New bands – introduce yourself here! Always looking for new bands to write about…

New bands – introduce yourself here! Highwire Daze is always looking for new bands to write about. We have added so many bands lately. It’s time to be heard. Highwire Daze will check out all bands listed in this blog.

And if you are a fan, band recommendations should go in this new blog as well. Expect some of these bands to wind up being reviewed and interviewed on this very website!!!

Introduce your band or a band you like in the comment section below…

  1. Roxy Valentine 1 year ago

    From Ventura, CA, “MOSTLY” is Roxy Valentine and Nate Cox, a live husband and wife duo that performs sexy, synth-based indie jams with the intimacy of folk music and the stage appeal of rock and roll. Our original fusion of heart-felt dance music and smart, identifiable songwriting truly is electronica with a soul.

    We have performed at The Roxy, The House Of Blues, The Whisky, I’m On A Boat Music Festival, God’s Green Earth Music Festival, elite Los Angeles swinger spot Club Joi, and the Ventura Fairgrounds (just to name a few), and we specialize in the multi-media event production of our shows. Our reputation for facilitating memorable experiences during live performances is uncontested.

    Thank-you for taking the time to check us out!

    Roxy Valentine,
    front-woman for MOSTLY

  2. Necrophor 1 year ago


    Our second promo “The Eye Of Terror” is out for free download, just as our previous promo. Recorded in Sunlight with Tomas Skogsberg. Links to both youtube and full download (with artwork) supplied.

    Dropbox Link for Necrophor – The Eye Of Terror
    Dropbox Link for Necrophor – Verbum Vexillifer:
    Legion –

  3. Sam Fistonich 1 year ago

    My band SunBurst has just recorded a demo
    2 songs are available for free download on bandcamp

  4. Michael Gur 1 year ago

    We are a Punk Rock band from Greece called Bat Signal, influenced by bands like The Ramones, Misfits, Turbonegro etc and we have just released our first demo E.P.

    And here is a bio of the band:

    Bat Signal is punk rock band from Salonica, Greece, formed in spring 2014, by experienced musicians of the local scene. In the short time of its existence the band has been very active, having released a 4 track demo cd with professional sound production, and have gigged intensely, playing many dates, including their first short tour of northern Greece. They have also appeared in Greece’s biggest punk rock festival in May, opening for The Oppressed (UK) and Stage Bottles (DE), as well as shared the stage with some of the biggest local punk rock bands in other occasions.

  5. Wicked Tongues 1 year ago

    Blaring tube driven, blues-based guitar riffs, gritty bass lines, and soaring vocals, Wicked Tongues evokes a raw and unadulterated classic rock sound dripping in honesty, soul, and swagger. The band follows a stripped down and unplugged approach to songwriting that pays homage to the past legends of rock n’ roll. In 2013, Wicked Tongues released their self-titled debut EP featuring the single “Karma, Killer, Savior, Sinner”, followed by their 2014 EP “Jackals” featuring the single “Electric. A sincere and unforgettable rock n’ roll sound paired with their high energy live shows and untamed passion drives Wicked Tongues in their ultimate goal of creating timeless music.

    All Wicked Tongues music can be downloaded for FREE at:

  6. Mirko 1 year ago


    After a first EP in 2011 and the arriving of a new singer, the swiss rock band Snurfu has just released their first full length album Play This Game. It’s been mixed and mastered by Neal Calderwood (The Answer, Million Dollar Reload).

    You can download the entire album here :

    Let me know what you think about it and spread the word!

    Best regards,


  7. stealth 1 year ago

    Italian metalheads Stealth (active since 1997) recently released their latest album titled ‘Fight for your faith‘.

    The war-themed full length, whose artwork pays a tribute to a old C.O.D. cover as well,
    brings down a pure mix of Machien Head, Fear Factory, Metallica and iron Maiden.

    Produced @ UNDAtheC Studios and mastered @ HMM Studios in Lilla Edet, the album is now available
    through Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all downaload and streaming platforms worldwide

  8. Science 12 months ago

    Tampa Florida hardcore band!!

    This is our new video collaboration with M.I.A and the Ride Channel!!!

    Thanks for your support!!!!!!!!


    Download our full album at

  9. Danny Santamaria 11 months ago

    Hey guys. Check out At Our Expense ( We have new EP out titled “I’m The One Who Changed”. Hope you guys can check us out.

