U.D.O.: New drummer announced!

UDO_SvenDirkschneider_Drums2New drummer announced: It’s Udo’s son Sven Dirkschneider!

After the split of former U.D.O. Drummer Francesco Jovino and numerous auditions with possible new band members, the decision has been made – the new drummer and band member of U.D.O. will be Sven Dirkschneider!

“His drumming has simply convinced us most,“ the band says. “His style of playing drums is fresh and really grooves heavily. It simply is exactly what we need for U.D.O. We also know that Sven fits perfectly into the band family. He has been working as a drum tech for us for more than four years and we know from several world tours that everyone likes him and gets along with him perfectly.“

Sven Dirkschneider is 21 years old and is now the youngest member of U.D.O. From the beginning Sven was in touch with his father’s job and ran around backstage at his shows. His father’s world, consisting of tour buses, lots of event techniques and travelling has been normal to him since he can think. And he felt at a very early stage that this could be his world as well. After his high school diploma he started studying media design and event techniques.

Now Sven is a permanent member of U.D.O. His debut show for U.D.O. will be on March 6th in Wuerzburg/Germany. “It is a very special feeling to be a part of my father’s band“, he says. „I somehow have always been around with the band since I can remember. But I have never dreamed of being a real band member one day.“

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