Uli Jon Roth at The Whisky

ulijon1The Ultimate Guitar Experience with Uli Jon Roth, Andy Timmons, Jennifer Batten, The Whisky, March 12, 2016

The night was an intimate gathering of true fans watching three guitarists do what they do best.  Andy Timmons (Danger Danger, Olivia Newton-John) blends the emotion of Santana with the chops of Satriani and the finesse of Malmsteen. His playing is both awe inspiring and heart-wrenching. He was simply just brilliant. A notable highlight was a stirring rendition of “Strawberry Fields Forever” in honor of famed producer George Martin who had just recently passed away. Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) had an interesting approach. She was truly solo with recorded backing instruments and a video screen.

They seemed to really respond to the smaller venue setting, knowing that all those in attendance were truly there for them as their fans. With everyone so close to the stage it was like being in a personal concert.

To be honest, the familiarity with Uli Jon Roth’s body of recorded material wasn’t the driving force to see him live. It is his legendary status as a musician, who obviously influenced the guitar players of the late ‘70s and beyond.

ulijon2Uli is one of those rare guitarists, who take music to a whole new level. You just marvel at the way he plays guitar. He plays like he’s not of this world. On this night he dipped into some Scorpions gems, Jimi Hendrix classics and his own great masterpieces.

With that said, the Scorpions’ songs that were performed were amazing. John West’s voice was powerful and emotive, and just like Klaus Meine, he nailed all the notes with relative ease. It would also be totally unfair to overlook the rest of the band performing with Uli, and I think it fair to say they were all exceptional.

Timmons and Batten returned to the stage to join Roth after his set was completed. They performed the Hendrix classics “All Along the Watchtower” and “Little Wing”.

A magical evening with three of the world’s best guitarists and one not to be forgotten but remembered over and over again.

(Review and Photos by Joe Schaeffer)

All Images © Joe Schaeffer Photography

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