    Thank you for the time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. W.A.S.A.B.I. 11 months ago

    We are W.A.S.A.B.I. (a.k.a : We Are Savage And Badly Infected), a French Nu Metal Fusion band from Paris.

    We released our first EP, entitled “W” in december 2012, recorded by Guillaume Mauduit at Studio Sainte Marthe in Paris.

    You can listen to it on our official website:

    Breaking news! we released last september 17, 2014 our new track and in the same process our new video clip, entitled Invade!
    We invite you to discover (see link below)
    Feel free to give us your impressions.

    Thank you for taking part of your time to read this e-mail and possibly listen to our music.

    Best regards!

  11. Oscar Berg 11 months ago

    Today we released our first single from our new upcoming album. If you would like to help us spread the word, it would mean a lot to us!
    Here’s the link for the music video:
    Spotify link: Death By Armborst – In Dreams

    Thanks in advantage
    Cheers / Death By Armborst

  12. Raph 11 months ago

    Born in a mundane, genetically modified french countryside in 2009, our music is rooted in our instincts. Wihtout following any trends, we just write the music we like. We recorded our second 5 track EP last year (2 songs in English and 3 in French) and we also shot our first video in which you can see the place we live in! Check us out and spread the word around, alternative music knows no frontiers, cheers to you all!

  13. Anders Ekenstierna 10 months ago

    The Driftwood Sign, a melodic rock band from Malmö, Sweden sprung out of the desire to create music that brings an emotional response yet leaning towards the heavier side of rock we combine heavy riffage with melodies and lyrical content that resonates and speaks with the audience. We recently recorded 2 new songs of which the first, Disorder mixed by Beau Hill, was released this spring. We’ve also just put out an official video to the song if you’d like to check it out. We’ll follow up with an EP in early 2015.

  14. Insolitvs 10 months ago

    Insolitvs is an instrumental quartet based in Varaždin, Croatia. Formed in 2006 by already prolific local musicians, the band played an array of shows in a short time, and gained both experience and influences, leaving their music to evolve by the day. In an effort to do things as they used to be done “back in the day”, Insolitvs decided to make their name on the road before recording yet another low-budget home-recorded demo. This finally led to the making of their first release – the CD “Op. I”. Recorded in 2010 (recorded and engineered by Tomislav “Tompa” Novosel, mastered by Igor Malečić for Maisterwerk Productions), “Op. I” marks the highlight of their career so far. Combining relentless death metal with a wide range of genres – ranging from classical music, to latin, smooth-jazz, folk melodies etc – the four musicians have justified their road-reputation, and managed to capture on CD all the anger and the intensity that has become a trademark of their shows! Released in 2010 in Croatia by the band themselves, “Op. I” is now re-released through Layered Reality Productions, and available world-wide!

    The members of the band are:

    Ivan Milkovic – fretless bass
    Gordan Vrbanec – guitars
    Ivan Breslauer – guitars
    Petar Babic – drums

    You can check out the band and listen to the tracks from the CD at

    We hope the music You’ve heard has stirred some interest with You and we hope to hear from You, at least with a couple of words containing your impressions!

    Till then, best of luck and kind regards from Varazdin, Croatia and the entire Insolitvs crew!

  15. Aaron 10 months ago

    HILLTOP RATS is a new upcoming punk band from Tacoma, Washington. Everything from fast thrashy riffs, catchy hooks, and melodies you can’t help but sing a long. This band is for fans of NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, Strung Out, ect.
    4 track demo available on Spotify, iTunes or
    Also, check out the music video for Take it Back

    For everything else,

  16. By the Thousands 10 months ago

    A hard-hitting progressive metal band from the Twin Cities, By The Thousands’ music is a fusion of complex rhythms, technical guitar and bass work, and deep, powerful vocals. Ever evolving since their inception in 2012, their performance-centric approach to creating music has remained constant. The result is a loud, energetic, and passionate live show that has earned them opening spots for the likes of Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Veil of Maya, and Born of Osiris. By The Thousands are currently in the process of writing their first full-length album, as a follow up to their 2014 self-titled EP.

