SHOCKING ITS PREY by VOLTURE (Heavy Artillery Records)

Based out of the thriving Richmond, VA music scene, Volture is the new heavy metal project featuring Ryan Waste from the band Municipal Waste. Their debut EP is aptly titled Shocking Its Prey, featuring six thrashing anthems guaranteed to instantly shoot these guys up to metal legend status. Dynamic and filled with classic guitar solos, a killer rhythm section, and a superb vocals who is on fire, Volture is sure to shake up the scene with their rousing compositions.

First up is Volture, a grand piece of metal perfection that has the vocalist shredding it up with fiendish glee and the axe work coming at you in sonic overdrive. Then there’s Heavy Metal Machine, a steel attack of a song that will have heavy metal purists waving their clenched fist triumphantly in the air. This one is destined to be a crowd favorite when performed live.

The Horde blasts at the listener with a vibrant sense of ferocity while Night Walker is full throttle metal filled with a wild sense of danger and intrigue. Cheap Thrillz gets down and dirty, a wild ride of a song that delivers the sleazy goods! And then there’s the demonic final cut Heathen’s Revenge, a slamming conclusion that is surely a shock to the senses.

The musicianship in Volture is absolutely first rate! The axe work of Nick Paulos is especially noteworthy, filled with tremendous solos that are always awe inspiring. The rhythm section slays like no other, featuring Barry Cover on drums and the aforementioned Ryan Waste on bass. And then there’s the towering vocal work of Brent Hubbard, whose range is way off the hook! (Since the recording of the EP, they’ve added Dave Boyd for the very great Twisted Tower Dire on second guitar.)

Shocking Its Prey is a staggering introduction from a band destined to bring true heavy metal back to the front lines with an all-out vengeance. “If it’s not loud, it’s not allowed!” screams the inside liner notes – good advice to be sure, so definitely crank this one up to an eleven and be prepared to wave those devil horns in the air and celebrate the devilish rise of the mighty Volture!!!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Volture Official Homepage


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