Palaces by Vermillion Road (Self-released)

12346413_10153355584607865_4586879108373391155_nPalaces by Vermillion Road (Self-released)

Based out of the thriving Denver, Colorado music scene, it won’t be long until Vermillion Road travels far and wide upon the highways of America and beyond – especially if their album Palaces is indicative of greater glories ahead. Citing noted outfits such as Godsmack and Shinedown as their main influences, Vermillion Road pursue upon their own sonic boulevards, and the results are exciting to behold. Track one is Tread On Me, a stunning rocker that will make you want to take on the world at large. The exciting compositions keep raging at you with a sense of power and fury, with standout tracks such as Revival, These Lies, and Make My Day. And be sure to explore the streets of Vermillion Road to the end, as final cut Reach For Me is a powerhouse ballad leaving a remarkable impact upon the heart and soul.

The Vermillion Road lineup exudes a good deal of passion and professionalism, clearly headed for the big leagues. Hunter Heurich rips and roars into the stratosphere with his inspiring guitar work, while bassist Mark Mastangelo and drummer Chad Pinkerman drive the rhythm section home with style and flair. And then there’s the super impassioned vocals of Will Robison, delivering the lyrics with a conviction that is staggering to behold. Expect this vibrant collective to find themselves signed by the time 2016 spins to an end. In the meantime, commence exploration upon the Palaces of Vermillion Road and catch up with a rising star!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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