  17. Max 9 months ago

    The band was founded in 1994 by drummer Stefano Moda vocalist guitarist Massimo Moda. The band
    come together in a short time Luca Guidi on bass and Fabrizio Fortunato on second guitar. For a few
    months training but resists the second guitar comes Fedele Pagano and with this line-up the band in the
    basement of the brethren record at Metchless studio the first demo tape “Sequence of Death.”
    Initially, the band had the name Death Slaughter but Stefano decides to change it to Homicide
    The demo received many compliments from the Italian press and along with some bands in the local
    metal scene Homicide Hagridden perfor for the first time in front of an audience which enhances the
    performance. After some internal disagreements the band , Luca Guidi left the band and David Ruo
    Roch replaced him giving an important contribution to improving the songwriting quality of the band.
    “Behind the lines” is the second demo recorded in 1996 and after a few gigs of low value the band is
    thrown headlong into the creation of “Where angels work” in 1998 recorded at Nadir studio by Tommy
    Talamanca. The band for the first time performed with bands such as Braindamage, Detestor, Insidia.
    The band released a few promo-tape and some demos in search of a label that would give it more
    In 2002 the band recorded their first full-length album “Dead black sun” and signed a contract with the
    Japanese Eclipse Records. With astonishment and disbelief the disc comes out only in 2005 and in the
    meantime the label vanishes . Some songs on the album appear in some compilations and the band
    lineup changed several times until the release of “Mechanism Dead ” published for the digital platforms
    in 2008 where the band experimenting with new sounds with the addition of 7-string guitars.
    The band record at Orion studio recordings the second full-length. With the simple title of “Us” comes
    out the ‘October 8, 2012 all over the world for build-to-kill records the album sees the band get positive
    attention from the press and media in general. Rock Hard Italy goes to define Us as a most violent
    thrash album since the days of the legendary Slayer release Reign in Blood.
    The band plays in the same year with Samael, Vader, Keep of Kalessin, Cephalic Carnage, Napalm
    Death, Melechesh
    On the same day of release of the album the band start with a new bassistValerio Possetto on a tour in
    Ukraine. Returning from the tour, the band start to look at new guitarist to complete the line up and
    they found the new guy Fabio Insalaco. In the meantime the songs for the successor of Us are
    Go back at Orion recording studio, the band working on the mix take a break to parteciapre at Total
    metal fest that sees among headliners Kreator, Behemoth and Decapitated.
    The release is scheduled for October 2014 to Buil kill two records in Italy and November worldwide.
    In August 2014 the band signed a deal with the EAM agentour for management and booking worldwide.

  18. Robin Zielhorst 9 months ago

    MOURN, HeavyStonerBluesGrooveRockSludgeMetal from The Netherlands.
    With members from Exivious, (ex-)Cynic (US), Textures and March, MOURN mixes sludge, stoner, groove and metal. As a counteraction against the supertechnical metalbands of modern day, MOURN gets its inspirations from bands like Down, Pantera, Black Sabbath and Black Label Society. Music that is made to move and groove.

    Through the following link you can now listen to the entire EP “The Beaten Path” which was released on September 1st 2014.

    For further questions, information or interviews you can contact us through e-mail.

    All the best,


    -Robin Zielhorst

    MOURN Biography:

    In late 2013, MOURN decided to bring nothing new. Since everything already had been done before, and everything else wouldn’t be worth making, these brave young men decided to do something entirely different: to acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge. Trying not to copy other bands, this band makes a mixture of Metal, Rock and Blues like a lot of other bands before them. Bands you of course have heard of, going from Pantera and Down to Black Sabbath and Black Label Society.

    Founding member Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Ex-Blue Man Group, Exivious), found like minded forces in Thomas Frankhuijzen (March), Kas Kluitman and Pieter Verpaalen (ex-Texures) to walk this beaten path of metal. The result is a grooving metal machine that does not stop until you’re beating your head to the sound of the riffs. You could describe its genre as HeavyStonerBluesGrooveRockSludgeMetal. MOURN’s heavily riff oriented music trades technical prowess and speed for groove and feel boldly going where many bands have gone before.

    Around the summer of 2014 MOURN recorded their first EP “The Beaten Path” to start their road to world domination. This EP will bring you 3 of their most powerful songs to give you a little taste of their music.

