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ungrateful1Ungrateful by Escape The Fate (Eleven Seven Records)

Escape The Fate has returned with their fourth full-length album entitled Ungrateful, and it’s a dynamic collection of rock and roll sure to enrapture and intrigue. The band has gone through major chances since their Dying Is The Latest Fashion beginnings, and those into the Craig Mabbit era of Escape The Fate will definitely find Ungrateful their absolute best effort to date. 11 songs in all, and even more tunes if you purchased the Deluxe Edition. Now on a brand new label with the exuberance of a collective hungrier than ever, Ungrateful  is an all-out grand slam for the notorious Vegas-based collective.

Ungrateful commences with the explosive title track, featuring some raging growls that send the room spinning, making its way into a wondrously infectious chorus and dazzling guitar solos. A stunning introduction that will reel the listener in for the adventures ahead. The lively Until We Die follows, intensive with its metal axe work and searing “We are not alone, we are searching for the truth” inflections. Live Fast, Die Beautiful is Escape The Fate’s next glorious call to arms, with the band telling the dynamic story of a girl with “those Hollywood dreams.”

escapethefate2013I’m done with everyone, I’m sick of everything,” Craig Mabbitt adamantly states on the cathartic and ultimate triumphant Forget About Me. The potential hits keep on coming, with the mighty You’re Insane breaking through with a fiery intensity. Chemical Love shows another side to the Escape The Fate experience, a hypnotic, spaced out reverie where Mabbitt channels the subversive yet smooth Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode with the greatest of ease.

Picture Perfect is another glimpse of how musically diverse Escape The Fate has become, a passionate pop song co-written by none other than Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. The heaviness then returns on the mighty Risk It All, a song that literally takes you over the edge. Desire then pulsates through the speakers with its combustible “she’s got the gun to my head” sense of urgency.

One For The Money is a big and glorious anthem destined to be a crowd pleaser when performed live. And then Ungrateful closes with the raging Fire It Up, leaving the fans wanting to hear a whole lot more. And if you are in possession of a copy of the expanded deluxe edition, your wish will be their command. Other versions of Ungrateful will include a live concert from The Roxy in Hollywood on DVD – filmed earlier this year!

The current Escape The Fate lineup delivers the goods with a massive sense of conviction. The two original members remain impassioned as ever, with Monte Money unleashing some dynamic guitar leads and Robert Ortiz smashing it home with a vengeance on drums. Michael Money, touring rhythm guitarist since 2008, is now a permanent member, contributing his own venomous brand on guitar licks. T.J. Bell returns to the scene after his tenure with Motionless In White, providing a mighty low end on bass. And then there’s vocalist Craig Mabbit, exuding a massive amount of intensity and star quality – delivering the songs with a potent degree of urgency. Ungrateful by Escape The Fate is destined to rock their fans (and even some of their detractors) into a state of pure sonic euphoria. An important effort from an entity ready to soar into the stratosphere!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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