Vieo Abiungo

And The World Is Still Yawning by Vieo Abiungo (Lost Tribe Sound)

Any composer who releases his precious artistry and entitles it And The World Is Still Yawning certainly understands the intricacies of irony in a world gone wild. In the musical landscape known as Vieo Abiungo, mastermind William Ryan Fritch has created a stunning tapestry of sound destined to enchant both the thirsty eardrums and vivid imaginations of all who seek to give a listen. A participant of Sole and The Skyrider Band as well as film composer, And The World Is Still Yawning marks Fritch’s second solo effort, and it’s a dazzling affair.

There are twelve instrumental tracks featured, and they are truly wondrous to behold. The pensive melancholy of chamber music is explored, taken to absolutely cinematic proportions. The stunning title track And The World Is Still Yawning is a grand example of Fritch’s astonishing work, where the wistful longings threaten to explode into an abstract rage at any given moment. Drowsy Salted Morning is warm and worldly, with cello and harp contributing to its lovely collage of sound.

Our Racing Hearts is another highlight, where percussive beats and woodwinds from a timeless age render this one a sweet and cherished reverie. A Sad Swell is short but ominous while Treading Water presents a playful display of animated tunage that will tingle and tug at the heartstrings.

The haunting reverberations of While The Others Sleep whisk through your head like a subtle reminder of how precious and fleeting the very concept of time is.  Repeated visits to the aural journey of And The World Is Still Yawning are sure to inspire wondrous discoveries not uncovered when the exquisite tunes first took flight within the confines of your stereo system.

If you are feeling especially adventurous, there is a limited edition companion CD featuring various remixes of the Vieo Abiungo material. Jean Jennerud (Kronos Quartet), Sven Kacirek, Benoit Pioulard, Nils Frahm, Part Timer, among many others contribute their own imaginative spin to the spellbinding compositions at hand. At the moment of time when your imagination seeks the refuge of distant contemplation, let the harmonious reveries of Vieo Abiungo delight and intrigue your senses.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Vieo Abiungo at Lost Tribe Sound


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