UFO at The Whisky

Phil Mogg of UFO

Phil Mogg of UFO

UFO and 10 To Midnite, The Whisky, March 25, 2016

It’s was a Friday night in the wilds of Sunset Blvd, and those lucky enough to snag tickets early on were to witness a close encounter with the legendary UFO. The Whisky had been sold out for weeks, and the line of fans waiting would snake around the block and up the hill. There was a ton of anticipation in the air, and soon the venerable West Hollywood establishment would be packed to the rafter, awaiting the arrival of the iconic, hard rocking English band that has been thrilling the masses since their inception in 1969. 2016 would find UFO orbiting in the stratosphere, with a vast and epic sound that would fully envelope The Whisky.

But before the fans would be treated to a towering performance by UFO, local opening act 10 To Midnite would appear, ready and willing to take some names and kick some ass. When vocalist Tommy Delaney showed up onstage in a tank top that said “F*ck you” in big bold letters, you knew a party was about to commence all over that Whisky a Go Go stage!

dx0a5406 (1)10 To Midnite

10 To Midnite perform their own hot and heavy brand of rock and roll – and is the perfect band you would want to spend some quality party time with on a weekend at The Whisky. The band members seemed genuinely excited to be opening for UFO, and 10 To Midnite instantly captivated the crowd with their wildly infectious hard rocking tunes. Opening with the rip-roaring infections of Crazy Nights, the L.A.-based collective impressed even those hell-bent on boarding the auditory adventure known as UFO.

Delaney is the classic rock and roll front man, with a ferocious wail in his voice and the wicked charisma and spiraling talent to back it all up. Alex O’Neill presented a wall of thunderous sound on lead guitar, while bassist Jose Ferro and drummer Vince Milanov packed a lethal rhythm section punch to the noggin. Songs such as Bang Bang Baby and Lie To Me would have been massive hits in the 80’s, and they actually sound pretty damn tight in this day and age. Unfortunately this was to the final performance for 10 To Midnite, and they sure the hell went out with a bang bang baby! Delaney even received a marriage proposal during the set from one of their many fans! There is truly no rest for the wicked, as a few of the 10 To Midniter’s will be regrouping in an all-new band going by the name of Angel City Rockers. Stay tuned, because you can just bet this new project will set your panties on fire!

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Vinnie Moore of UFO

Vinnie Moore of UFO


UFO traveled on a mission into the Southland in support of their recent A Conspiracy Of Stars enterprise, their 21st studio effort to date. Opening with the powerhouse refrains of We Belong To The Night from the 1982 classic Mechanix release, one could witness right away a band at the very height of their craft! Phil Mogg’s voice was empowering and passionate, bringing the timeless songs to an ultra-vivid life. All that, and Mogg possessed a wickedly dry wit which he delivered with the in-between song banter. Vinnie Moore shreds into the stratosphere on guitar, clearly demonstrating why he is one of the most sought after axe men in the business. Paul Raymond colored everything with his intriguing keyboard interludes while bassist Rob De Luca and drummer Andy Parker brought it all down to the Earth with a striking precision. Even though the venue was jammed packed and the temperature beginning to soar, the excitement and energy in the room was beyond compare – with UFO delivering a full on arena show within the confines of a truly intimate setting.

The crowd favorites just kept on arriving, with songs such as Fight Night, Lights Out, and Too Hot To Handle inspiring joyful singalongs with the fan base. And those wishing to hear the new material were treated to Run Boy Run and Messiah Of Love, two standout cuts from their A Conspiracy Of Stars masterwork. The magical night at The Whisky was raging on with Burn The House Down, Cherry and Rock Bottom bringing back those glorious memories while still sounding absolutely stunning in a live setting after all of these years. When the band arrived back from an encore and announced that it was request time, call outs of Doctor Doctor and Shoot Shoot could be heard throughout a crowd not quite ready for the sonic journey to end – and of course UFO graciously accommodated the fans and played both the classic hits to a rapturous response! Such a tremendous grand finale from an outfit that can still rock your world after all of these years. And thus concluded another unforgettable performance at the world famous Whisky on the Sunset Strip!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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