Vocalist Nick Passio leaves Victory In Numbers

From Victory In Numbers…

We are sad to say that Nick has parted ways with Victory In Numbers. Brian will now be taking over lead vocals.. You can read Nicks statement here.. http://npassio.blogspot.com/

(An excerpt from Nick Passio’s blog is below…)

The Only Thing That Stays The Same Is Change

I’ve always dreamed of being on stage at Warped Tour. I’ve always dreamed of touring the country. I’ve always dreamed of releasing a record. Thankfully, all of these came true in 2010, but, it was a long journey to get there. It started at our first show in a bowling alley in Philadelphia, took years to build our fanbase, and cumulated on September 21st, 2010 with the release of ‘Killing. Mourning. Love’.

To say that my musical journey has been difficult is an understatement. As a band, Victory In Numbers lost members to lack of interest, lack of heart, and even death – but we soldiered on. We kept going because we had a neighborhood, no, an entire city rooting for us. This is something I will never forget, nor take for granted. So, too, has my life journey been a difficult and unpredictable one.

To read more, check out Nick’s blog here


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