This Romantic Tragedy completes recording new CD

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This Romantic Tragedy has concluding their final week at the Machine Shop recording Studio in Weehawken New Jersey, where the band has been recording their first full-length album for their record label Tragic Hero records. This was quite an experience for the young band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They traveled for five days across the United States while sleeping overnight in Walmart parking lots. The cross-country trek took them from Vegas, to Albuquerque, St Louis, Missouri, New Mexico, Dayton Ohio where they had a photo shoot with Rick Wait, and through Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The studio is located close to the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, and offers exquisite views of the New York and Manhattan skyline. “We are extremely blessed to be able to record here and have this view, and our Producer Wil Putney is making us sound sooo sweet”, says guitarist Kyle Huender.

The band has finished tracking drums, bass and guitars, also programming and Keyboards and vocals are complete. And the recordings are now in the capable hands of Producer Wil Putney, The Machine (Gene Freeman) and the staff at The Machine Shop. “This was quite an experience, we got in near car Crash, the car in front of us did not fare that well. We shared the Studio with Asking Alexandria, and members of Lenny Kravitz band. Chad got 20 stitches in his head after tumbling down a flight of stairs, we hung out at Times Square, and partied. We will not forget Jersey anytime soon”, Sean says, and Chad agrees holding his head.

The band has begun their trip back to Las Vegas, with a stop in Detroit to drop off Sean at his house for their final break before the CD comes out.

This Romantic Tragedy expects that Tragic Hero Records will be releasing the album before the end of the year, and will be supported by heavy touring by the band throughout the US and Canada starting the final months of 2010 into 2011. This Romantic Tragedy was formed in 2007 and they have three EP’s to their credit which are available on iTunes. You can visit the bands web page for more information.

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  1. alliebrutality 8 years ago

    dood i can’t wait! this romantic tragedy rapes 😀

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