015

I got the chance to finally see this up and coming buzzy band, Twenty One Pilots on October 15th at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. They released their latest album, Blurryface on May 19th. This band has become quite popular in such a short amount of time, and it’s awesome to see them being able to sell out a venue completely like the Greek! They came out on stage with “Heavydirtysoul” and the crowd just went nuts. There was no photo pit that night so I had to shoot in the crowd, and I almost died when everyone started jumping. It was all good fun though.

TOP played a great set list, some mix between older and newer songs and a cover. They also got really involved with the crowd. It still blows my mind that I got to see these guys live, they have crazy talent for just two dudes. I’ve never been to a better concert yet, these guys just really blew my mind. I started listening to them when my friend put them on in the car. I asked her what band was playing and she told me it was Twenty One Pilots, I had heard of them before, specifically knew one song of theirs, “Fairly Local“, but never listened to it before. This band was blowing up my Facebook for a while, needless to say they obviously still are.

Twenty One Pilots-173This band was the most diverse sounding band I’ve ever really listened to, so different than what I normally listen to. I am pretty big into metal, and bands in the Warped Tour scene, so liking this band is just interesting to me. See, these guys aren’t rap and they’re not hip hop, and they clearly state that in “Heavydirtysoul“, but they have both elements in their music. I guess you could say TOP is the farthest I’ll dig into rap or hip hop. I don’t know what to classify TOP as genre wise, their Facebook page says schizoid pop, but I’m not too sure what that is. If you listen to them, you know that not one song of theirs sounds the same. That’s exactly what I love about them, too.

The most memorable moments in their show were when the crowd held up Josh Dun on a platform while he was drumming during “Ride“, and when people in the crowd hopped on to their friend’s shoulders during “Run And Go”, when they played “Holding Onto You” Tyler told everyone crouch on the ground and when he said go, everyone jumped up in unison, and lastly when Tyler Joseph ran into the crowd and on top of some tiny building during “Trees“. This was by far the most memorable performance I’ve ever seen, and I’m so happy I got to see them. If you get a chance to see Twenty One Pilots live, please do it, this band is phenomenal.

1. Heavydirtysoul
2. Stressed Out
3. Guns For Hands
4. Migraine
5. Polarize
6. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
7. The Judge
8. Lane Boy
9. Medley of Songs
10. Doubt
11. Message Man
12. Holding Onto You
13. Ride
14. Run And Go
15. Tear In My Heart
16. Car Radio
17. Goner
18. Trees

Review and Photos by Talia Farber

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