AVVOLGERE by True Widow (Relapse Records)

true-widow-cdAVVOLGERE by True Widow (Relapse Records)

It’s late September and a hot wind blows through the streets of Los Angeles.  Days like today remind me that this city is only a few miles from a large desert that spans thousands of miles of the Pacific Southwest.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas the trio known as True Widow bash out slow and steady rock’n’roll with an atmospheric feel, of long highways and longer nights, of desolation and depression.  D.H. Phillips sings forlornly over repetitive and heavily distorted guitar as Tim “Slim” Starks keeps it simple and steady on drums and Nicole Eatill rumbles on bass and adds sweet vocals throughout.

The band mesmerizes on OOTPV as Phillips slowly sings “There’s something in the wind” and “I’ve gotta run away” as Eatill’s bass and Starks’ cymbal splashes skulk ever closer to a violent end.  The Trapper and the Trapped rolls along on chewy guitar play and a meaty snare thump as Phillips and Eatill trade vocals back and forth, a slow dance by the jukebox in a dark corner of a rundown bar.  What Finds Me has a country-blues feel to it with a swinging tempo and menacing guitar moves, Phillips and Eastill blending their voices in a beautifully melancholic way.

On AVVOLGERE, True Widow craft faded stories of the down-and-out, for the souls not-quite-lost with an epic feel. “There’s something in the wind…

(by Bret Miller)

Relapse Records


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