Having burrowed their way into the skulls of metal fans worldwide with their 2009 debut album Black Future, the tetrastructural ensemble known as VEKTOR returned in December to deliver an interstellar 1-2 punch in the form of their genre-transcending sophomore album Outer Isolation. Arriving just in time to seal its rightful position atop many a top-ten album list for 2011, Outer Isolation did what few thought was possible when it met and exceeded the high expectations set by its predecessor. Those yet initiated can stream the entire album for free at:

Bolstered by the overwhelming response to their latest offering, VEKTOR now prepare to hit the road for a string of dates down the West Coast. Dates are as follows:

2/8 Albuquerque, NM @ Launch Pad w/ Torture Victim
2/9 Denver, CO @ Blastomat (all ages) w/ Speedwolf
2/10 Grand Junction, CO @ Tenacious Brothers w/ Existance, Exussum
2/11 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge w/ Dethblo, Castle Axe
2/12 Boise, ID @ The Shredder w/ Latimer, Krystos
2/13 Portland, OR @ East End w/ Wizard Rifle, Order of the Gash, DJ Nate C
2/14 Seattle, WA @ Funhouse w/ Breag, Naofa, Theories, Addura
2/15 Portland, OR @ Backspace (all ages) w/ Spellcaster, Transient, Theories, Night Nurse

2/16 Eugene, OR @ The Lazarus Pit (house show – all ages) w/ Elohim, Arkhum
2/17 Arcata, CA @ Alibi
2/18 San Francisco, CA @ Rockit Room w/ Absu, Battlemaster, Brainoil, Infernal Stronghold
2/19 Los Angeles, CA @ Echo (all ages – 5pm) w/ Exmortus, Witchaven,

The futuristic force known as VEKTOR sent shockwaves throughout the metal world with their 2009 debut album Black Future, establishing themselves as pioneers in a genre thought by many to be exhausted of new ideas. What started as a quiet buzz quickly grew to a deafening roar; rave reviews from the press and scores of comments from fans in hundreds of blogs, news sites and message boards around the world tell the story of a band who had seemingly come out of nowhere to challenge the self-imposed limitations of the metal genre. Conceived in 2004 by front man / guitarist David DiSanto and lead shredder Erik Nelson, VEKTOR quickly forged a formidable name for themselves amongst the Arizona metal contingent for their unique mix of technical, speed, thrash and progressive influences. Having set such a high standard for themselves with Black Future, VEKTOR pulled up their sleeves to meet the challenge and begin recording their sophomore album Outer Isolation in June 2011. The album hit store shelves in the US on December 6th to much fanfare. With their sights set at galactic conquest, VEKTOR employs an arsenal with an array of intricacy, virtuosity and a wholly unique sound which few of their peers can claim.


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