Victory Heights

The Ocean and The Lighthouse by Victory Heights (Self-released EP)

There are so many bands coming out of Denver, CO – a revolving door of talent that started with outfits such as Fear Before The March Of Flames and Texas Is On Fire. One of the younger bands to make an impression on the local Rocky Mountain scene is Victory Heights, whose debut EP The Ocean And The Lighthouse is now available to order on Itunes.  The six songs found within are dynamic and compelling, with well thought out, spiritually tinged lyrics combined with some fairly compelling musicianship.

The vocal interplay is especially effective, with harshly growled inflections and impassioned clean vocals meshing together for a truly wondrous outcome. Tremendously hardcore breakdowns as well as driving guitar interludes really makes the material stand out. And while there are many bands throughout the country with this sound, you can tell that Victory Heights pour their hearts into what they do, and the resulting compositions are inspiring to behold.

The disc opens with More Fun Than A Funeral, winning over the listener with its intense dynamics. Growing Up (And Other Adventures) follows, with jamming beats blasting at you full force. Two Strikes For Golden Boy is another powerful track that should be a winning song when played live. And not only did Procrastination Shmosmashtismashion prove to be a devastating piece of mighty tunage, the very title of the song nearly killed off my Spellchecker!

Victory Heights is a young collective, and with The Ocean and The Lighthouse, these guys are certainly traveling on the right course. Here’s hoping they keep it together and stay true to their message. Judging by the sounds of it, these guys could very well emerge as a major player within their Denver scene and beyond. From humble beginnings to who know where the future will bring them…

The talented lineup consists of Sam Lang on vocals, Karl Bagnall on drums and vocals, Sam Bagnell and Brandon Kemp on guitars, Brennan Weiding on synth/piano, and Zach Barrera on bass.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Victory Heights on Myspace


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