This Romantic Tragedy to hit the Studio with Tom Denney and Andrew Wade

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This Romantic Tragedy will be heading to Florida late August to record their first full length CD for Tragic Hero Records with producer Tom Denney at the controls and producing the album and producer Andrew Wade mixing the production. The band will spend one month in Ocala, Florida writing, recording, editing, engineering with the former guitarist of A Day To Remember, Tom Denney before sending the recordings off to be mixed by Andrew Wade who will be recording the new ADTR CD during the same time period. The CD will then be sent off to West Westside Music to be mastered. The new This Romantic Tragedy CD has a projected release date of late 2010.

This Romantic Tragedy is a post hardcore band form Las Vegas, with a unique blend of music mixing hardcore with multi harmonies and a touch of electronics. The band has toured with Confide, Memphis May Fire, Agraceful, and I Am Ghost, and performed at such prestigious shows as Extreme Thing, Journey’s Backyard BBQ and Taste Of Chaos. The band was founded in 2007 by guitarists David Diaz and Kyle Huender in which time they have recorded and released three EP’s; “ Atherlie” (2007), “Like Drama Like Karma” (2008) and “Trust In Fear” recorded in 2009 with producer Cory Spotts (BlessTheFall, Greeley Estates). Trust in Fear features the popular “I’ll Shut You Down” and “The Worst Part is Waking Up”. This Romantic Tragedy is Sean Neumann and Chad Dague on vocals, David Diaz and Kyle Huender on guitars, Evan Ellis on Bass and Mark Neuhardt on Drums.

Producer Tom Denney made the decision to leave behind one of hardcore scene’s most popular bands “A Day To Remember” and settle down get married, and to start his own Diamond recording Studio in Ocala, Florida. This decision has benefitted many young bands that get to work with the talented songwriter, and creative force behind ADTR.

Tom Denney left his mark of satisfaction with such bands as Confide, Pierce The Veil, The Word Alive, We Are The In Crowd, The Honor Bright, Live On repeat and We Are Defiance.

Andrew Wade has been the producer of choice for all of A Day To Remember CDs and quickly is moving to the foreground as one of the top producers getting great praise for his work on Our Last Night latest CD. Wade has been producing since 1998 and has worked with Eyes Set To Kill, Veara, The Word Alive, Leone, Versamerge , A Show Of Hands, In Fear And Faith, Burden Of A Day, The Gallery and many more. Andrew Wade has a special ability to drive bands to strive for their best. Wade and Tom Denney have worked together on many occasions and make a great team.

Tragic Hero Records is a small Indie record company from Raleigh, North Carolina with a impressive and ever growing roster of bands such as This Romantic Tragedy, Confide, Greeley Estates, I Wrestled A Bear Once, Motionless In White, He Is Legend, and The Morning Of. Tragic Hero also was there in the early stages of the careers of Alesana, A Skylit Drive and Sky Eats Airplane.



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