Victory Heights Set to Release Second Album

10856490_10152695336740811_2048143046088037818_oVictory Heights Set to Release Second Album

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, post hardcore-metal outfit, Victory Heights are putting the finishing touches to their second full-length release, and getting set to step on to new soil out of the USA.

Victory Heights are releasing their second full length record later in the year, which is quite a bit different from anything the band have released to date, with so much dynamic and emotion packed into those 12 songs, keeping to the very real and pissed off attitude, with a passionate delivery from the 5 guys.

Looking forward to begin their touring schedule outside of the USA, feeling now is the time to spread their wings, admitting that this is a massive step for the band but excited to play in front of new crowds, they are pushing 2 singles, For The Birds and Young and Divine, which are both from their debut full length release, In Motion, which was released Tuesday 17th June 2014.

For The Birds, shows the bands passionate-aggressive side, expressing their feelings of how ignorant people can be, talking about how most of the time people are so sure they are right and fail to provide any real evidence to back up their belief system, and feel they have the right to tell someone they are wrong because they have different opinions or views. Young and Divine, shows the bands fun and silly side, adding in rap and talking about rebelling youths, and putting the message out that the most important thing is to enjoy your life while you can, doing things that make you happy and brings joy in to your life.

For The Birds Official Lyric Video

Young and Divine Track Video

Victory Heights, a band founded on humble beginnings and known by a passion for their craft uncharacteristic among most musicians of their generation. This drive has carried them across most of the continental United States for over 300 national dates, including 10+ months on the road during 2013-2015.

Karl Bagnall, Mike Anderson, Sam Bagnall, Tyler Hutton and Andy Woodson, have won over the hearts of many through their natural charisma and love for their passion and supporters. This, in league with their stunning musical and visual live performance, has earned them audiences of loyal fans worldwide, whom believe in what the band is doing just as they do.

With the highly anticipated release of the full length record, In Motion, on June 17th 2014, Victory Heights is finally able to give something tangible back to their supporters. In Motion, elegantly struts a fresh, yet classic heavy metal sound, highlighted by relatable lyrics and the infectiously fun and energetic personality of the members. With this release, the band holds tightly to the philosophy that Victory Heights is more than just five people making music; it is a movement. It is all the people at the shows, everyone listening to the record, and every single person who is defined by everything Victory Heights does.

This young and inspired five piece has a bright future as they continue to light up stages and hearts around the world.



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