    This band will truly show itself to best advantage live on stage. Warm up your neck muscles, you’ll need it. –

    What Mourn deliver instead is a constant barrage of meaty, blues-inspired riffs and deep grooves. I recommend that you don’t let Mourn fly under your radar. – Heavyblogisheavy

    Some mighty nice stoner sludge southern groove metal. – LordsOfMetal

    These guys know how to craft some top notch tunes and I see them going far fast. Providing a whole lot of interesting aspects to an overcrowded genre, I can hardly wait for the full length! – Twoguysmetalreviews

  19. Austin 9 months ago

    Hey, I’m the bassist for A Forbidden Ending. I consider us Experimental Metalcore we are not generic metalcore we have a diverse sound with our EP Thats All I Have To Say About That! We have a lyric video for one the our crowds favorite “Some Times You Can’t Hold You’re Tongue”. We are based in IN we have played with some big bands like Sylar and Ice Nine Kills! Our next show we are co-headlining with The Holy Guile! Thank you please listen to us ill be getting around to checkin all these bands on here out and doing what I can to get you guys more interest form others! Thank you Stay metal.

  20. MUTONIA - New Album 9 months ago

    Hi, they are the Mutonia, from Rome/Italy.
    This that I’m going to show you is their first album: “BLOOD RED SUNSET”.



    Mutonia were born in 2009 in Rome/Italy.
    The band is formed by Matteo De Prosperis (voice & guitar), Fabio Teragnoli (bass guitar) and Maurizio Tomaselli (drums).
    Since the early days the band has always worked only on their original songs.
    On the 28th October 2011 they recorded a live CD (with all their old punk italian’ songs): “Mutonia live 2010-2011?.
    In the 2012 with the demo “Gain From Waste” they mark the transition from punk to alternative rock. After playing a lot of gigs with the demo for almost two years, they decide to write new songs, this time they find in the stoner rock, their style, in the famous sound of the 90s they create an own stamp and they start their live shows. This step marks an artistic growth of the band, both from the point of view of instrumental that the vocal.
    In 2014 they released “Blood Red Sunset” their first album.

    2011 – Mutonia Live! 2010-2011 (live)
    2012 – Gain From Waste (demo)
    2014 – Blood Red Sunset (album)

    Thanks guys
    Hard Loud Music Management

  21. Chase 8 months ago

    We are “Her Pride”, and we all come from Augusta Georgia. We are all still in high school, but have managed to live our dream by creating music for people to listen to and enjoy. We just released our entire EP and would love for everyone to get a chance to listen to it.

  22. William Castle 8 months ago

    Psychedellica is a hard hitting rock band with a classic vibe. We have a brand new music video “Hell Breaks Loose” coming out 01/10/15. Check us out!!!!

  23. Hi Ken & Highwire Daze,

    My name is Ricardo Torres,

    I’m the Songwriter for the band “Take Her To The Disco” I started this band sometime early last year. I’m proud to say that I’ve written an album all by myself within a 6 month span. I’ve also created logos and necessary marketing tools to promote my band in every which way. The debut album which is on it’s way will be Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by Taylor Voeltz of Mureau. As well as a few buddies doing guest appearances on this album like; Ricky Armellino of This or The Apocalypse, Waylon Jennings & John Caison of Fracture, Matt Zavala of Seven Year War, Iorden Mitev of Society 1, Michael Noud of Logic Project and a special guest. :)

    Any who, there is music up on Reverbnation the downside is that there isn’t any Vocals to it just yet, but I just put that up so people can get a feel of what’s to come. The first song named “War” will be the first single being released through XCI Records’ Engineering team. That will be available by late January/early February. Be on the lookout I’ll be gunnin’ on the vocals for that one. lol.

    Here’ the links to our sites and check it out when you have the time. Thank you.






    Thanks again Highwire Daze!

  24. The Lillies 8 months ago

    Just wanted to see if you guys might be able to write a performance review on my band “The Lillies” we will be performing this Friday January 9th with “Puddle of Mudd” at the Canyon club. We will also be playing with “Crack in the Shell” who you previously reviewed on your site. Know its short notice but would love to hear what you guys think of the group. I have attached our website and email so just let us know if you need anything.
    Mark Simpson

  25. luki 8 months ago


    Here’s Luki from austrian Symphonic Metal band Illuminata. Just wanted to check if you are interested in doing a review of our new album ‘Where Stories Unfold’ (recorded with 60 piece orchestra!)

