Varg: Wolf Metal Has Returned

The Wolf Metal of Varg has returned with an all-out vengeance, and the results are staggering to behold.  Fans of such bands as Amon Amarth, early Enslaved, and other great Viking metal entities are sure to rejoice when encountering the glorious reveries of the mighty Varg.  Guten Tag is the name of their latest magnum opus for NoiseArt Records, and its well worth seeking out.  Metal fans in the States will not have to wait for long to encounter Varg, as the band will be touring here with Eluveitie and Wintersun from November 28th to December 21st.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with one of the members of the Varg wolf cult to find out more about this superb German band.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Varg, and how long the band has been together.
Hey, I’m Timo “Managarm”, songwriter and bass player in Varg. I joined the band in 2007, 3 years after its foundation in 2005.

Where is the band based out of and what is the music scene like there?
Bavaria, Germany! To be exact from a city called Coburg, way up in the north of Bavaria. It’s a small city, but the metal scene is quite vivid in the area. There are lots of really cool bands based in Coburg. You should check out our mates from Ritual Killing. They kick ass!

Is there any story of concept behind the CD title Guten Tag?
Freki always wanted to begin an album with the words “Guten Tag”. Therefore he wrote most of the lyrics for the track “Guten Tag”, which quite quickly became the #1 candidate for the title track. So we named the whole album like it. I think it’s awesome! It’s disturbing, quite ironic and truly everone’s talking about it. Mission accomplished! And hey? Who needs another standard ultra evil metal album title?

Select two songs from Guten Tag and what inspired the lyrics.
Well, I already told you something about “Guten Tag”, so let’s stay with that song. It’s mainly about getting your own life done. Get the fuck up, stop pitying yourself and stand your ground! It’s both aggressive and encouraging at the same time, that’s what I like about it. There are simply too much people whining about themselves and their lives, although they have no freakin problems at all! Embrace what you have and have a damn good time!

The other song I’d pick is “Was nicht darf”. The song is a very harsh criticism of the abuse of children by priests. There have been several cases of child abuse by catholic priests in Germany in the last few years and the church didn’t do pretty much about it. The song tells a little story about that. In the end the kids grow old and get their revenge on the priest by tattering his body and throwing him “back to hell”. It brings up some really sick visuals in my head.

If you are more interested in our lyrics you should check out our website  We’re working on an english version with english versions of all of our lyrics, which hopefully will go online in the next months.

How does Guten Tag compare to the previous Varg releases?
It’s definitely richer in variety than our previous albums. The first precept we set ourselves while writing that album was: anything is possible! We wanted to break our self inflicted chains and take the next step in the bands progress. And to be honest – we did it quite well. The album is just awesome! I love it!

There are really fast and brutal songs on it, but also strong and catchy melodies. And we got two friends of us to do some guest appearances on the album: Jonne from Korpiklaani and Päde from Eluveitie! They did a really great job, the two songs are very special.

What could one expect from a live Varg show?
Ha! You mean except raw german wolf metal, loads of beer, whisky and vodka and a hell of a rock ‘n roll party? I guess that’s it.

How much touring have you done so far, and do you have any strange or scary stories from the road you could share?
We’ve been touring for the last three years, but only in Europe by now and yes – all kinds of crazy stuff happened now and then, like blood traces leading to a closed trunk in eastern europe for example. Even though it’s hard to remember stuff with all that alcohol and partying all day, haha!

Who did the cover art on Guten Tag and how much input did you have on it?
The whole artwork on “Guten Tag” is made by Julian Langguth, himself playing in the band “Kain” from a city not far away from ours. A quite young, but really gifted guy who did a great job!
Like on all our previous albums, we again had a lot of input on the whole artwork. Most of the times we have really concrete ideas and just need someone who can assemble it appropriatly.

If Varg could open up with any band either now or who has ever existed, what band would it be and why?
That would definitely be a different band for each of us. I’d likely wish to open up for Korn, as they were my absolute favourites when being a teenager. But I guess I’d love to open up for them like 10 years ago and not now, haha!  Rammstein would also be absolutely awesome! I’d love to go on an US tour opening up for Rammstein. Maybe next time, hehe.

Tell me about the Wolfszeit Festival 2011 on the Bonus CD editions and what made you decide to release that particular concert?
Well, our singer is the organizer of the Wolfszeit Festival, so we had plenty of possibilites and time to prepare that show. Putting up pyrotechnics, having a great stage and a long playtime, you know? So it just were the perfect circumstances for us. Furthermore the show itself was pretty awesome, the crowd kicked ass!

When could we see Varg tearing it up here in the States?
We come rip your asses on tour with Eluveitie and Wintersun from November 28th to December 21st. It’s gonna be our very first US tour! Pretty exciting for us, so we gonna give our very best to give you guys some really sick German metal shows!

What’s up next for Varg?
Well, after touring the Heidenfest in Europe in October and the US tour in November / December we might do some more exclusive club shows around Germany. I have no idea what’s up next. We might again start songwriting for another album or do some more touring. I’d prefer touring!

Any final words of wisdom?
See you guys around the Helvetios / Time I World Tour and hit us up after the shows to see if you can beat us in drinking shitloads of beer! This is a challenge!! Do you accept it?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!
You’re welcome!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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