The Von Ehrics

Two Foot Stomp by The Von Ehrics (Lucky Buck Records)

This is impart both straight forward country and western music with hybrids and offshoots of pop punk too thrown in for good measure. With The Von Ehrics there is a certain singing style that is different than a country music singing style. Guitarist/vocalist Robert Vandygriff sounds similar to a traditional country singer, barreling through keeping pace with the hell-raising train that is the Von Ehrics. The band itself is a three piece, along with bassist Jeffrey Mosley and drummer Gabe Aguilar. If your into the sound of The Meat Puppets mixing in George Thorogood you’ll dig right into this Texas country punk band The best description I can give this is that this Dallas-based band The Von Ehrics play cow punk that everyone from Willie Nelos to Johnny Cash would enjoy. Sometimes it’s fast and loud, Two Foot Stomp finds the band at its finest with this their fourth album. Two of the best tracks on here are Down The Road Tonight and Goodbye/The Ride.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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