    Watch the trailer:

    Best wishes,


  26. Slant 7 months ago

    Band: Slant
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Genre: Hard Rock

    Slant, the 4-piece modern hard rock band from Los Angeles, CA is releasing their third full-length album titled Hope Created scheduled for late April / early May 2015. Slant has been creating music in their hometown of Los Angeles for over 8 years and using their talent as a medium to spread the message that despite how hard things may seem, life always has more to give and no obstacle is hard to overcome.

    “Hope Created” will be available in digital format through all popular retailers including I-tunes and Amazon, with physical albums in store and at

    This March, Slant will embark on their third European tour in collaboration with the Armed Forces Entertainment to bring a piece of home to the service men and women of our country. They will be performing across military bases as well as spending time with members of military and in the past have had military members join them on stage to perform. All members of Slant are honored to be selected to perform for the troops and to give back to those that fight for our freedom.

    -On behalf of Slant, interviews, write-ups, and advance album reviews are being scheduled via their management. Please reach out to the provided contact for all inquiries.

  27. Luka Vezzosi 6 months ago


    I’ll just keep it simple. We’re a death metal band from Slovenia. If you like blastbeats and breakdowns you might fancy our stuff.

    Best regards,
    Luka V.

  28. Anguish Sublime 6 months ago

    Anguish Sublime – atmospheric death metal band from Serbia.

    The band is founded in 1998. The band was performing live in the period from 2004-2007 on numerous gigs and festivals. Nowadays it is mostly a project engaged only in studio work. So far, Anguish Sublime released one demo album, one EP and one single. The band is currently finishing the work on the next EP and working on the next album material.

    Among the Raven Skies – 2004, demo album, self-released
    Unveiling the Origin – 2014, debut EP, self-released, digital-release
    Under the Runes – single, tribute to Quorthon (Tomas “Ace” Börje Forsberg), Bathory – released on June 3rd 2014.

    Contact info and links:

    Thanks for the support!

  29. Ed Layne 5 months ago

    Debut album to be released May 2015, self released.
    Influences: 60s,70s,80s Rock, Progressive, Hard Rock, Blues Rock.

    Thanks for the consideration! Peace, Ed.

  30. Wildnorthe 4 months ago


    We are Wildnorthe from Portugal.
    “Iron” is our new single/video taken from our EP “Awe” which will be out this year.

    We would love if you could have a listen and tell us what you think.

    Here’s the link for the video:

    and Bandcamp:



  31. Alex 2 months ago

    Hey, my name is Alex, I am the bass player of metal band Suffer No Fools. We are based in London and are relatively new to the scene.

    You can check us out here:

    Here is a quick bio and a few quotes:

    Formed in Ealing in 2015 and comprised of Ali Khan on vocals, Jack Kirby and Jamie Newdeck on Guitar, Alex Bain on Bass, and Mike Taylor on drums. The band set out to combine the best of their influences in order to create something contemporary that also harked back to the last few decades of metal. This led to a band that had the speed and melody of Metallica, the groove of Rammstein and the crushing edge of Killswitch Engage.

    “Melodic yet powerful they are sure to please any rock fan. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is a fusion of pure awesomeness.” – Scotty-D, Rock Bandom

    “Suffer No Fools can do something that can blow our fucking minds and help sculpt our playlists and CD collections.” – Vinterd, Head-Banger Reviews

    ” It was my first time seeing them perform, but I’m certain it won’t be my last, because armed with an incredible first album and an appreciation for working hard, they’re going to take the music world by storm” – Underock

  32. Dan Marsh 2 months ago

    I’m Dan from the Christian Metal band Ozmathoq, I’m would like to submit our CD “More Than A Hero” for review. You can see us in Facebook, Youtube, and read our Interview in The Metal Resource. Formed in 86 went in hiatus in 95, and reformed in 2013: released our current CD in 2014.

    Thank you: Dan

  33. Chanta Darra Chuong 1 month ago

    Hello there!

    My name is Chanta, I play guitar for the Acoustic/Instrumental Rock band inthebackground – hailing from Corona, CA. We recently performed at Treasure Fest at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena (July 25th 2015).

    You can find us on our BandCamp and Facebook!


    Let us know what you think of our debut EP, “Away With Words”.

  34. Alec Dias 1 month ago

    Hello, my name is Alec Dias, drummer of Saturn Descends, and we are from Visalia, CA. We recently just played @ Treasure Fest, and had an amazing time! Fans were fantastic, and the overall sound was great!! You can find us on Facebook & Youtube

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