Vali_-_SkogslandskapSkogslandskap by Vàli (Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions)

Presented here is the type of recording that this critic will be playing incessantly long after the initial review – and when the year comes spinning to its foregone conclusion, Skogslandskap by Vàli will surely be a surprising yet logical choice when the time arrives to create a Top 10 List of 2013.  Vàli is a Norwegian composer whose instrumental folk tapestries are enchanting to behold. Relaxing and cinematic, the 15 tracks contained within send the listener on a journey through the sentimental and the obscure.

A fragrant potion of acoustic guitar, keyboards and cello, the composer Vàli will sweep you off your feet, and into state of absolute bliss. Fans of acts such as Empyrium and Neun Welten are sure to delight in what Vàli has to offer, while all other adventurous music aficionados looking for a masterwork of imagination and intrigue should check into the sonic halls of Skogslandskap as well.

From the gorgeous opening strains of Nordavindens Klagesang, the Skogslandskap experience is sure to captivate the senses and send your imagination in flight. Running 45 minutes in length, the richly rewarding Skogslandskap is a magical time well spent. Tracks such as I Skumringstimen, Langt I Det Fjerne, and Stein Og Bark are perfect examples of the quiet majesty featured within Vàli’s wondrous art.  When the blast beats and the demonic screams of the modern era rage beyond trite, wander into the world of Skogslandskap by Vàli and prepare to be thoroughly dazzled by the sweeping reveries at hand. You may want to linger within its gorgeous landscapes for a lifetime.

In addition to the lingering sonnets of Skogslandskap, be sure to check into Vàli’s previous album Forlatt to uncover the first chapter of the composer’s visionary expeditions in sound.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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