Tuesday Glass Prep High Wired EP

Tuesday Glass, a native Los Angeles pop outfit, is the brainchild of founder Michael Kim. What begun as a solo project in April 2011 has now been transformed into a five-piece consisting entirely of current high school students. All parts of the first EP, Way Out Way Out, were written, recorded, and released by Kim in May. However, after Way Out Way Out’s release and subsequent hype, Kim recruited the additional four members to achieve more coherent and organic live sets. While Way Out Way Out was recorded in Kim’s bedroom on a Mac with limited equipment, he sought to bring a sophistication and professionalism to his sound without it becoming overrefined or manufactured.

Kim (now vocals/guitar), met Blake Morell (guitar) in his elementary school sandbox days, and began jamming and writing music shortly after that. Michael gradually met the other members, Gabe Jacobson (bass), Jamie Coster (guitar/keyboard), and Chris Warden (drums) through friends, and by late May, Tuesday Glass was born.

Tuesday Glass’s most recent release, single Franklin, shows a great maturation from their first EP, due partly to the mixture of Kim’s own creative sounds coupled with the sounds and ideas of 4 new members from different musical backgrounds and styles. Franklin demonstrates Tuesday Glass’s growth in amalgamation with these different styles. The upcoming, High Wired, maintains Kim’s own ethereal, dreamy pop sound that was distinct about Way Out Way Out as well as develops the amalgamation of each musician’s unique style. During the recording and writing process of High Wired and Way Out Way Out, Michael wanted the music to evoke nostalgic feelings of hazy reverie.

High Wired will be self-released via Tuesday Glass’ bandcamp (link below) on August 30th.

Tuesday Glass on Bandcamp: http://tuesdayglass.bandcamp.com/

High Wired EP Tracklist
1. Little Tokyo
2. Sunny
3. Summer Falls
4. Franklin
5. Less Than Zero
6. Gone Back

Franklin video on Youtube


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